Best Guitars of All Time

There are so many Guitar Makers/Models out there, itís tough to choose just one but there has got to be a top guitar. Whether itís Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, or anything else, there is a greatest guitar out there.

The Top Ten

1 Fender

Jazzmasters just have the warmth of gibson and twangy bite that fender is known for, highly underrated

Fender is the best guitar out there. I have an acoustic by fender and I love it

The Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster are the greatest because there simply is no better guitar that translates all the emotions and feelings that you experience into the dynamics of its sound and tone. Hear a solo on a radio and you know it's being played with a Fender. That's how recognizable and ubiquitous it is in human music and in our psyche. I didn't realize it until I myself owned a great-sounding one. They are magical.

Fender give that twangy sound that makes you feel 'he can play' regardless of how good he actually is as it gives such a cool sound...Gibson is all crunch and grudge but fender is more versatile, I know I have said they are twangy but they can pull of kick ass blues, amazing jazz and some of the best heavier riffs ever, I prefer there indie sounds but fender make guitars for anyone

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2 Gibson

I love both Gibson Les Paul and Sg, been having those models for 20 years now. I genuinely think this brand is one of the best in terms of quality and versatility. (don't get me wrong, I also love Fender, I just think Gibson is a bit better)

Slash, jimmy page, eric Clapton, James Hetfield every good guitarist has used one of these

Gibson is simply the best

When you find that perfect Gibson, it sings to you. The neck feels heavenly, and the guitar just feels right. Fender makes great guitars. But when you find that one Gibson, there is nothing that can compare. The guitar comes alive and as you caress the strings, it caresses you back. Gibsons are amazing guitars.

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3 Jackson

Jackson is the best, the build quality is superb! I love this guitar very much! Instead of it prices a little bit expensive, but it was worth it! The sound, the looks! Jackson RR5FR. =)

Jackson is the best guitar I bought ever in my life which is good... In its sound quality.. The fingerboard... And more... I LOVE JACKSON GUITARS VERY MUCH =D

When it comes to quality and metal shredding. Jackson is the best.. PERIOD!

If you think Jacksons are crappy, get a USA Select Jackson - BOOGIE69

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4 Ibanez

Hands down vintage Ibanez better made & better quality than any Gibson or Fender. My 1981 Artist 300 blows my 2012 Gibson Les Paul away.

Gibson and Fender are to old they still have always the same shape the same sound okay it's cool to know your guitar once you hear it but it's boring because you are not feeling special anymore with IBANEZ when you play people start to ask what is this guitar and that new sound new quality even when they see the guitar each year new shape new body type that what I call a refresh! perfect brand IBANEZ

Gibson and Fender are the masters of the past and old school rock and roll but bring us into the present and the modern guitar is ruled by Ibanez. Well done to this company.. They've come a long way since when I first had a guitar from them when they were not well known

Amazing sound, brilliant look and wide diverse range of guitars all designed to suit your style of playing best. Never played a bad Ibanez guitar and AR325 and JEM are amongst the best guitars ever made with awesome tonality and feel to them which make you never want to put the Ibanez axe down!

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Simply the best necks and quality for playing metal craftsmanship is perfect they seem to know what metal players want I like that they have 42mm instead of 43mm necks fits me like a glove

I bought an ltd version (esp student version) and it is epic. way out classes my fender and the gibson models I have been trialing. Also, metallica use them. Kirk Hammet!

you can help liking the guy that use ESP's I mean Syu is just too good and most of all my fav japanese musicans use ESP's - gabi326jjk

almost all guitarist in japan use esp, and even the bassist tetsu endorses it. - ronluna

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6 PRS - Paul Reed Smith

An inspiring instrument. Flawless in every detail --and plays great right out of the case. Not only do they look good, they play great. Is like they guitar helps you be, the best you can be. I find that some guitars (like most Gibson and Fenders) you have to fight the guitar, to get your tone. Not with a PRS, just let your gingers free and the guitar will do its thing.

These are the best guitars out there especially their Custom 24 series though they are pricey but hey they can beat any Gibson or Fender any day any time any place.. Ibanez ESP or Jackson doesn't even come close to it. These are the most versatile guitars you can play any style from jazz, blues, rock, metal, anything... Speaking of tone there is no near match.. They are The Best...

gibson and fender feels great but you have to realise most guitarist play them because they're sponsored by them. I used to have a shop near me with a PRS on sale that I used to 'test' out every week, it just felt right.

I've played Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, Taylor, PRS... Just about every brand of guitar, I've played. Got to put it out there that Paul Reed Smith is the most incredible guitar maker, and I love every single one of the PRS's I've picked up. Currently playing a Zach Myers SE, it's the best guitar I've ever played. Great work PRS.

