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21 Zenith Zenith

This song gives m chills with this creepy vibe coming from the piano + the song is full of musicality

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22 Satan Prayer Satan Prayer
23 Per Aspera Ad Inferi Per Aspera Ad Inferi
24 Jigolo Har Megiddo Jigolo Har Megiddo

I am completely in love with this song at the moment. The lyrics, rather lascivious and sexual, are amazing. I mean, this song is basically about a guy, Satan's son according to the lyrics, enticing women and destroying them in the best of ways in his opinion. I mean, "And I am the one who comes richly endowed", he's basically saying he has a huge package. And don't even get me started on the guitar and keyboard in the song because I will not stop. This song is a pure masterpiece! - Supernatural

Underrated, but catchy, melodic and awesome - Lem

This should be way higher, maybe top ten.

25 Depth of Satan's Eyes Depth of Satan's Eyes
26 Idolatrine Idolatrine
27 Crucified Crucified
28 Mummy Dust Mummy Dust

Way too underrated, one of their creepiest songs

29 Spirit Spirit

Papa is amazing and with the climax of the song at end, you wont find that anywhere else

The way the guitar riff bursts into this song after the haunting opening is awesome

Surprised Spirit isn't in the top 20. It's an amazing song, and got me wanting to listen to the rest of Meliora and the other two Ghost albums.

30 Bible Bible V 1 Comment
31 Waiting for the Night Waiting for the Night
32 Missionary Man Missionary Man

Kick ass cover. Hands down the funkiest Ghost song.

33 Devil Church Devil Church
34 I Believe I Believe

I was expecting this to be way closer to the top. Such a beautiful song.

Ranked last... how is this possible. This song is executed perfectly and is a great spin on the original. It is so peaceful but filled with emotion. Ghost is the master of atmospheric music. - Dorito

35 Infestissumam Infestissumam

One of the best opening tracks of all time. - Andrevalenca

I actually really like this song

36 Deus Culpa Deus Culpa
37 I'm a Marionette I'm a Marionette
38 La Mantra Mori La Mantra Mori
39 Spöksonat Spöksonat
40 Nocturnal Me Nocturnal Me
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