Top Ten Best Fleetwood Mac Songs


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61 Say You Will
62 Station Man
63 Jewel Eyed Judy
64 Remember Me

I fell in love with this song because it reminds me of my one and only love. The guitar and backing vocals really bring the song to life. This is a older song from the 70's which is by Christine Mcvie.

65 What Makes You Think You're the One
66 Need Your Love So Bad

My favorite pre-Lindsey and Stevie song

67 Warm Ways

This is such a romantic song, I feel it's very underappreciated. I will admit though, Fleetwood Mac does have better songs

68 Trinity
69 Although the Sun is Shining
70 Revelation
71 The City
72 Smile at You
73 Morning Rain
74 Emerald Eyes
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