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7 B.C. Rich

I have a because rich, and I think it was my favorite guitar I ever had, because it was attracting, sounds very clean and good, and also because when I put all of these guitar brands in my head, all the guitars in my head, I start thinking, because rich was the thing for me... - chewy

I simply love the distinct shape of B. C Rich Guitars. This brand will ALWAYS be the best due to their affordability, awesome look, and great sound that will overall BLOW YOUR MIND.

i frawkin love this brand, but r3ally i love this brand because they are very good, and sounds clear, andlove them just the way they are no matter wat - mcl0v1n

If you can find a 80s because Rich, the guitar you get will easily match up and beat guitars 5 times its price (approximately $400 with hard case and strap) - BOOGIE69

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8 Hamer

Very underrated, but VERY good. They make quality instruments and because of this, they aren't very prolific. Still, they are one of the best and they make the best novelty guitars too like the famous checkerboard, the five-neck and Rick Nielsen's "Uncle Dick" guitar.

My teacher has one and it is so much like my les paul. It plays like butter.

9 Schecter Guitar Research

When I first got a shecter I knew It was the guitar for me! It offers a challenging playing experience, but the sound and quality is incomparable to any other guitar! This guitar is for the more advanced player! Plus there are an extra two frets for those of you who need a little more fingering room. It really brings a whole new meaning to the words Rock On!

Far higher quality, sound, playability, features, and affordability than any prs, GIBSON, or fender. to be honest, in the fact that gibson and fender have lasted in the past 30 years is nothing more than remarkable. but its only due to the name brand. production method, quality, sound, playing, and PRICE are all deplorable. go find some threads about it. schecter is the best, in every category, by light years.

I have the Zacky V blade custom. It is amazing, I would recomened it to anyone. It sounds great, and if you have a monster cable, and a Line 6 Spider Jam amp it is all around amazing.

in my opinion schecter made the best guitars, because synyster gates and zacky vengeance have a schecter and theyr guitars are simply amazing... - a7xaresimplythebest

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10 Martin

best acoustic guitar brand - richie4life

The Contenders

11 Dean

Dean? Not even top 10? Come on!

I like Dean a lot, partly because my dad works for Dean, but also because I have one and it sounds beautiful.

Deans are amazing, everything just feels right when you play them. Perfect for metal-Eddie Bryant

Because I own a dean. and I LOVE it. (i actually like gibson more but its too expensive. lol) - Floppypanda

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12 Manson

Muse, great band. Manson, great guitars. They need all the effects that Matt's got though, like the fuzz etc.

Sound, Action and looks are just unmatched in these guitars. You definitely get what you pay for.

Matt bellemy of muse plays it, it is a very technichal and great guitar.

Matt bellamy make it became popular guitar... red glitterati...

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13 Rickenbacker

Some of the greatest songs ever thought of were written and played on a Rickenbacker. They have a sound that is hard to match. And they look like no other guitar, simply stunning.

Nothing on this planet sounds like a properly compressed Rick 360-12. It is a sound for the ages. Always relevant, always new.

The finest electric sound--6 or twelve. I can only think of four guitars that are arguably better than a Rick 360-12, but this was my "Excalibur" when I started playing. These need to be WAY higher on this list.

I have a 330/12. It has been with me for over 30 years. Never in my life have I touched it's equal.

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14 Epiphone

I've been a session guitarist for 10+ years, and have started two successful bands. I've played Epiphone les pauls the whole way! In my humble opinion they feel, sound, and play better then there Gibson counterparts and are my favorite guitars!

Incredible guitar, I've had one for years and it still works.

Guitars near Gibson and Fender at 1/4 to 1/2 the price!

Very reliable, warm tone. It's my favorite.

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15 Gretsch

So vintage and modern surprisingly versatile from Eddie Cochran, Chet Atkins and Duane Eddy to Malcom young,Billie joe and Patrick stump gretsch has a thing for us all

It's such a beautiful instrument just looking at it gives me a thrill, when I saw George Harrison playing his in the early/mid sixties I so wanted one but I could not afford one. Two years ago I bought the Country Gent and I just love the sound it makes.

Nothing' Sounds like a Gretsch I will take my 6122 over my LP any day but I love them both, never had a Fender but like the sound of a good tele I also have a Kendrick "Tejes" which is a well balance Guitar with great sound but I like Twang so I keep coming back to my Gretsch. 40 years playing

Any type of music can be played on their guitars. They have flashy guitars and more simple guitars. Bo Diddley, joe perry, and many others have used them.

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16 Cort

Try it to believe it!

17 Taylor

From Baby Taylor, Academy, and Gemini - simply the most consistent bright and melodic sounds

They are so great! I recently received a Taylor and I instantly fell in love with it.

I just got a Taylor and it's the best guitar I've played in my life

The best I own one and the sound is just amazing!

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18 Kramer

eddie van halen and richie sambora played kramer and they were right because the sound is great - richie4life

I have a American kramer with scalped fret boards plays like a dream. Wish I could meet the man George lynch. He is the guitar god. My Floyd rose trem double locking system stays in tune like no other. It's the bomb!

19 Ibanez RG

It is the best guitar I have ever owned.
P.S. I am 12

The best investment I have ever made.
ps I am 12

20 Godin

Godin Montreal guitars are perfect for jazz

I'm Kirk Hammet the lead Guitarist of Metallica. I've used Godin guitars specially Godin freeway SA and it was Really amazing I think it should be in the top 5.

