Top Ten Best Haagen Dazs Flavors

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61 Peppermint Bark

My absolute favorite flavor that has NOT been discontinued. It only appears during certain times of the year and must be carefully hoarded!

How can this possibly not be on this list?

Love! Need some now!

My wife’s favorite. Can’t believe it’s so low on the list. When we find it we stick the freezer

62 Spumoni
63 Chocolate

Chocolate's harder to make than you thought, isn't it? How about a Haagan Dazs Russell Stover Chocolate Ice Cream. No nonsense. Let Russell Stover figure out how to make the chocolate in chocolate ice cream taste correct. Maybe go to Philadelphia and ask around about how they do it. In any event, stop cluttering up store shelf space with your poor tasting chocolate ice cream that promises the world but is lame. Make more room for coffee.

64 Vanilla Pecan

I keep hoping they bring this one back. It is a unique flavor which stays interesting.

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