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121 Vigier

Vigier guitars are so amazing! I would love to have one someday... a lot of people that are considered to be the best guitarists in the world are endorsed by them. I was personally inspired by Tina S.

This is the best guitar ever,.. The neck is layer by a carbon fiber instead a trust rod. Believe me, the neck wont get twisted/ bent for more than 30 years.. It's the most technological guitar ever made.. You gotta check it.

Great company. Bummblefoot, Matt Moliti, best guitar players in the world. Can't go wrong with that.

What the hell is that this brand should be in top 5.

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122 Signature

It has fab sound... Lovable design... And beautiful colours...
I have a blue acoustic bass guitar of signature brand..

Very affordable. Nice sound. Its an Indian brand.

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123 Floyd Rose Guitars

I own a floyd rose and it is without a doubt one of the best. The speed loaders are amazingly easy to use and the pickups are great too but be careful not to over do it because the parts ain't cheap.

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124 Soul Call Back
125 JS Schindler
126 Stadium

I follow my on thoughts, and I am always open to others opinions, and their wisdom, but as for my limited knowledge of electric guitars, it seems to me that the Stadium Brand of Electric Guitars, example the WF 510 Tree Of Life is as good as any on the market, regardless of Brand Name, or Price. It has very good sound quality, and made of very good materials, and it's fit, and finish are like I said, as good as any of the top listed electric guitars, and in my opinion better than most of them.

If you're born to play, then it's more the person, than it is the guitar, again just an opinion.

I also own the Stadium WF-510 Tree Of Life Electric Guitar, and I would not trade it for a Fender, or Gibson, "It Plays Well, And Is Well Made"!


127 Granite
128 Faith

Excellent sounding guitars made with the same craftmanship and quality of materials as Martin and Gibson, but at half the price!

129 Santa Cruz

THese are wonderful instruments - really full tone and as robust as hell for an acoustic

My friend also have one and I think it also have a quality.

130 Santana

Santana HW41-201 jumbo is the guitar I own... It really sounds great... its made of solid spruce which resonates awesomely loud & clear... build is also very fine... it is the guitar which I bought for only 4200 RS/-... it is certainly the best low budget guitar... sounds like gibson.. takamine.. Fenders... I am happy to own it.

131 Rocks

I have a Rocks RT-1000CT model cut-away guitar. Its a bit heavy 41", sounds very loud and soft. The colour is the best of my choice. I paid around US $100, which accounts to be quite less for a quality guitar. I am an intermediate player and found it one of the best in range which and best sounded guitar

The guitar is good as I am a beginner and the sound is excellent

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132 Schindler

Very nice sound, although it is not famous it sounds like a fender stratocaster!
Very nice guitar

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133 Crusader Guitars

It is good for beginners and nice guitar.

134 Duesenberg

One of the nicest guitars I've ever played and prices compete with the likes of prs and gibson

Should in the top 3 list

This list is whack. Also the people on this site are illiterate too the maximum! A guitar is only as good as the man or woman holding it. I've played 10 % of this list and every maker has a good model. PRS are way over priced for what you get. Gibson quality control sucks but I've never owed a bad Gibson because I play them first then I set it up the way it should be and everyone who plays my guitars say they play awesome. Fender is maker but most models have a thin sound unless it has Humbuckers. I own one of the best sounding Les Paul I have played. I know some rock stars that live around me here in Hollywood ca. And when I let them play my 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard AAA Amber they always want to buy it from me. Most guitars can be made to play and feel great. My first guitar was bought from Sears. It was a copy of an Sg and it came with a 25 watt transistor amplifier. My grandmother paid $69.00 for it in 1975 when I was 14 and it played great it never went out of tune. My great ...more

135 Greg Bennett

For the price you pay, you get quality and durability. Not A single Greg Bennett I've tried failed me.

I love Greg Bennett, the design is fabulous along with the quality shown in the finished product

Worth for the price

Great quality

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136 Mitchell

I own a mitchell, the only flaw I see on this brand is the pre installed preamp, but I change it for a fishman Passive pickup and now sounds great!

137 Alhambra Guitars
138 Patrick Eggle
139 Crescent

I have a crescent guitar & its great

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140 Hudson & Co.

People people,
There's a "new" brand and it crushes all low to medium prized guitars.
Hudson & Co is perfect for beginners and seasoned players

Had one of there Telecasters... Sounded like the real thing... I own 2 fender teles. Amazing value for money.

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