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261 Crimson Guitars
262 Wylde Audio V 1 Comment
263 Tronad
264 Robertson
265 Parkwood

Great quality, nice sound, It's fun to play, It's the guitar you want.

266 Meske
267 Maple
268 Fanndec
269 Lethal Guitars

The Snr6 has by far the most ergonomically wicked shape I've ever seen. Yet it sounds just as beefy as a Les Paul. Hand crafted and only made to order.

270 Civin
271 Marris
272 Acadia
273 Korg
274 Power Play
275 Gig

Where are they made?

276 Countess

Nice shaped and also a good wood used...
It is not CHEAP like Other brands Guitars...
The sound when you play sounds very good and also you might fall in love with the guitar While playing it^^

277 Ashbury
278 Adam Black
279 Gear 4 Music
280 Lyle

When my grandpa passed away. I received his vintage Lyle electric guitar. I have yet to find anything like it. It sounds great and looks incredible. A mix between Jaguar and Gibson

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