Best Harry Potter Moments

The best Harry Potter moments from all eight Harry Potter films. Not all of these moments are bad, some are sad, some are action-packed, some are happy, some are funny.

The Top Ten

1 Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - Severus and Lily

Never fails to make me cry, in this scene my opinion of Snape went from "wow what a jerk" to "holy crap new favorite character right here"

That's why petunia dursley know who snape is the boy who was friends with her sister.

Best moment.
My order:

1. Severus and lily
2. The order vs death eaters
3. Battle at hogwarts
4. Dumbledore vs Voldemort
5. Finding the sorcerer stone
6. Astronomy tower
7. Harry rescues Sirius

When you find out snape is the true hero of the story besides he is still all gray,complex and so misunderstood and had a interesting story even better than Harry Potter...

2 Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - Battle of Hogwarts

The best part of all movies! So much emotion and love, death and action!

And then the house elves and centaurs attacked and I jumped off my chair and yelled YEAH! (Books by the way)

When Neville chops off the snakes head.. Best part in all the movies.

I mean,boi, this is how the whole Harry Potter thing ended, how is it not #1!

3 Goblet of Fire - Priori Incantatem (Harry vs. Voldemort)

The entire Goblet of Fire movie should be here! The book is my favorite one, and the movie is probably in my top 5! It had lots of action, adventure, mystery, drama, and romance, not to mention humor in the books (though not too much, seeing as though Harry Potter is meant to be serious). Plus, we get a lot more Sirius, someone from Twilight sort of dies, Draco gets turned into a ferret (I like ferrets, though), we get introduced to different wizarding schools, expanding our knowledge of the wizarding world, and THERE ARE DRAGONS! DRAGONS! WHO DOESN'T LOVE DRAGONS?

The part near the ending of Goblet of Fire where Harry and Voldemort fight. - Virtuoso

Yes it was one of the best parts of the movie.

I like this kind of cliché when a hero gets scared at the villain, and then the hero realizes that he needs to do something, and tries to fight

4 Prisoner of Azkaban - Harry Rescues Sirius

One of the, if not the only moment we get in the movies where Harry performs an astounding, staggering feat of magic. The only other contenders I can think of is his fights with Voldemort. Seeing Harry drive off dozens of dementors is a feat similar to the spells thrown between Dumbledore and Voldemort during their fight. I particularly love the moment where the camera is facing Harry's back, and we see Hermoine just watching pure light comes cascading off Harry's wand, to the point where it envelops his silhouette.

This is pretty much my favorite part in the whole entire series!

It just makes him seem so powerful and amazing

I love this scene, as well as when Sirius first reveals himself in the Shrieking Shack and everyone realizes he is an Animagus. Sirius is my favorite character in the series.

5 Order of the Phoenix - Death Eaters vs. The Order

The fight scene where the death eaters battle the Order of the Phoenix. - Virtuoso

6 Order of the Phoenix - Dumbledore vs. Voldemort

The part where Dumbledore and Voldemort fight each other. - Virtuoso

I showed a duel between the most powerful wizards. IT IS AWESOME

Total epicness in this scene. SO AWESOME!

7 Half-Blood Prince - Astronomy Tower (Dumbledore's Farewell)

I think this the saddest moment ever this should be number 1 we can’t live without dumbledore

It wasn't that dramatic. Besides, it was all planned.

The sad, but deeply moving death of Dumbledore. - Virtuoso

8 Sorcerer's Stone - Finding The Sorcerer's Stone

Philosophers Stone

When Harry Potter goes through a series of rooms and chambers to finally find the sorcerer's stone. - Virtuoso

9 Deathly Hallows, Part 1 - Voldemort Gets The Elder Wand

At the very ending, when Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore's grave to retrieve the elder wand. - Virtuoso

10 Prisoner of Azkaban - Hermione Punches Draco

"You foul loathensome evil little cockroach! " -Hermione, year 3 (best line of the series in my opinion)

This should be number 2 cause this was the best scene ever some girl power.

*Slow clapping*

Come on, this should be number 1! I mean, Draco was being such a jerk and Hermione's all like, you know what, if I smack you now I can get 3 years worth of revenge. Since I read that at age 8 she has been like a role model to me.

The Contenders

11 Deathly Hallows, Part 1 - O'Children

Hermione really needed Harry in that scene. I mean, her crush (and BEST FRIEND, also) just left her! So Harry proved to be a true friend and danced with her. Some people are shrieking, "SHIP SHIP SHIP! " naming their children, and claiming they're destined to be a couple. But what about friendship? That's a pretty strong bond as well. They don't need to be a couple to comfort each other, and to need each other.

Strong moment of friendship, perhaps the best of all the movie series. The music and the emotions blow away all the trouble they're into.

They just share a dance without words. That is one of the most special aspects of the harry/hermione friendship. They can understand each other without words.

One of the most beautiful movie scenes ever.

12 Order of the Phoenix - Fred and George Go Out With a Bang

GIVE HER HELL FOR US PEEVES! In the darkest book. Right before one of the hardest deaths. Feed and George get to gone the worst villain in the series a huge middle finger and deputize PEEVES. That whole sequence is the most uplifting scene in the books except for maybe the end of chamber of secrets.


