Best Guitars of All Time

There are so many Guitar Makers/Models out there, itís tough to choose just one but there has got to be a top guitar. Whether itís Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, or anything else, there is a greatest guitar out there.

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21 Godin

I'm Kirk Hammet the lead Guitarist of Metallica. I've used Godin guitars specially Godin freeway SA and it was Really amazing I think it should be in the top 5.

22 Kaps
23 Brian May Brian May Brian Harold May is an English musician, singer, songwriter and astrophysicist, best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen.

Red special ist the best guitar ewer made, and it is made from the best guitarist ewer... Brian May

24 Takamine

What is with the Takamine? It also has a really good sound and is the perfect guitar on stage or just for playing for fun. You make a really good decision if you buy this guitar - it sounds that soft and you just dream if you hear the sound...

Best acoustic ever...especially plugged in to a PA

Exceptional quality for the price. Precise in sound like a samurai sword and delicate in timbre as a flamand painter. Very, very good...

25 Ernie Ball Music Man

That this is not ranked number 3 is unbelievable. This is the guitar of choice in the past of Eddie Van Halen, Steve Morse and dozens of other all time great guitar players. Not to mention the EB MM Basses which are favorites worldwide.

I have an American Fender Strat, a Gibson Les Paul (robot) an Ibanez and my favourite, Ernie Ball Music Man (Petrucci ) love it best.

This guitar has the potential to hammer Gibson. If the legendary progressive metal band Dream Theater approves of them, then this is a guitar to play. A flawless piece of craftmanship! They also make amazing basses.

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26 AXL
27 Premiere
28 Carvin

Custom made, pick your own options, own colours, own wood type, and with an incredible quality. I have one, and it shreds like a beast while sounding incredibly amazing. Never had a better guitar than a carvin.

The best guitars that could be made today for the price, and even better than a lot of guitars way above Carvin's price range. Absolutely gorgeous guitars as well.

Playability, Quality, Value for what you get, Reliability. What more can be said!

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29 Pimentel & Sons
30 Merrill & Company
31 Charvel San Dimas

I can't believe this one isn't in the top 5!

32 Saint Guitar Company

A smaller and newer company... Saint Guitar Company makes some of the most amazing and kick ass guitars you'll find anywhere... Pick one up and your Gibsons, Fenders, and PRS's, ect... will most likely start gathering quite a bit of of dust...
- alexei

33 Peavey

Very overlooked! The t series guitars and all their USA made guitars were built like tanks. Indestructible with awesome sound. Price doesn't make the guitar.

34 Breedlove
35 Steinberger

Nothing looks or plays like a Steinberger - Nickelstickman

36 Stratocaster
37 Jack & Danny

The sound from these guitars are just awesome...must biy for beginners

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38 G&L

Mine is awesome! It should be way higher on the list

G&L is for Georges Fullerton & Leo… Fender!

- G&L US vs Fender US : G&L wins.
- G&L indonesia vs Fender Mexico or Squier : G&L wins.

39 Shergold
40 Vintage

Great sounding guitars they're cheap but they hold there own against ibanez and other good makes it was my first guitar and weirdly I've grown attached to my vintage sg its being squashed dented the truss rods come out the pickups have being dented and all it took was a touch of glue for the truss rod and some polish and it looks amazing and the action and fretboard are top notch the pickups are good no high pitched feed back or pick up buzz and the cavity isn't even plated the down side the tuners don't cope very well to awkward tunings and the pots come lose and so does the jack input but overall a great guitar should be number 1 for durability sound price and for replacing parts as its cheap for them

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