Top Ten Best Fleetwood Mac Songs


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41 Oh Daddy
42 For Your Love
43 Family Man
44 Over My Head

This should be higher.

45 Crystal

Deserves to be higher, this is one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs!

Amazing song should be in top 10

This is a beautiful song!

Should be much higher

46 Oh Diane
47 Love Shines

My personal favorite Christine McVie song. It is from 25 Years: The Chain and it so underrated!

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48 Walk a Thin Line
49 Miranda
50 Man of the World

Just listen to opening line genius

51 Sentimental Lady
52 Stop Messin' Around

Just came here to add this. Nicely surprised to see it's the newest added and I'm probably the first to vote for it. Really good tune. Love it. - Britgirl

53 Save Me
54 Bleed to Love Her

How the heck is this song so low?! So beautiful.

55 Hard Feelings
56 Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
57 Stand Back
58 Love in Store
59 Peacekeeper
60 Think About Me
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