21 Brian May Brian May Brian Harold May is an English musician, singer, songwriter and astrophysicist, best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen.

Red special ist the best guitar ewer made, and it is made from the best guitarist ewer... Brian May

22 Epiphone Explorer

i like Gibson but i generally like epiphone explorers more. - bde111223344

23 Suhr
24 Kaps
25 Takamine

What is with the Takamine? It also has a really good sound and is the perfect guitar on stage or just for playing for fun. You make a really good decision if you buy this guitar - it sounds that soft and you just dream if you hear the sound...

Best acoustic ever...especially plugged in to a PA

Exceptional quality for the price. Precise in sound like a samurai sword and delicate in timbre as a flamand painter. Very, very good...

26 Ernie Ball Music Man

That this is not ranked number 3 is unbelievable. This is the guitar of choice in the past of Eddie Van Halen, Steve Morse and dozens of other all time great guitar players. Not to mention the EB MM Basses which are favorites worldwide.

I have an American Fender Strat, a Gibson Les Paul (robot) an Ibanez and my favourite, Ernie Ball Music Man (Petrucci ) love it best.

This guitar has the potential to hammer Gibson. If the legendary progressive metal band Dream Theater approves of them, then this is a guitar to play. A flawless piece of craftmanship! They also make amazing basses.

Ranked so low because people have not tried them... I have 3 Gibsons, a Fender Deluxe, had Taylor T3 & T5 and this puts them all to shame... Quality blows all the above away!

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27 G&L

Mine is awesome! It should be way higher on the list

De lo m√°s top definitivamente..!

G&L is for Georges Fullerton & Leo… Fender!

- G&L US vs Fender US : G&L wins.
- G&L indonesia vs Fender Mexico or Squier : G&L wins.

28 AXL
29 Premiere
30 Charvel San Dimas

Just brilliant

I can't believe this one isn't in the top 5!

31 Carvin

Custom made, pick your own options, own colours, own wood type, and with an incredible quality. I have one, and it shreds like a beast while sounding incredibly amazing. Never had a better guitar than a carvin.

The best guitars that could be made today for the price, and even better than a lot of guitars way above Carvin's price range. Absolutely gorgeous guitars as well.

Playability, Quality, Value for what you get, Reliability. What more can be said!

Carvin dc400 is a joss guitar

32 Peavey

Skip the entry level stuff, and check out some of their classic offerings. The T series, early Predators, Falcons, Nitro series. All the way to the Wolfgangs and now HP2s. Can't find American made guitars on Peavey's level. Innovation, detail and craftsmanship. The Falcon and Predator AX guitars were what Fender should have been making back then. But weren't. Oh, they didn't cost 5K. They were and are affordable instruments. Should be higher on the list. But I'll accept where they are as I can buy up all the underrated Peaveys I need.

Very overlooked! The t series guitars and all their USA made guitars were built like tanks. Indestructible with awesome sound. Price doesn't make the guitar.

33 Pimentel & Sons
34 Merrill & Company
35 Shergold
36 Saint Guitar Company

A smaller and newer company... Saint Guitar Company makes some of the most amazing and kick ass guitars you'll find anywhere... Pick one up and your Gibsons, Fenders, and PRS's, ect... will most likely start gathering quite a bit of of dust...
- alexei

37 Breedlove
38 Steinberger

Nothing looks or plays like a Steinberger - Nickelstickman

39 Stratocaster
40 Jaguar
41 Jack & Danny

The sound from these guitars are just awesome...must biy for beginners

Recently I bought a J&D ST Vintage Deluxe and hooked it on a Digitech Element XP Marantz 2x70 stereo amp to jam at home.

42 Vintage

Great sounding guitars they're cheap but they hold there own against ibanez and other good makes it was my first guitar and weirdly I've grown attached to my vintage sg its being squashed dented the truss rods come out the pickups have being dented and all it took was a touch of glue for the truss rod and some polish and it looks amazing and the action and fretboard are top notch the pickups are good no high pitched feed back or pick up buzz and the cavity isn't even plated the down side the tuners don't cope very well to awkward tunings and the pots come lose and so does the jack input but overall a great guitar should be number 1 for durability sound price and for replacing parts as its cheap for them

43 Mann
44 Mustang

This guitar changed the 90's. Kurdt Kobain absolutely loved this guitar

45 Danelectro

Good very guitar.

46 Gibson Firebird
47 Yamaha

I'm lucky enough to own a late 1970's SG1000. Heavy yes, but the tone, playability and beauty of the thing amaze me every time I see it.

Pacifica models rules! best quality at a more than reasonable price!

I got a classical, acoustic, and electric, these three models were insane
it's the best guitar brand ever. (with affordable price)

SA2200 semi hollow is to die for! Impeccable build quality. Extremely versatile. A joy to play. Absolutely gorgeous!

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48 Washburn

I love my Washburn acoustic so much! It has great sound quality and it's just plain awesome

49 Framus
50 Reverend
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