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101 Heritage

OUTSTANDING quality...Craftsmanship just like the early Gibson's (because they ARE the early Gibson Craftsmen)

Why is this so low? These are better than Gibson's and they are number 1? Give me a break.

They are what Gibson should be.

I have a Heritage H535, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender American Traditional Strat, Schecter Hell Raiser C1FR, and a PRS Santana. The Heritage is, by far, my favorite. Solid, well built, easy to play. I think Heritage is low on this list just because they are not well known yet.

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102 J&D

I own a J&D electric guitar and it is awesome. Not even Ibanez or Leas Paul impresses me as much as this one do.

After owning several brands of guitar I now own an electric and an acoustic JD and they are quality pieces, took my acoustic around the world and I still love both, easy to pick up and get carried away hard to put away. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

J&D? I see they made every styles and figures of electric guitar. I have one, SG metallic blue, Sound great at first time I tough it. This shouldn't be 100th.

103 Tenson
104 Kadence V 1 Comment
105 Global Guitars V 1 Comment
106 Arena

I have a arena guitar and the sound is so clear

107 Hohner V 1 Comment
108 Gremlin

Gremlin's have fantastic tone, as far as I'm concerned. They don't cost much either. Their more for the disorted sound than the clean, though

109 Zager Guitars

You can say all you want about all those other brands, but you will be cheating yourself if you haven't tried a Zager acoustic guitar, made by Danny Zager, he's the guy that did the song in the year 2525 and he's been making guitars since 1969.. I just got the ZAD 80 acoustic electric.. He's developed that easy play system which makes his guitars the easiest playing guitars with the best action..

Sounds crazy if you've never heard of one of these guitars, check them out online.. Lots of Zager versus Taylor videos on YouTube.. And a few Zager versus Martin..

You can only buy them online.. So you save lots of money.. See for yourself

I'm not a professional player, but I've been playing for over 30 years, I've owned quite a few guitars throughout the years and I've tried many guitars and stores.. But I have never played such a nice guitar like this ZAD80.. I paid $1300 with electronics and the case.. This would easily be a $3500 guitar anywhere and I and brand.. The sound is great and the build quality is impressive, absolutely gorgeous... Go online and take a look.. You can buy one and they will ship it back and forth if you don't like it for any reason at no charge to you..

I love my Zager ZAD80

The patented E-Z Play system on these guitars is great for beginners and older players. The sound of them rivals any Martin or Taylor. An excellent guitar at a great price.

I love playing on zager! You can free your mind and just play with these.

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110 Encore

Cheap like rockwood my accoustic encore refuses to stay in tune needless to say it let me down when I had a go at busking if somone offered me a fiver they can have it laugh out loud

111 Ruokangas

The very best guitars in the world! Very expensive though. Look at Matias Kupiainen of Stratovarius. His hellcat is sick!

112 Manne
113 Marina

Very first "decent" guitar I had, still has it and it still sounds great. Pity it can't plug in...

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114 Grason

Fantastic guitar.. Reliable and affordable.. It is medium weight, pretty handcraft, nice sound and the quality perfect..

I like grason guitars... But the ratings are showing that it is not good

I like grason guitar very much.

Best Guitar...

115 Palmer

Incredible guitars. Their Indonesian series are pure bliss. Their aesthetic value is great.

Good guitars, they need more publicity

Love the sound and feel of my palmer

116 Kaps

If you are a begineer then go with the Kaps guitar... It was awesome guitar.. Its sound quality is oustanding hand made of high furnished wood, best wood is used,... It was my first guitar I owned and its was just awesome.. Nonbody can beat it... Design & sound is so impresive.. & made up fan... It is better than Best. !
Kaps guitar rock. !

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117 Burney

Maybe Tokai did the great copy of Les Paul but BURNEY is more better than Tokai. BURNEY also a part of Fernandes but for Les Paul copy. The sound finishing are great!

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118 Drive Wildfire
119 JS Schindler
120 Hobner

Hobner guitars are very good and smart looking guitars which suits everyone's personality and are also at very good price. It also have a light weight which is easy to handle and play

This is best guitar in Indian made guitars. I'm using this from last five years but still the sound quality is awesome.

I have this guitar. It is Indian guitar. Cheap, reliable and nice sound. It was not mentioned on this list thus I added it.

This brand is one of the most popular brands in India, owing to its price..superb sound..has its own gravity!

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