My Carvin Cobalt 750 is one of the sweetest acoustics I have ever played. Seriously surpasses Gibson, which has too much finish on the neck, and feels clunky. I also own a Carvin ICON 5 string electric bass, which is beautiful in style, color, workmanship and sound. The Carvin acoustic bass was, however, a disappointment. Neck bowed, tuners rattled during playing. Sweet sound though. My daughter still uses it regularly. She loves the feel of it, and with some rubber bands over the tuners it's got a smooth sound.

I've owned many brands of guitars in the past much younger and own a Gibson less Paul and a fender now but have been researching carvin for quite awhile and while I have never owned one I have listened to them being played and they seem they should be ranked in the top five if not number one. With being custom made to the customer and select woods and finish to choose from down to price is hard to beat. The Eagles and Joe Walsh claims being the only precision made guitars with the closet tolerances make Carvin my next chose to buy.

Carvin makes the best guitars in America, PERIOD. They are absolute gems, pure classic beauty and absolutely unmatched in their playability, set-up, sound and electronics. MUCH more reasonably affordable yet higher quality than the bloated PRS guitars that populate eBay.

The inclusion of "Epiphone" on the "Top Ten" list should give you a good amount of suspicion as to the experience and perspective of whoever included those cheap pieces of junk. Seriously?

Get a Carvin. You will need, nor want, any other.

High-quality, custom, American-built guitars. They are affordable, with better quality than guitars two or three times as expensive. I've gotten used to the quality and when I see 'top 10' custom shop guitars, I am surprised at how poor their quality is... And expensive too!

Carvin sounds great, plays great, is made to your specs, and won't break your bank account.

The guy who said Carvin is "just a budget brand" is an idiot, my friend has one and I would take it over any guitar any day. You just can't get a custom shop guitar like Carvin from Jackson or ESP and not expect to pay $2500+, I could get a great Carvin for under $1500, which I plan on doing.

I bought my Carvin guitar back in 1979. I still own it and it plays beautifully. I've never done a single thing to it except change the stings. I recently went to several guitar stores and tested out most of the major brands to see if anything came close. Nothing plays as smooth as a Carvin. I'll probably buy from them again.

I agree... Just recently bought a Carvin CS6. It's the best guitar I have ever owned; no contest. I've never owned a Carvin before, but other than certain select vintage guitars, I may never buy a new guitar from any other company again. To me, Carvin is now what PRS was twenty plus years ago!

Quality and Service unmatched by all other companies. Loyalty to a name rather than a product is not how I would like to spend my musical career. My Gear has to be the best quality for a reasonable price. Carvin delivers this in Every Area.

CARVIN IS #1. All you need to figure it out is common sense (check out their materials, choices, prices and reviews/complaints). A Carvin guitar to check out and all questions should be answered, that is of course based on the fact you know what to do with a high quality guitar in your hands!

Carvin should be in the top 10 easy. They're guitars are of the highest quality and sound absolutely fantastic.

I own 2 and love them. These have been working guitars and have really withstood the test of time and hard playing. AE-185 and a Bolt (Strat).

Unbeatable when it comes to value for money! US made, great quality, plays great and with a nice price-tag.

I have a CS6 and it is an exquisite guitar. Carvin is easily in the top 5, and in my opinion should be number 1.

Carvin is the clearest sounding guitar says Joe walsh

Carvin doesn't cut corners to increase profit margin.

How can you beat a custom made in the USA guitar for under 1500$?

The best quality guitars for a lower price. (Usually around 1k) All of the Carvins look amazing, and I also believe that every single guitar has a gold plated logo on the head. I also believe that the materials they use are top of the line and hand picked. It's not as popular as others, but for quality and beautiful style, it should be number 1.

Carvin is an American Company. They are great sounding and built as well as Gibson or Fender. The sound in many cases is better and they are very versatile in tone. I have an acoustic electric thinline with a cherryburst finish over a spalted wood body. It is one of the most stunning looking and best sounding guitars I have ever played. The price is very reasonable too.

The most amazing feel of any guitar I have played. They look as good as they play. Simply stunning. Would buy again.

Great value in addition to having a flawless and custom guitar. They deserve a high spot on any list.

I purchased a Carvin and I would rank the quality above both my Gibson double cut Les Paul and my Gibson SG. As far as Fender goes, I have an anniversary Strat. Just about every middle the road guitar beats it, this one was way overpriced.

3 Carvins - amazing guitars, excellent customer service. Build from scratch on their website, choose all options for body, neck, pickups, finished, etc. Custom-shop guitar for half the price.

This should be number 2 on the list!

Are you kidding me! Carvin should definitely be in the top 5. No where can you get a total custom guitar made in the USA, under $1400, in 8 weeks! Not to mention an awesome return policy. I own 4 carvins, 1 PRS, 1 Jackson, and played almost every other brand, and Carvin is my favorite. Some people complain about the pick ups, 2 words - dimarzio - duncan. Of course sound and looks are totally subjective, but build quality is not. The Carvins are built to last. Mine came from Calf. to New Jersey in tune!

Awesome guitars nice performace good finishing and matirial use to make it