Top 10 Best Helloween Songs


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1 I Want Out

The best song of the album. and yeah I agree too. Should be number one. The solo of this song is just great! It's my favorite song. Keepers of the sevens keys part 1 & 2 ftw!


Tasty cheese!

Where's dreambound?!

2 Eagle Fly Free

"In the sky a mighty eagle doesn't care about what's illegal
On it's wings the rainbow's light, flying into eternity. "
I really love that part!

People are in big confusion
They don't like their constitutions
Everyday they draw conclusions
And they're still prepared for war..

it's just awesome!

German people knows how to do music. That song is one of the most epic song I've ever heard. - SkyLyn

one of the best metal songs ever!
with an incredible voice and drums and solo and everything!

3 Keeper of the Seven Keys

The Most Epic song in history

Keeper of the Seven Keys is the anthem of HELLOWEEN, their biggest masterpiece, nothing better than it can appear! It's the musical LOGO of the band

It is the best song ever! This song is not so speed, as starlight, but this song the best long song ever! Very powerful and beautiful! I love this song! Please vote!

Great story, great music and great guitar riffs make this songs the best 13 minutes of music in power metal ever

4 Halloween

One of the greatest and most epic Helloween anthems. - MetalDaniel

#1. No question. A masterpiece

Are you kidding me? This should really be the best Halloween song! The song's catchy since the very first note, and then when Kiske sang 'Masquerade, masquerade, grab your mask and don't be late' you were taken to a 13-minute onslaught of pure epicness! The numerous solos never get me bored, especially the last solo near the ending. All the personnel were showing their best skills of in this song! If you want to get started to Helloween, listen to this song and you will stick like flies to glue paper.

ah! its halloween! wonderfull, amazing, spectacular!, the best song of keeper of the seven keys part 1

5 Dr. Stein

Best song ever!

Funny how my favorite part is the organ solo, and it only lasts for like 5 seconds

This song is great! A fun song to cheer us up...
And there is a song that must be in the list:
Forever and One, and should be Top 10

Think they should add some more songs!

Kiske's voice is good in this song

6 Ride the Sky

For me it's the best song of the band!

This the Classic from the Band. Kai Hansen was the man and this one is one of the greatest Speed Metal Songs ever.

Nothing gets me more pumped up than this song! - IronSabbathPriest

Maximum power and speed, High scream and Beautiful melody.

7 If I Could Fly

Having this song not #1 is a sin

Simply the best song Helloween has. Great music, great lyrics, great musicians. Helloween rules, both the old and the new, but this song is the best.

This is one of those songs that make you think "How can something this simples be so good!? ". A masterpiece.

This is their best without a doubt. One of the best songs ever written

8 Future World

The concert version of this song is great, powerful and fun. Hard to believe that one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands is number 18. Just how can this be?

By far the simplest and most energetic of their earlier songs... lets not get over complicated, this was direct and prophetic.

This should easily be in the top 5...easily...


9 Forever and One (Neverland)

Number 1 undoubtedly

An epic song by Helloween that should be in the top 10

It should be top 3!

Its must be number 1... Number 1... Again.. Number 1 or one.. You knowed

10 The Invisible Man

From one of the best helloween albums deserves to carry the keepers name! Without a doubt some of the finest metal is on this glorious work of art.

It is the best song of Helloween. It's the best Power Metal song. It's the best metal song at all.. Damn... This is the best song of all times forever!

No one can see me... 'cause I'm the invisible man!

Oh my god this song is great! - ResidentEvil54life

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11 Judas

One of the greatest songs of all time.

Kai Hansens voice is.. unique.

12 March of Time

Lots of epic songs with this band, but this is the best one.

The Best Power Metal song ever

An epic theme! POWERFUL lyrics POWERFUL solos
... TIME!, march of time!...

That chorus...What a chorus...

13 A Tale that Wasn't Right

I shiver every team I listen to it

One of the best rock ballads

Simply awesome! Mind blowing song

One of the best Songs that I know, wonderful voice!

14 Power

The best Helloween song and the single best song in the entire power genre

One of the best Helloween songs, the live version is the best.

Captures the essence of melodic power metal

One of the songs from the Deris era that can make all the crowd sing along. Great live song

15 Nabataea

Have you heard the melody in this song? It's extremely well written m/

This is a great Helloween classic.

Awesome sick

Love all of it specially have way in the song when the chourus goes fast pace

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16 Are You Metal

WHAT? Are you mad?! This song should be on top 10, have you ever listened to it? OLD SCHOOL METAL. I can't believe how this song is on 22... I think I'm the only old helloween fan here.

