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1 Grizzly

Grizzly grip is amazing it is really good and doesn't kill your shoes but mob is a close second that's what I rode before grizzly congrats torey keep up the good work

Grizzly is awesome. It looks good and it's grippy. I had black diamond which was good it peeled and lost grip fast

I personally have used both mob and grizzly, but grizzly I liked better because they didn't kill your shoes, had good grip, have that cute bear on the griptape cut out... It's just so good and sexy. SO GET IT!

Wack ass grip mob is the grippiest

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Mob grip is so grippy. It does tear up your shoes, don't listen to anyone that says they don't. It does year your shoes up, but if you're gonna skate you have to be willing to sacrifice your shoes. Don't get me wrong, the grip doesn't tear your shoes up until about a month of continuous skating, but like any other good grip, it will. But all the pros use it, and it's no question why. It's the best grip around and is perforated so no air bubbles! Mob is the best grip out, if you don't believe me, give it a try. See for yourself. Once you go mob you'll never go back.

The grip is so good because it last 10 times longer than any other grip, light, and has holes in the grip so no air bubbles form.

I used to skate grizzly then tried mob I've had it on 2 decks. The first deck the mob wasn't that grippy. It was just a little more grippier than grizzly. And I got it for my next board and it seemed that it was a lot grippier than my first sheet. Is there a such thing as company's giving out bad grip?

It is more gripier

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3 Shake Junt

I'm a beginner and I started trying to ollie a 3 and in the first day of skating it I did it within 20 tries, so yeah definitely what I use

Is the best it doesn't rip

Shake Junt all day! Put passion in the air and rep the real skate companys!

So sick for ledges and hand rails. Grizzly doesn’t grip enough so I don't know why it’s 1st. Also all the graphics are sick. All around the best

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4 Jessup

If YOU love skateboarding, support companies that invest and participate IN skateboarding!

Jessup has never invested or promoted skateboarding. They are an industrial manufacturing company with no DNA in skateboarding. They take their profits and put them in their own pocket!

WOW is what I said when I tried this grip tape it is the best grip because it really sticks to your shoes without tearing them in one day I have it on all 3 decks that I have and I've never thought about changing grip I am a jessup skater forever when you buy a deck and they ask "what Grip do you ride, " don't hesitate to say jessup.

Jessup is just amazing, it is not too gritty like Mob and Grizzly, and it still retains the same amount of grip. They really know what they are doing with their formula, and I hope they do not change it ever.

Jessup is crap its basically just sand paper. It is hard to stay on your board when u are skating in the halfpipe. and you have a hell of a time getting your board up in the air because the grip wears down in literaly a week. get Grizzly or Am jessup. sucks

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5 Diamond

Same as grizzly just got the diamond logo and some really cool graphics on the new grip that they sell. I extremely recommend this to people who rod grizzly I'm not sure if it is perforated though

Same company as Grizzly, same grip, amazing and super grippy

It is a awesome grip tape nice graphics and very grippy

Well since grizzly and diamond come from the same company it would be 2nd by the way Jesup sucks

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6 Mouse Griptape

It lasts long looks good and doesn't kill your shoes

Mouse is great because it is mob grip with a hand painted graphic on it and it looks gnarly

It's the same exact thing as mob

My first griptape I used. Loved it ever since then. It's nice and grippy too

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7 Bro Style

Bro style is amazing! Doesn't rip up your shoes like a mob and is still pretty grippy. The adhesive is sticky as and support LEO ROMERO!

Really nice grip. had it for a while and its really great

Love it because it has the word bro great brand too


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8 Paradox

My homies and I ride paradox grip tape and we can't change to other grip because paradox is where it's at. Grippy and doesn't wear down your shoes

Best grip I have tried, doesn't wear out or destroy your shoes.

Love the logo and most grip is the same but paradox is nice and grippy but doesn't wear down your shoes

Best grip in my opinion. Grip last as long as your board last, and is moderately kind to your shoes and ran by one of the radest dudes and one badass team. Much love!

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9 Filmbot

Everyone needs to skate filmbot grip it's the best and it has a really awesome design cutout I've skated grizzly, I've skated jessup and Id have to say number one filmbot number two jessup number three grizzly but grizzly does have a rad cutout

It really grippy and rad cutout and its really sexy

Filmbot is the best cooper wilt is one team too and the die cut is awesome if you put water on it it doesn't lose any grip

Really good go get some

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10 Plan B

Best there ever is does not rip up my shoes still works really good

Boss thing. It is the best grip tape ever. It should be #1!

I think Plan B should be at the top by Shake junt

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11 Lucky

I've had lucky and I'm not going to say it's the best, but it gets the job done and lasts pretty long.

Lucky is a scooter brand lol this is mostly skateboards.

Very good brand and it's lucky

12 FKD

Fkd is the best I've been using it for a while now. And does not kill your shoes.

Candy grip?

13 Black Diamond

I have been skating black diamond since it came out since the I haven't change griptape and wont KILL shoes black diamond RULES

Will it last long or will it get ruined easily? I just got it with a zero deck.

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14 Bullet

Bullet has great grip and last long

I like bullet griptape because it does not kill your shoes and comes in clear or black. And the griptape does not rip

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15 Black Magic

I have black magic on my board and it treats me well. It rarely tears and it doesn't rip up your shoes. It's great for flip tricks because it's so sticky. I highly recommend black magic.

Black Magic is the best. The name says it all "black"! Does not look grey like the other it looks black the way it should. Anyone who says this thing has no grip has no brain. I've been using it for 20 years.

Black magic is awesome because its very hard to stain and it doesn't mess up your shoes

I have used this tape all my life and have never found a better option.

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16 Shorty's

Shorty are one of the best brands out there for skate grip

One of the best grip tapes they are awesome

Love this brand should be in the top 5

I love this brand it's awesome

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17 Element

I got my new board equipped with element.. And its nice but I would prefer grizzly

Element is the best grip tape you want if you like to do tricks. Element grip tape is awesome it's similar to Jessup because its very sticky

This grip tape isn't bad but it does the job

Has a lot of grip

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18 GripKing Griptape

Obliviously gripking grip tape is the best, it is grippy but doesn't rip up your shoes and its made to not get air bubbles.

Very nice Griptape, I ride on the team. No air bubbles and the perfect grip that doesn't rip your shoes. Definitely recommend this

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19 Amgrip

I skate this grip and its very good. I doesn't murder your shoes but it does a little bit of damage.

Currently the best grip I've skated so far, doesn't shred your shoes like other companies grip

This is very good grip tape doesn't shred your shoes to fast and it could be better than jessup

Go Duog Des Autels

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20 Zero

The zero grip tapes are good like there board brand

This grip is grippy and has sick graphic love this

I Like Zero Becuase It Makes Your Feet Stick So you Don't Fall And It Haa Cool Desing

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