Best Happy Wheels Levels

What's the fuunest and bloodiest level in happy wheels

The Top Ten

1 Pokemon Training Arena
2 The Combine 2.1
3 North Pole Rush
4 Obstacle Course II
5 Car Thief
6 BMX Park 2
7 Dawn Of The Dead LV.7
8 Run HUMAN RUN !!! 2

Its funny people screaming ufos in it harrpoons mines and you can grab on to somebody to use as a shiels he he

9 Speed Bridge
10 Balcony Terror

The Contenders

11 Taken 3
12 Chaos City
13 The Hotel
14 Ghetto Dunk

It's really funny level I lauched the irresponsible dad to the stupid cop car in the game

15 It Keeps Happening!

It does. I just play the level over and over again in one try

16 The Ghost Train
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