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261 Ovation

USA Made Ovation Guitars are still built by hand using only the best materials and guitar building techniques. The difference between them and other guitar manufacturers is that Ovation has mastered the art of combining traditional guitar bulding techniques with modern technological advances in materials and proven scientific research. The result is an instrument that equals or surpasses any of the other top named brands (in tone, playability, reliabilty, and awesome looks), while keeping prices down below their competitors... AND keeping the the work and workmanship here in the USA. - bvince

I've been playing basic acoustic Fenders, Gibson's, etc etc my entire life. And just recently I purchased my first Ovation! It is the way different feel of having the electric guitar feel while at the same time have an acoustic sounding guitar in your hands! If your trying to switch to acoustic from electric then this would be a great guitar for you! Its also (to me) the greatest show guitar! Because they look great on stage! New favorite brand!

I've found there to be a bit of snobbery about Ovation in guitar circles. There are better made guitars out there but Ovation provide good value, well made guitars. I've had a Summit Series electro acoustic for 20 years and it has served me well. You might need to make a few tweaks to it out of the box but it's worth it.

Just simply love it

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262 Rondo

Rondo aka Agile is probably the most underrated guitar manufacturer of the world. Better than any Les Paul clones out there including Epiphone or Vintage. Amazing value and quality for money!

By the way the Agile was only 499 and the Gibson was $2300 also in my last comment it should say Nick through the body not next to the body

Rondo aka Agile guitars blows away epiphone and esp les pauls any day of the week and twice on sunday. Check them out if you are looking for a true gibson like tone out of a cheap guitar. And the value for money is truly astounding.

263 Godin Guitars

Seagull Artist, by far the best I have ever played, followed by the Art and Lutherie

If this company was American, it would be in the top three on the list. Godin is a Canadian company and their guitars are made in Canada and the USA. Their pricing is absolutely tremendous and the quality is as good as any on this list. Check them out. The value / quality / performance ratio is excellent.

I feel sorry for this brand. It deserves a better place in this evaluation. These guitars are more then fine and their price is more then accessible for this quality. Moreover they are wonderful for concerts: the sound is clear, rich, warm and balanced; especially when the top is made of cedar wood. Alain Godon. Romania.

Best kept secret in guitars - quality and innovation is unsurpassed

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264 Cort

The guitars are affordable and better than ibanez for low ranges.

I have Cort Earth Ground Acoustic with Fish Man pick-up. My opinion, I have played Gibson, Yamaha, Pluto, Hoffner etc. Cort is better than all other acoustic guitars.

I have Cort X2, costs about 150 euros, it's light guitar, about 3 kg, great clean tone and playability. Great for Rock and Metal music. The best for beginners.

Cort guitar is the great guitar. i am using ad810 it is the best guitar.

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265 First Act

Only the mentally challenged would like first act guitars for something other than fire wood.

I use first acts for when I want to play Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd while taking a shower.

First act guitars are pretty much terrible... If you're a beginner wanting to start at guitar please just do yourself a favor and visit a local guitar store and get advice from them because First Act are overpriced and cheap... Squires or Epiphones are great starter guitars

First act is the best!

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266 Behringer

The first guitar that I got. Very good guitar. Probably one of the best guitars for beginner. Its that simple if you are a begginer and looking for a cheapish guitar with great sound this is the guitar for you

267 Kramer

You should really vote for Kramer!
It's a great guitar-brand, Eddie Van Halen played a Kramer! This guitar should be in the top 5 of best guitar brands! COME ON ROCKERS! VOTE FOR KRAMER!

This brand of guitar is a solid proper built brand mine has been passed down to me from my dad he would of had it for about 20-30 years gone camping travelling never gets dented or scratched and Eddie van halen plays one Mick Jagger plays my one. I REST MY CASE thank you

I have 2 Kramer guitars, Pacer Classic and Assault 220 Plus. Honestly, every Kramer guitar I've ever played never disappointed me. The first time I played a Kramer guitar, the sound was like no other.

Nothing but the best

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268 Dean Guitars

Dean is the Best guitar brand. They have very good sound, quality, prices and very famous guitar players (Dave Mustaine - Megadeth, Dimebag Darrell - Pantera, Michael Amott - Arch Enemy) This is the Guitars. Get your Wings.. /

Dean Vendetta XMT looks awesome.. Light weight.. Good to play... Love the sound.. Love to play

This whole list is just about popularity and not about the best brands otherwise Dean would be up there with the best of them. They make some quality guitars and have very big names playing there instruments. I own an ML and it is by far the best guitar I have for metal!

Just awesome

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269 Charvel

A Charvel is the best guitar for the best price. The Floyd rose on it is killer, it is always in tune and I've never had any problems with it. The neck is smooth and totally made for shredding. Charvel guitars are the holy grail.

