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21 My Left and Right Foot

Come on think it is so funny about michelles dream about her feet oh come on think about it. But it is just not my best full house. I sorry to copy you who tiped about michelle rides agian. But its my best one everyboby else don't think about the sad part when she ask about her mom a lot say that michelle died no did not. Then they showed the sad part from the last danse. Guys I'm just a kid so do not make fun of my words I put. Guys michelle rides agian is not any sader than the last danse. Most of it is not sad.

22 Aftershocks
23 Those Better Not Be the Days
24 13 Candles

Some of it is funny some of it is not...

A good episode, Kimmy Gibbler made this episode funny and Becky helps DJ in her 13th birthday party, this was one of the good earlier episodes in my opinion this is a good episode

25 A Fish Called Martin V 1 Comment
26 Dr. Dare Rides Again V 1 Comment
27 Goodbye Mr. Bear

This is one of the funniest episodes. Partly because Jesse broke took out the handle from a cabinet and had to redue the whole kitchen cabinets.

28 Greek Week
29 Come Fly With Me
30 Viva Las Joey
31 The Volunteer V 1 Comment
32 The Return of Grandma
33 Beach Boy Bingo
34 The Devil Made Me Do It

Its just so funny with michelle. Highlight: michelle angel and devil parts

35 Daddy's Home
36 The Seven-Month Itch: Part 1 V 1 Comment
37 The Apartment
38 Kissing Cousins
39 Smash Club: Next Generation
40 The King and I
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