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161 Telecaster

You should try this.. Totally no comment. I bought it in my dreams and I woke up right away. Thanks to this guitar I sucked so bad GG sons

I think that all fenders are great whether its a stratocaster or a telecaster.


162 Freshman

They are the best no doubt, not the most well known make but amazing sound, I've got all the folk cutaway collection and 4 of the appalo collection. Getting a new one this summer I tell you they are a lot better that fender, gibson, martin, and loads of other acoustic!

163 BLW
164 Warmoth Custom Guitars

The best best sound I ever heard and play with, try to try one guitar.

165 VOX

Some of the most original and reliable guitars made, brilliant shapes, perfect tune, a real smooth yet punky type or guitar

I have sdc 22 it's very good. It's cheap, fast and sound is great

166 EVH

LONG LIVE EDDIE! One of the most expensive guitar brand but they still have an affordable Eddie Van Halen models. Very nice tone, wood and easy to play. I will give 101% to this brand! You will experience the ERUPTION when you JUMP while playing this guitar! M/

Easily my favorite. Or not easily... My 1986 MIJ unknown model strat is probably my favorite. However Wolfgangs beat all other fenders.

167 Eastman

I am surprised that Eastman isn't at least in the top twenty, of the guitar list. IF you haven't picked up an eastman before go to your local music store and see if they have one. or go online and look them up. if you get the chance, pick it up and play it. Eastman are handmade guitar's (mines from Beijing China) most music stores have very little or sold out of them but you can always order them. They have the most beautiful soothing sound, when you want them to, and can have a powerful rock if you want

I own an Eastman. Recently replaced an old ovation and the Eastman has such an incredible sound, is well put together, and easy to play. It's singlehandedly rejuvenating my playing.

Eastman AC422CE is an incredible. It is a very nice looking, well built, and great sounding guitar.

168 Rick Hanes

Best guitar made in Indonesia

169 Valencia

Recommended by teachers and preferred by students as their entry level instrument of choice - Available in over 70 countries across the globe

Valencia magic clear loud acoustics without mic's and amps you would hear this one above most top guitars, it's the one I play most. I have a martin takamin fender yamaha.

V 1 Comment
170 Farida

Farida why are you in 190th position.

171 Michael Kelly Guitars

Don't know about their guitars but the basses are awesome. I've owned an acoustic electric bass (limited edition dragonfly 4) for close to seven years and it still sounds incredible. When I play it unplugged you can hear it very clearly unlike other acoustic basses I tried, the real surprise,however, comes when you plug one of these bad boys in. It's got such a deep tone it sounds like a stand up bass. That sold me right away when I heard it. Very beautiful looking too made with some very expensive materials too. They're just not that well known,...yet.

Best looking and playing guitar ever

I've owned a MK guitar for 10 years now and it plays beautifully, I've compared it with the top brands and it plays better than any other, maybe I'm just predjudi

172 Stewart

Best guutar ever... With the best sound... I've had it for several years and it still plays like a charm... Very good quality guitar...

173 DELM

Best ever is a DELM. Each guitar is hand made and the pickups are individually wound and tuned to suit the guitar and the player. I have top of the line Fender, Gibson, Ibanez and Yamaha but the clarity of the sound of a DELM surpasses them all.

174 Domino

Not one mention of Domin guitars! Wow!
Beautiful, smooth, and most affordable Japanese guitar.

175 Laguna Guitars

Really fond of the tone, the neck feels great!

176 Yamaki V 1 Comment
177 Danny Davis Guitars

Danny David is a luthier who makes custom made guitars out of Tangle String Studio in Huntsville Alabama. His guitars are unbelievable and are reasonably priced when compared to other custom guitar makers.

178 Giffin
179 Viper

Great, Great guitar just bought one but I'm wondering why they are not up here ;(

180 Dillion Guitars
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