Quinn Fabray


The thing about Quinn I see her ability to adapt to the situations round her- she always brought an interesting twist to glee and it was sad to see her not get featured as much in the later series. Diana agron played her character amazingly, so much so that she can make you empathise with the character to an extent that you are Quinn. The other thing about Quinn is that her character is one of the few that are real- she seems like an actual person outside of glee! Wow! She is just a truly inspirational person and definitely the best character in glee

I love her! When my friends said me that she like glee very much, I though I can watch this too. I don't like it, but when I saw quinn crying in fourth episode something just happened in my heart and since that time I love her she is my life inspiration. When she cries I cry, when she laughs I laugh so she is amazing not only in serial she is amazing in life. Now I like not only Quinn fabray I like Dianna Agron.

Quinn pretty much had a high school experience that most people have in their worst nightmares. She got pregnant, lost 2 boyfriends, she isn't allowed to visit her child, she got in a car accident and made many enemies, but throughout it all she still is going to Yale and has a steady relationship with Puck, truly inspiring.

Quinn is so, so, SO pretty! I think she should be number 1 and I love her with Puck and the fact she doesn't have to chase after any glee boys- they chase her! Brilliant acting Dianna Agron brings Quinn Fabray to life and I just love Quinn as she goes from the top as number one mean girl to still popular, beautiful cheerio who inspires us. Vote Quinn!

She went through an emotional roller coaster. In season 1 she got pregnant and had to deal with the whole teen pregnancy thing. In season 2 she had a love triangle between Sam and Finn and ended up breaking up with both of them. In season 3, while trying desperately to feel different she joins the Skanks and then she has a dramatic accident and can't walk. I could go on forever about all he stuff she has been through. But despite all that, she was always ready to fight and she never let anything or anyone get on her way. She made some big mistakes and choices I personally don't agree with but she left e past behind her and is stronger than ever.

I LOVE QUINN! She was my first crush, and her overall development I think is the best of all. Also, her voice is so pure and angelic and she deserved more solos, or moments to shine. I was upset when after season 3, she didn't make a lot of appearances, and wasn't considered a main character. Plus, Quinn and Puck are my personal favorite couple on Glee,

Quinn is such a good role model. She is a brilliant singer, dancer, cheerleader, friend, girlfriend, daughter, mother, student, person and she is so unique! She is the best singer on GLEE. She should be the diva, not Rachel. Quinn rocks.

She has a lovely voice, and has been through so much in school! In the beginning of he third season she was different, but she changed to be around Beth! She is super pretty, and kind to her friends! I really wish she had more solos, and she was in the Cory Montieth episode, I really do love Quinn Fabray, and the actress that portrayed her, Dianna Agron!

She has been through hell, but somehow she overcame everything. She is so strong and loving, and a perfect example how people can stay strong even if all the odds are against them. She started off as the stereotypical cheerleader, but she developed a realistic character.

Quinn embodies what a lot of popular kids in high school are like. She seems mean and cruel but she desperately wants to fit in. In seasons 2 and 3 she was obsessed of becoming the prom queen and she made the glist in season 1 to come back on top. She feels different and doesn't want to stand out from the crowd, that's why she's an easy character to identify with when you're a teen because most teens want to fit in and feel they belong.

I felt bad for her when Rachel was being selfish and didn't let her run with Finn. Seriously I wished that Finn and Rachel would've gotten a clue that she just wanted one night to feel special and esspecially with Finn since Rachel was going to move on to go somewhere better and had Finn. She just wanted to feel special for one night but instead she was called selfish.

Quinn is the best she is really awesome and she's real pretty I would die to meet her in real life she is really good at acting by the way dianna, since I'm a big fan probably your biggest first you are my favorite character in the whole world and second your name in glee quinn and real last name agron combine together is my name in Minecraft which is QuinnAgron you are so BEAUTIFUL! You're the prettiest girl on earth

Quinn started off as the typical mean cheerleader but then she proved that she's a girl that just wants to fit in like everybody else. That's what makes her realistic and relatable to a lot of people. She struggles to be popular because she wants to feel accepted.

She's utterly perfect, she's been through so much, pregnant at sixteen, kicked off of her house by her father while her mother did nothing, the car crash, but what did she do? She stayed strong and got into Yale. Go Quinn!

She is easily the most mature character. When someone messes something up (like Rachel telling Finn that Puck's the dad and Finn singing to her parents that she was pregnant) for her, she doesn't get stupidly mad at them and hurt them. She makes mistakes, but she manages to get through them. Easily the best. Plus, she's so relatable and unexaggerated, but not in a Finn way. She really does deserve the #1 spot.

She is awesome! Love her and have so many pics and posters of her in my room! She is so pretty and a great singer and actress to! By the way I am the one who made this list!

She's been through so much and can still hold her head up high. She's a lot more sympathetic than Rachel

She should be in higher place.. She's beautiful.. And got talent... That why she got many movies.. And she also appeared in killers music video as female lead

At first I didn't like her, but then I learnt to love her character. I respect what she has been through in her life and how she made it through all those difficult situations. I also love her as a singer.

She represents the strong high school girl. Her whole experience in high school was about second chances. Love her character!

Quinn started the show as the classic mean girl "Regina George". But throught the seasons, she's grown more than any other character. She's made mistakes in the past but she dealt with them. Quinn Fabray has the hardest life story; being pregnant, neglected and kicked out by her parents, losing her child, having an identity crisis, being in an accident which made her crippled for a few weeks etc. Sh'es become the strongest person on Glee.

"Quinn is so unbelievably real. Despite being seemingly perfect, she's complex. She shows that there's more to a person than what's outside."

She never lets anything get her down. She has been through so much, but she always stayed strong through all the difficulties.

She is the most pretty and awesome character in the whole show

She also had a baby and recovered into a confident woman

I love Quin she starts head cheerio gets into glee get pregnant gets kicked off of cheer an ends up who is successful