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81 Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin Aretha Louise Franklin (born March 25, 1942) is an American singer–songwriter and musician. Franklin began her career singing gospel at her father, minister C. L.


Great singer my whole family love your musics and the way you sing it brings the spritual and grace to us.

because you are legacy to all the people and I love your music. - egillaxelsson

I love her so much but she's has to change her attitude and have respect for the next person not just herself. Shenise hawkins

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82 Mavis Staples

You have my moms name woman


83 Rev James Cleveland

There will never be any singer (male) to surpass him. I will never get rid of my James Cleveland music. There are some
That are good but, not better.

So sad... every singer you listed came from the works of the rev. james cleveland... Even the gospel cords they use... His life was all about james cleveland presents... So who ever is running this servey really don't know any history of gospel music and should find something else to do... Be blessed or informed...

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84 Deborah Fraser

The most powerful woman of god who deserve to be in the top ten because of her personality.

She has been in the music industry for 3 decades and yet calm and still on point and rocking the stage as a star that she is. she has the international experience as she travel all over the world ministering people with the word of god through her music with her angelic voice

85 Darrel Walls

An amazing songwriter! God bless you

86 Frank Williams

Any list of top gospel singers, if it is to have any credibility, would have to include Frank Williams. His solo performance of Near The Cross, recorded with the choir that he founded, The Mississippi Mass Choir, is the best rendition that I ever heard. His solos with Mississippi Mass, The Jackson Southernaires, his performances with James Moore and others, were always nothing short of beautiful. His voice was elegant, his delivery divinely eloquent, a true ministry in music.

87 Kim Walker

She is just so inspiring. She always attracts God's presence whenever she worships.happy for her existence

I just the way she sings and speaks in tongues when singing. You can fell the passion in her praise.

Amazing women of God, love her man, she is my inspiration bless you

This is a woman filled with God. her songs are very uplifting in inspirational. I love her

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88 Papa San

In my opinion the voice is great and is the vocalist of reggae gospel international in 1st place and christafari is the 2nd place, now papa san is the best of reggae with a beautiful great voice!

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89 Marion Williams

Most creative and versatile singer of gospel's golden era.

Emotive whooping hollering powerhouse

A very anointed voice a rare gem

A voice to behold what a voice!

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90 Matt Redman

Blast of an anointing

91 Gaither Vocal Band

I did not think I would ever like a group better than Gold City however TGVB have grown on me over the years. Bill Gaither is great at putting a harmony together that is so unique and special to the group. When you hear the 4 voices come together you can't help but to feel the love of our Lord.

92 Jennifer Holliday
93 Micah Stampley

His multi octave range, his tone, his anointing, his skill and delivery wow! Are impeccable. He is truly blessed.

He's awesome listen to him on amazon and YouTube and iTunes

The anointing on his life supersedes everything else.

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94 Tasha Cobbs

Break EVERY Chain...U will be BLESSED! And the chains will be broken..

The chains are already broken because of that song and my mom will break even more

She is a very good singer

She is the best gospel singer

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95 Clifton Francois
96 Wyneta Bynes
97 Tramaine Hawkins

She's been dubbed "the greatest female voice to ever sing gospel music". Though that's arguable, she's certainly a benchmark for other sopranos in the gospel arena to aspire to. A pure class act.

Has a legendary and anointed voice. An inspiration for any young singer to follow

The song "Changed" has been a great testimony to me and a blessing every time that I hear this anointed song.

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98 Byron Cage

He is an ispiration to me his music helps me to know that the Lord is near me and I pray God continuing allowing him to use his gifts to come

99 Jimmy Swaggart

I gave my life to Christ 43 years ago and their is nobody who can get you into the worshiping spirit as Jimmy Swaggart can with his music. He has won many an award and certainly needs to be in the top 10 or not No. The amount of records he has made and sold proves this fact

Jimmy Swaggart is The Most Nointed Christian Singer of all time. It is my opinion.

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100 John Starnes

There's no doubt in my mind that John Starnes's calling in life is to sing for The Lord. His voice is a gift that he uses with every ounce of his soul. Every time I hear him sing "The Lighthouse" I get so blessed! No one compares!

Simply the very best. Not even one person can come close to JOHN STARNES. Truly anointed.

The very best. There's nobody that compares to John. He's the best!

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