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121 Bloody Roar 2 (1999) Bloody Roar 2 (1999)
122 Power Stone 2 (2000) Power Stone 2 (2000)

Think super smash bros with original and lovable characters, better plot and stages, and the ability to run in any direction.

123 UFC (2014) UFC (2014)

Electronics arts created one of the best martial arts games ever. Ufc 2014 is the best ever, because it features the "Dragon" -Bruce Lee.. Electronic arts or other companies should create martial arts games based on classic martial arts movies like enter the dragon, fist of fury, drunken master, young master, bloodsport, ong bak, tom yum goong etc..

124 Mortal Kombat Gold (1999)
125 Mortal Kombat 3 (1995) Mortal Kombat 3 (1995)
126 Mortal Kombat vs DC (2008) Mortal Kombat vs DC (2008)
127 Toribash (2006)

I am surprised this game is nt on the list. CREATE YOUR OWN MOVES AND FIGHT IN your OWN STYLE. Just watch a gameplay and you will understand.

128 Persona 4 Arena (2012) Persona 4 Arena (2012)
129 Divekick Divekick
130 Sonic Battle Sonic Battle
131 One Piece: Burning Blood One Piece: Burning Blood

Why they put this game on lower list ihate that idont now any about controls but this game is awesome I'm pretty shure that you guys don't belive me but wait sec why you guys tell me what makes one piece game perfect more than anime also I'm not like game like naruto storm and dragon ball xenoverse and even mortal komabat but seriosly this game is awesome too sorry for my english guys

132 Virtua Fighter 2 (1994)
133 Kizuna Encounter (1996)
134 Asuka 120% Burning Fest. (1994)
135 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 V 1 Comment
136 Fatal Fury: King of Fighters Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
137 WWE 2K16 WWE 2K16
138 EA Sports UFC 2 EA Sports UFC 2
139 WWE 2K14 WWE 2K14
140 Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion V 2 Comments
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