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1 Grizzly

Grizzly grip is amazing it is really good and doesn't kill your shoes but mob is a close second that's what I rode before grizzly congrats torey keep up the good work

Awesome just amazing


Grizzly has lots of options and great grip

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I love mob I have been using mob for a really long time but they wear out your shoes so I switched to grizzly

Best of the Best

Mob does rip up shoes, but it also helps you stick to the board to do some awesome tricks, currently riding it on a girl skateboard.

Cool di and cool grip

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3 Shake Junt

Best on the shoes, perfect for landing tricks and keeping to the board in mid air

Been using for years now and still is quite grippy so I think it's okay.

There is no way you can learn jowto ollie in one day lmao.

Shake junt has always been my favorite doesn’t ruin my shoes as much as mob. If you like gripy grip tape then choose shake junt. It also lasts pretty long too.

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4 Jessup

Works great! What else is there to say? Oh yeah, doesn't shred shoes as much as others, but still grips really well.

Jessup griptape is the best! Perfect amount of grip & doesn't shred your shoes like Mob and Grizzly do. They know what they're doing and have a pro team of skaters who love their grip!

Best out there

If YOU love skateboarding, support companies that invest and participate IN skateboarding!

Jessup has never invested or promoted skateboarding. They are an industrial manufacturing company with no DNA in skateboarding. They take their profits and put them in their own pocket!

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5 Diamond

Same as grizzly just got the diamond logo and some really cool graphics on the new grip that they sell. I extremely recommend this to people who rod grizzly I'm not sure if it is perforated though

Same company as Grizzly, same grip, amazing and super grippy

It is a awesome grip tape nice graphics and very grippy

Very durable and grippy

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6 Mouse Griptape

It lasts long looks good and doesn't kill your shoes

Mouse is great because it is mob grip with a hand painted graphic on it and it looks gnarly

It's the same exact thing as mob

My first griptape I used. Loved it ever since then. It's nice and grippy too

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7 Bro Style

Bro style is amazing! Doesn't rip up your shoes like a mob and is still pretty grippy. The adhesive is sticky as and support LEO ROMERO!

Really nice grip. had it for a while and its really great

Love it because it has the word bro great brand too

Dude just look at the team!

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8 Paradox

My homies and I ride paradox grip tape and we can't change to other grip because paradox is where it's at. Grippy and doesn't wear down your shoes

Best grip I have tried, doesn't wear out or destroy your shoes.

Love the logo and most grip is the same but paradox is nice and grippy but doesn't wear down your shoes

A lot of the companies on the list are all printed/ painted on MOB, so a lot of people are supporting just a logo, but Paradox is more than a logo, it's good quality grip that's affordable, doesn't kill your shoes, and the SOTY rides for them so you know it's good

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9 Filmbot

Everyone needs to skate filmbot grip it's the best and it has a really awesome design cutout I've skated grizzly, I've skated jessup and Id have to say number one filmbot number two jessup number three grizzly but grizzly does have a rad cutout

It really grippy and rad cutout and its really sexy

Filmbot is the best cooper wilt is one team too and the die cut is awesome if you put water on it it doesn't lose any grip

I need to get more because can't find film bot grip no where some one help

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10 Plan B

Best there ever is does not rip up my shoes still works really good

Boss thing. It is the best grip tape ever. It should be #1!

I think Plan B should be at the top by Shake junt

This grip is absolutley outstanding perfect amount of grip. And this grip is very hard to ruin. and does not get completley destroyed when it gets wet. does not wear off I have had this grip tape for almost 4 years and I use them in all my comppetitions

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11 FKD

Fkd is the best I've been using it for a while now. And does not kill your shoes.

Candy grip?

12 Lucky

I've had lucky and I'm not going to say it's the best, but it gets the job done and lasts pretty long.

Lucky is a scooter brand lol this is mostly skateboards.

Very good brand and it's lucky

13 Black Diamond

I have been skating black diamond since it came out since the I haven't change griptape and wont KILL shoes black diamond RULES

Will it last long or will it get ruined easily? I just got it with a zero deck.

Will black diamond last long?

14 Bullet

Bullet has great grip and last long


I like bullet griptape because it does not kill your shoes and comes in clear or black. And the griptape does not rip

15 Black Magic

I have black magic on my board and it treats me well. It rarely tears and it doesn't rip up your shoes. It's great for flip tricks because it's so sticky. I highly recommend black magic.

Black Magic is the best. The name says it all "black"! Does not look grey like the other it looks black the way it should. Anyone who says this thing has no grip has no brain. I've been using it for 20 years.

Black magic is awesome because its very hard to stain and it doesn't mess up your shoes

Honestly all grip tape is the same, but black magic just makes you skate better. true story

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16 Shorty's

Shorty are one of the best brands out there for skate grip

One of the best grip tapes they are awesome

Love this brand should be in the top 5

I love this brand it's awesome

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17 Element

I got my new board equipped with element.. And its nice but I would prefer grizzly

Element is the best grip tape you want if you like to do tricks. Element grip tape is awesome it's similar to Jessup because its very sticky

Has a lot of grip

This grip tape isn't bad but it does the job

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18 Amgrip

Best grip tape everr managed to learn an ollie on my first day skating it great grip my feet stayed attached

I skate this grip and its very good. I doesn't murder your shoes but it does a little bit of damage.

