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Layne Thomas Staley was an American musician who served as the lead singer and co-songwriter of the rock band Alice in Chains, which he founded with guitarist Jerry Cantrell in Seattle, Washington in 1987. Alice in Chains rose to international fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s. more.


I thought Alice in Chains was a glam band lol (maybe because of the name). But, when I first heard "Would? " damn I immediately fell in love with this band. Nirvana was my favorite grunge band when I was in high school and now, I think Alice in Chains is actually one of the best bands of all time. Layne, of course, is really that talented singer (calling him talented is not doing his singing justice) and paired with Cantrell. Oh man, oh man, it is like the heavens are opening up while you're listening to a masterpiece that is Alice In Chains.

Easily the number 1 spot. Yes, Chris Cornell started the Grunge genre with Soundgarden and is a phenomenal vocalist, but Layne's sound will never be matched. Those powerful inhuman notes he belted out with the satisfying rasp was a god given gift. He left this world way too soon and had he not died, Alice in Chains would definitely be on EVERYONE'S top 3 bands list. As for the top 3 Grunge vocalists, Kurt shouldn't be in 2nd.. Chris Cornell is my 2nd with Vedder following in 3rd. Nirvana had a great sound but Kurt is not a stand alone vocalist. Don't get me wrong, I love Kurt and I think that he was a great artist, but he couldn't even come close to touching the level that Layne and Chris were at. There would be a very noticeable change to music as a whole if Layne was never in the picture. He was an influence to a great number of notable singers, most of which are personal favorites of mine. Though his style will never be 100% replicated, his sound will forever be heard by all of the ...more - xMaGiKx

His voice soothes my singed mental makeup. Every throat cringing vocal belt dives me instantly into infatuation. I mean really, go listen to "Love Hate Love" and you'll be astonished. That and he looks kind of attractive in that "Would? " music video...

Kurt Cobain? Overrated. Cornell is amazing but not even close. Layne died and took the rest of the band with him. I refuse to listen to William Duvall.

It needs to be Layne Staley. God knows how much I love Cornell, Vedder and Cobain's voices, but Layne had a gift. Even if you don't speak English and don't understand English, you get the feeling that comes out of his voice. Wake Up (in Mad Season), Man in the Box, Love, Hate, Love, Junkhead, Nutshell are some of the reasons why he's the best.
May his sweet soul rest in peace.

Obviously number 1. No one has ever sang with such emotion that Layne had. It's like he cried out these perfect sounds. Like Tom Morello said: "He sang like an angry angel". RIP

Regardless of how you feel about alice in chains to nirvana, or to soundgarden or pearl jam, or mother love bone etc, Layne deserves to be number one why? Were talking about vocal talent here and this guy not only had a big range but he also had a voice that would grab you and take you away from whatever you were doing. Jerry cantrell said he would make awesome vocal melodies just like that, and despite his drug addiction he was still able to keep a great voice, some times better than others though. Plus he was a great song writer, he had so much emotion and passion when he sang and you could feel his pain.R.I. P Layne, Andrew, Kurt.

Words can't do justice to the magnitude of Layne's voice. It reached deeply in and out of his soul, emanating something so haunting, so powerful and so diverse and truthful, touching anyone who has opened their ears to listen. One of the greatest singers and lyricists of all time, and such a unique, quick-witted and kind hearted human being. He is truly missed.

Absolutely my favorite grunge vocalist of all time. No one can evoke the depths of frustration and pain like Layne can. Simultaneously soft and angelic while maintaining a deep raspy growl which is impossible to imitate. His unique style will never (could never) be replicated by any of the rest of the big 4 and Layne should forever hold a place at the top.

Nirvana may have "put grunge on the map," but Alice In Chains got their without a map. They were playing grunge before anyone knew what it was. Kurt Cobain may be more recognizable, but in no way was he the same caliber of singer that Layne was. If this was a top ten list of the definitive grunge bands, Nirvana would get #1; Alice In Chains fit well into the genre, but transcended it.

Lets face it... Kurt Cobain and Nirvana are way to overrated if you put down you love for them for just one second and listen to Alice in Chains or just Layne singing in any band for that mater you can tell they are the ones that write songs filled with emotion and they have a GREAT singer for growling out that emotion in the songs

Layne staley without a doubt one of the greatest voices of my and any generation. His powerful real lyrics touched true to many who are inflicted to a powerful overwhelming disease. His voice gives me chills every time I hear many have copied but will never be. Rip layne finally at piece now.

Vedder, cobain and cornell are awesome, but there is no way any of them is better than layne. His voice was so touching and at the same time incredibly powerful, every rock fan misses him

It has to be Layne, even though in my mind Chris Cornell is a close second. His voice is just incredible and no one can even say that he isn't the best. He had perfected just about everything about his voice, and if you can't recognize that, you don't know what you're talking about.

The God of all singers! Full of emotion, power, and down right sexy! Layne is the best singer of all time that does not get the recognition he deserves. I love you layne! RIP!

If you don't have Layne Staley at the top of your list then you're deaf. Cornell and Vedder were great. Cobain was great but Staley was in his own universe. Absolutely the greatest voice.

The lion's roar, the depth of emotion and searing pain, the stratospheric climb which gives way to the abyssal drop... All part of the VOICE which makes Layne Staley, especially now in the Afterlife the GOD of vocalists.

Honestly my favorite vocalist of all time. His voice cuts straight through the music (which is also great both in mad season and Alice in Chains). It is so distinct, and I don't think anyone else will be able to copy his voice exactly.

I totally agree with this. I love alice in chains. Staley's Voice is very memorable. And the #2 guy you could barely understand his words. Layne's voice gave grunge a new meaning and it was harsh cold and beautiful RIP Staley

Greatest singer of all time. No one can sing so beautifully and no one can sound so badass. He was so talented and was blessed with the most amazing voice you can imagine.

This voice is the clear representative of angst which at the time was the feeling... For anyone feeling depressed you could play a Mad Season or AIC song and easily identify with the songs just because of the voice... RIP Layne

Of course you could argue Cornell for his octave range and general wailing but I would put layne over Chris any day...

He is the best I don't know about kurt being the best but when it comes to comparison then layne is actually the best. Layne is actually the god and kurt is the king of grunge

Could not only transfer meaning through lyrics but through pure emotion. Love Cobain but Staley vocally was really in a unique league of his own shown in songs such as man in the box and would? Where power drives the chorus and also songs like nutshell and less popular songs like head creeps where he uses his voice subtledly to great effect.

Obviously the number one. Can't belive though that Kurt Cobain is second and not Chris Cornell. Good however that people see the greatness in Layne Staley. The greatest singer not only in grunge, but in history of rock.

In my honest opinion, Layne Staley is my favorite singer of all time. His voice is just haunting. His soul and his ways of singing are second to none. If God would listen to grunge, it would be Alice in Chains/Mad Season.

Layne Staley was by far the best singer on this list. He outshined everyone else and will never be duplicated. I wish he was still here singing his heart and making his fans feel the honesty of AIC lyrics. RIP Layne Thomas Staley, you will never be forgotten.