I think this is the best scene because it really shows how mischevous they are and I like how they get back at Umbridge and they set that fire work dragon on her. I think this is an amazing scene

Best scene ever!

13 Chamber of Secrets - The Flying Car

The sequence with the flying car to reach Hogwarts when Harry and Ron are not on the train. - Virtuoso

The basilisk scene should be way above this.

14 Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Neville's Epic Speech

I love Neville! This is so amazing when he gave this speak, and in front of Voldemort and his army if death eaters! He is brave and loyal to Harry, I would most definitely be proud to have him as my friend!

Very good music

My friend Sam arnsby gets off to this scene

15 Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - Not My Daughter You B****

Totally badass, and shows how Molly Weasley's maternal instincts and love for her family has always been incredibly strong

This is a touching scene! I love Molly Weasley! This is the greatest moment ever!

Always been the most badass moment in my eyes. Very touching too

16 Order of Phoenix - Umbridge Pisses Off Snape
17 Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - When Harry, Ron, and Hermione see their children off to Hogwarts (Ending)

Really? Only in #19? This is the best scene ever! - Margarida

My favourite scene
is beautifull!

Although some might find this scene lame and cheesy, as well as disliking JK Rowling's chosen pairings (Ron x Hermione, Harry x Ginny, Neville x Hannah), I found this scene adorable and heart-warming! Sure, it may seem odd that the secondary hero ends up with the heroine and the hero ends up with heroine (? ), but it's their choices. You can't control their lives. Let them choose love for themselves. It's also great that we were introduced to their children, and got a glimpse of what they're like and whom they became friends with. In the book, it's also quite humorous (with Ron 'faking' his fame). The only thing I didn't like about it (in the books and movies) was that it was a reminder that Harry Potter is over. No more books. No more movies. They basically told me my life ended. But I survived. Besides, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is coming out soon. Either way, I've always loved Harry Potter...


18 Chamber of Secrets - Harry frees Dobby

This should totally be higher. Dobby for the win!

One of the most heartfelt scenes in Chamber of Secrets. Dobby is a free elf!

I love this scene. It's so heartwarming!

19 Prisoner of Azkaban - Buckbeak's Flight

In the book theirs not too much about it... But in the movie this scene is literally breathtaking! So beautiful picturisation and combined with memorable music... I just love this scene - arpanvinayak

I agree. This scene gives me goosebumps!

In my opinion this is one of the best scene in the movie. To me it was a reminder of how amazing the wizarding world actually is and come on, who hasnt dreamed of riding a hippogriff as a child!

20 Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - Voldemort's Eh Heh Heh Laugh

Sounds like my fake laugh

Funniest Laugh In Movie History

His "AVADA KEDAVRA" was even funnier. It sounded like "ABABFURFHUIJSIFHR KEYYYDAVAIRA! "

21 Chamber of Secrets - Everyone Applauds Hagrid

One of the best scenes in Harry Potter history. It's so sweet and heartwarming, I am on the verge of tears whenever I see it.

Why the hell is this not on the list? It was one of the most touching moments in the franchise (THE most touching in my opinion), always cry when I watch it!

22 Order of the Phoenix - Dumbledore's Got Style

You just can't deny it

23 Goblet of Fire - Draco Turns Into a Ferret


So adorable!

24 Deathly Hallows, Part 1 - Kings Cross

It is hilarious in the movie and in the book is the most important chapter. It solely explains Dumbledors plans and leads to the final chapter where the plan fails.

25 Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - Ron and Hermoine Kiss

This is such a cute moment!

She and he became such good friends that they all lived happily ever after and this is just one example of how Hermione,Harry potter, and Ron were great friends in the end.

26 Sorcerer's Stone - Harry, Ron and Hermiome First Meet

All great friendships have to start somewhere...

27 Half-Blood Prince - Moses Dumbledore
28 Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Students out of bed!
29 Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - Harry Awakens

When everyone thought harry was dead and he was all like HELL NAH

30 Goblet of Fire - Hermione Walks Out for the Ball

No one really sees her as that attractive before this moment. She just looks so stunning in this scene I love it!

She really looks stunning

31 Sorcerer's Stone - First Sighting of Hogwarts
32 Sorcerer's Stone - Harry and Hagrid's Farewell

"Its weird going home isn't it? "
"i'm not going home...not really"
Magical closing for the perfect opening to our unforgettable magical world. Just too much beauty in this scene.

33 Chamber of Secrets - Hagrid consoles Hermione (after being called mudblood)

This moment was really heart touching.

34 Order of the Phoenix - Harry tells Umbridge he must not tell lies when the centaurs drag her away
35 Order of the Phoenix - McGonagall vs Umbridge
36 Deathly Hallows Part 2 - D.A. applauds Harry

Beautiful moment. Shows hope and unity in a time of darkness.

37 Sorcerer's Stone - You're a Wizard
38 Sorcerer's Stone - Dumbledore's Speech When Harry Wake Up
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