Top Ten Best Hardcore Songs

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1 Nothing Left - As I Lay Dying

Something tells me that you guys don't even know what hardcore is.

Awesome songs respect

OMG! This song deserves this title!

O dude, among all the songs inside here, this is the ONLY SONG that received the grammy award. Lets see if other bands can beat this

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2 This War is Ours (The Guillotine II) - Escape the Fate

THIS WAR IS OURS! No competition AT ALL... jeez, what is this song doing at number THREE? It oughta be number ONE, that's where it belongs!

Best song ever no joke if you don't love it. Jump off a cliff

The best hardcore song ever I listened, it's awesome, it just a kicks ass

I love ETF as much as the next guy, but isn't this list for HARDCORE, not METALCORE?

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3 Laid to Rest - Lamb of God

It's my favorite song. Although I am catholic and Lamb Of God is a satanist band, I really don't care, they are that good.

Not Satanist. Never claimed to be. They just get a bad rap. Although they are anti religious, Ashes of the wake focused on the war in Afghanistan

Lamb of god best

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4 White Washed - August Burns Red

I love this band and this song

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5 King for a Day - Pierce the Veil

Supercool song. It deserves to be on top 10!

Put this in the top ten please

Yes. This song is amazing

It has so many good aspects I can't even begin to describe how much I love ptv
The latin influence is what makes ptv so good and unique

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6 Time of Dying - Three Days Grace

I feel like this song should be #1

I LOVE 3DG Actually I love al these songs. this isnint exactly hardcore, its more like a hard rock but still...

This song is awesome!

Written by DJ H
Listen to my songs on soundcloud

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7 Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over - Devil Wears Prada

Though I'm not a Christian by any means, this is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. The Devil Wears Prada is a band that can connect to everyone, no matter their religion. This is where music comes from.

This so is so epic and half these bands can't compete with the skill level these kids have.

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8 The Sound of Truth - As I Lay Dying UListen to Sample
9 10 Miles Wide - Escape the Fate

Great song but vocally its not hardcore at all!

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10 Mariana's Trench - August Burns Red UListen to Sample

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11 Redneck - Lamb of God UListen to Sample
12 Pandora - Parkway Drive

The only hardcore band I've seen so far, even though they are also party metalcore

Parkway Drive is a sweet hardcore group out of Australia and I love their style.

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13 Through Struggle - As I Lay Dying UListen to Sample
14 The Arms of Sorrow - Killswitch Engage UListen to Sample
15 Antivist - Bring Me the Horizon

Love this song

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16 Second & Sebring - Of Mice & Men

My favourite song! Best metalcore song I have ever heard! In my opinion, it is number one! It is so epic I can listen to it over and over!

Well its one of my favourites songs of this band <3 it makes my want to cry and at the same time gives me hope...

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17 Diamond's Aren't Forever - Bring Me the Horizon

This song is amazing, probably the best hardcore song I ever heard.

Firts hardcore song I'v ever eard, and that's what maked me love this kind of music; should be #1.

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18 In Due Time - Killswitch Engage UListen to Sample
19 Someone, Somewhere - Asking Alexandria UListen to Sample
20 Everytime I Die - Children of Bodom UListen to Sample
21 Kick Me - Sleeping With Sirens UListen to Sample
22 Killing You - Asking Alexandria UListen to Sample
23 You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence UListen to Sample
24 Bulls In the Bronx - Pierce the Veil UListen to Sample
25 Papercut - Linkin Park

It deserves no. 1

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26 Given Up - Linkin Park UListen to Sample
27 (Sic) - Slipknot

Veey fast and heavy

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28 Apologies are for the Weak - Miss May I UListen to Sample
29 Let's Start a Riot - Three Days Grace
30 Riot - Three Days Grace UListen to Sample
31 Relentless Chaos - Miss May I UListen to Sample
32 Forgive and Forget - Miss May I UListen to Sample
33 Just a Memory - Escape the Fate UListen to Sample
34 Can You Feel My Heart? - Bring Me the Horizon UListen to Sample
35 Ben Threw - Of Mice & Men UListen to Sample
36 California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys UListen to Sample
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