Charvel is so awesome! Very light and lasts a long time. Has a lot of power like a gibson. Strings are easy to bend and my charvel has emg automatic pick ups and they are really good. Very good for its low price. I have a Charvel Desolation DC-1-ST.

Without a doubt the best guitar made for the money. Compound radius next, floyd rose, light body with a great feel. Adjusting the volume knobs gives you a softer tone if you want. Fantastic guitar!

Charvel are quality guitars which even guitar gods like Guthrie Govan use. Even the entry models have great feel and tone. Best guitars that stand out of the usual Ibanezs and Les Pauls both Gibson and Epiphone (both have amazing guitars). Has the 80's vibe but the magic is in your hands!

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270 Spector
271 Luna

Luna guitars are so under-rated. Not only are they beautiful, but they sound wonderful. I have had 4 Lunas and whether they came to me sight unseen by mail, or from in the stores where I found them, they all consistently sounded wonderful and looked gorgeous. I think that many people rush to judgement, thinking that because a guitar is pretty it can't sound good. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Extremely underrated. I have played thousand dollar guitars and ten dollar guitars. Just because there not a big name like fender doesn't mean they don't belong in the top ten. Sound amazing look great high quality biuld and just down right amazing. I dare you to play a mid graded Luna and compare it to a high grade fender or Gibson or anything else and the Luna will be just as good if not better. You have my word

Luna is amazing. Not only are they beautiful, but I had many friends say that Luna guitars are awesome; they sound incredible. Amazing. Nothing to say about it... It's that amazing.

The guitars are amazing! They sound just like they look like.

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272 LTD

Why is this all the way down here.. You people are insane.. It's the same as a esp.. They are amazing when it comes to metal and rock... Ill shred your faces off

Very under rated! LTD should in my opinion be in the top 15

I am not a pro musician but I know when an instrument sounds great or not and I must say Fernando is a great buy. The price is cheap but the sound is awesome. You will never regret buying one especially their acoustics.

LTD are great stock, but I made changes to mine and I swear it's like having a Jackson now, because it shreads. If you're willing to put the time and money to a LTD you will have a guitar that can compete with the top 5 guitar brands, and the true musicians will look at your LTD and know you mean business.

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273 Maton

Wow! You guys have no idea at all! (probably Americans! )

Maton is the true winner here people!

Doesn't matter what anyone tells you, put a Maton next to Martin, Taylor, Cole Clark or any of the above and Maton will outperform them in Tone, looks and character!

Each has their own preference - mine will always be Maton

Best guitars in the world
Their just not well known as relatively few guitars are made and it is hard to get in the us
I tried many guitars and a maton blows them away
The good thing a bout maton is that even their lower end models are real maton's made with the same luthiers who make the high end models. unlike fender, gibson, martin, etc who sell you a cheap Chinese knockoff fooling you into thinking you have the real thing

I love my Maton. The tone is incredible! They are made from great wood and are quality Aussie guitars. Highly recommended for beginners and serious players alike. They are also good value for money and should last you a life time.

The best acoustic there is, hands down.

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274 Suzuki

Nice sound. Light and sustainable. A recommended choice for beginners. Value for money is good! I highly recommend you buy a Suzuki guitar today!

I bought fifty years ago one suzuki guitar and still has a great sound, is almost like new. Of course it is not the best guitar in the world but is good.

Nice for beginners but fret board is a little fat

My suzuki guitar works fine and great. I love it

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275 Cp Thornton
276 Tronad
277 Kapok

Kapok guitar is similar to the classical guitar. It's fret is also as big as classical. You can use both nylon or steel string. Anyway, it is easy to find it. You even can found it at a Bookstore.

Ya I too have the same company guitar its good

This brand, kapok in Indonesian mean "give up" laugh out loud

Amazing acoustic guitar to classical guitar

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278 GB&A

I have a Black color stunning gb&a guitar...
Its sounds sexy whenever strum the strings...
This is the best I have ever buy...
I suggest this to all guitar lovers..
Its best for intermediates and even for professionals...
The guitar is heavy n good shape n awesome sound and good sound output as well.. By the way am having semi acoustic sexy black color..

I am having a yamaha acoustic (wooden finish) and gb&a acoustic guitar (black)... And guess what... Gb&a has far better sound quality than yamaha and even looks also... Don't understand why GB&A is all the way down here.

Dude I have been using a gb&a acoustic for two years and trust me it's got the best sound in the world!

Mee too having the same guitar... Gb&a its relly sexy and the best thing of this guitaris sound itss rlly mind blasting... Evn I recommend you all the same...

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279 JIMM

It's A Good Guitar Brand... their Hollow guitars are good

This is my first guitar an I think it's better than all the guitars I have seen till date, if you r a beginner you blindly go with this brand..., jimm rocks!

Awesome Guitar in Low budget... Sound quality very good...

Liked it...
Wonderful first guitar... Good for beginners

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280 Robertson
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