Currently the best grip I've skated so far, doesn't shred your shoes like other companies grip

This griptape is amazing and it helped me learn the tricks I can do now

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19 GripKing Griptape

Obliviously gripking grip tape is the best, it is grippy but doesn't rip up your shoes and its made to not get air bubbles.

Very nice Griptape, I ride on the team. No air bubbles and the perfect grip that doesn't rip your shoes. Definitely recommend this

Best grip in my opinion :D

Looks awesome and its just perfect

20 Flex Tape Flex Tape


Its even waterproof!

I love you phill Swift, your grip has lasted me ages, and to prove it, I SAWED MY SKATEBOARD IN HALF. My mom got mad.

Amazing, I could feel phil swift's power course my veins as I rode this.

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21 Zero

Nice LOGO, nice quality ,my first skateboard

The zero grip tapes are good like there board brand

This grip is grippy and has sick graphic love this

I Like Zero Becuase It Makes Your Feet Stick So you Don't Fall And It Haa Cool Desing

22 Tree Griptape

Waterproof backing, perforated, and super thick so it doesn't rip. It's the way to go

23 Mouse

Awesome graphics dope grip

24 Superior

I bought this grip tape the other day, and have been 100% satisfied with the quality. It is so grippy and durable, and unlike as other grip tape companies, it does not affect your shoes at all,

I had this griptape for like 3 months and it's still pretty grippy and don't ruin your shoes very quickly! One of the nicest griptape I have ever skated.

25 Mini Logo

Mini logo its the best I've been skated mini logo for a while and does not kill your shoes

Very good grip, its grippy but not too grippy so your shoes will last

26 Revive

I’m going vote here because I know it’s going to win!

I use it all the time it's the best

Ummm revive grip isn't a thing u dumb dumb

27 Honey

Yes honey...

Just pour on your deck and your good to go

Yeah it works gret I recommend pouring a lot

Honey is amazing. its none adhesive. The grip is amazing. the more you pour on the more grip you get. I was riding grizzly and it sucked. Then my local organic market hooked me up with fresh honey to dump on my skate deck for maximum grip.

28 Vicious

Awesome Griptape. Super grippy. Lasts very long. Comes in different colors with different uses. Comes in red, clear, and black. Red doesn't kill your shoes and had a very good grip. Clear kills your shoes a bit but has a really really good grip but gets dirty pretty easily while black has wicked grip but kills your shoes. Vicious Griptape is really awesome stuff.

It is Amazing!

I don't know which one to get my friend kayden has red on his 2014 comet shred 35 and my other friend decklan has black on his comet archetype and I have my landyachtz ripple ridge but irdk how easy its gonna be to regrip it you cam look it up mine is the 2014 landyachtz ripple ridge ya it might be a little tricky

29 CCS

Very good grip. Its good for flip tricks

30 Darkstar

Darkstar grip has dope ass graphics and has the perfect amount of course.

I love dark star tape it's as good as grizzly

31 Sanction

I have used sanction it sucks just like element

Its cheap good decks and trucks too get it

32 Blackhole

The original perforated and still the best grip I ever skated.

Best quality of any grip I've skated. Oh yeah it's also spelled with out the letter C so it's BLAKHOLE Grip Tape not BLACKHOLE.

Best team and the longest lasting grip around.
Everyone skates Blakhole in my town.

33 Thrasher

I'm using thrasher and it is great doesn't kill your shoes and sticks fine the only con I can think of is that it loses its grip but slowly

34 Spitfire

Spitfire grip is just mob grip with a spitfire graphic

They are the best and have cool designs

35 Palaboy

Great griptape. made in the Philippines

36 Madrid Flypaper

I used Madrid grip back in the late 80's & started using it again. Still awesome!

Who skates when it is -40 or 200 degrees?

What griptape can claim to withstand temps of -40 to above 200 degrees? Oil and soda resistant. It's the sticky icky

Not only for longboarding

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37 ENDdustries Griptape

It was a new griptape brand from Indonesia. The grip really awesome for me. When I'm visiting this country, I bought this griptape in a local skateshop in Surabaya city and I'm really satisfied with the quality. The griptape so grippy and long last, it does not affect your shoes at all. The quality is same with the other best grip tape companies.

I use this griptape either. Good quality with reasonable price

38 Paw Grip
39 Am Team

Am is like Jessup it should be top ten

Its doug des autels company man! This stuff is grippy and wont kill your shoes it should be up there along with jessup

40 Ironhorse

Awesome grip. Doesn't stay on board too long but super grippy and cheap

41 Disco Grip

It's the best ever made

Its good as! Good desgns

42 Spank Grip

How is spank last? They have the coolest designs and it is grippy. I have the Jimi Hendrix grip and it's so cool!

Doesn't shred your shoes like mob but stays grippy and doesn't crack.

43 Classy Griptape

Newer brand, good grip, doesn't kill your shoes and has some sick logos.

44 High Times

It is terible

45 Hempmock
46 Sota Grip

This grip is really great! I've gotten this online, the grip is amazing, yet it's not harsh like Jessup or especially Mob and Grizzly. Still provides same grip but gives your shoe a lot more life!

47 Creature

Great design.great grip...

48 Posotiv
49 SOSA grip
50 Theeve

This grip tape is a trip. It's sticky very when you need it to be, but not so shoe damaging when transitioning your foot. Get it cause this stays on your board forever and doesn't eat shoe like grizzly, or even Jessup get some.

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