First helloween song I've listened and it was amazing..

Are you metal, are you metal are you are you

Can't agree more, and I don't see MIRROR MIRROR also which is also one of their early best songs I've listed to

17 The Dark Ride

One of the most energetic songs I've ever heard

Solo is amazing, don't see how this is only 16

I've been listening to this song from the week it came out, and 13 years later it's still my favourite song in the world.

Definitely one of their best! This one has my vote all the way.

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18 Far In the Future
19 Burning Sun

This song stands out as my favourite. It even beats some of the classics

20 Revolution
21 Hold Me in Your Arms

Just best song ever

22 Mr. Torture

This song just has a sound that can't be topped, man.

I am genuinely surprised to see this song so low on the list. - BKAllmighty

Deserves a place in the top ten

For me the best song

23 I'm Alive

The most powerful Song of Helloween

I'm very dissapointed to see one of the keeper of the seven keys songs so low

The best of entire Keeper os Seven Keys part I
Perfect introdution for Michael Kinske voice!

24 Guardians

What the... I think this is the masterpiece...

25 As Long as I Fall
26 A Handful of Pain
27 Rise and Fall

I like it so much! Is a great song at leasst top 15

28 Kings Will Be Kings

This is such an underrated gem.
A lot better than I want out.
Of course, not better then eagle fly free.

A masterpiece and yet #65.
Should be on the top 5

I also think like the other person that voted for this song.
It is so overrated, yet so awesome.
May be the best andi deris song.
Pure awesomeness.

This one of the best songs of all time!
I am dissapointed in you people.
Maybe not the best helloween song but definitely
Top 5, maybe top 3.
Since it's so low I had to vote for it.
My top 5 would be:
1. Eagle fly free
2. March of time
3. Kings will be kings
4. Twilight of the gods
5. The king for a thousand years.

29 Where the Rain Grows

Should be higher. I've tried quite a lot of their songs. Especially all songs of some albums. But this was very good. - zxm

This song should be into top ten, it has its speed, melodic and metal touched, my self would put this into no.3

The acoustic version of this song aka Unarmed version is also good. In fact I like it more than the original. Its from the album "Unarmed �" Best of 25th Anniversary". - zxm

30 A Little Time

This song must be in the top 20 easily. Power riff in the beginning and just take the chorus: it is a masterpiece, simple, deep and meaningful. And the Michael Kiske voice is high class in this song. Great work!

Though not my favorite song off the album, it should at least be in the top 40-30 with the rest of the Keepers albums

Should be top 10... CLASSIC!

31 Fallen to Pieces

Just the best

32 King for 1000 Years

This song should be top 10 at the very least! The best song of the keeper's legacy album and definitely one of their very best.. Maybe even better than the masterpieces Halloween and Keeper of the 7 keys. This song has it all... calm mid section, great solos, great melodies, great rhythm, simply amazing!

This should be top 5, after both Keepers, the best Helloween song.

How is this all the way down to #32? It's easily top 3!

Wonderful song. One of the best power metal songs.

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33 Straight Out of Hell

This song is just amazing. The lyrics express anger. It's just awesome

Just a real catchy toon and my favorite song by the band!

New classic for sure.

34 How Many Tears

This is ridoculous! I guess a lot of little kids voted. In this case it's no matter of personal taste. Every True Helloween fan has this song at least in top 10 of not top 5. To me this is their best song only followed on certain distance by Helloween.

My favorite Helloween song. Even if music is a matter of personal taste, it's ridiculous this one is listed 55!

Haha this definitely in the top 3 songs not 57,come on wake up

The best Helloween song!

35 Perfect Gentleman

The best song ever!

36 The Bells of the 7 Hells


37 Who is Mr. Madman?

Come on guys! You gotta like this stuff! The chorus is just damn amazing.. So sticky..

I discovered Helloween with this song, and it's my favorite! You only can love it... It's very sticky, but in a good way :D

38 Kill It

Deserves to be between the top 15 AT LEAST! - vacostar

39 Save Us

One of the best metal songs I've ever heard. Kind of reminds me of that scene in star wars with the giant worm thing.

40 Heavy Metal (Is the Law)

I could go on a rant and talk about this song for eternity. However I'm not going to do that because I think the title of this song says everything you need to know! - MetalDaniel

41 Twilight of the Gods

Should be in top 5.

Good, but Blind Guardian's Twilight of the Gods was better, and they aren't nearly as good as Helloween.

Great song... A masterpiece!

A very Special song... Pure power Metal - Kiske & Hansen forever

42 Victim of Fate


It is real track! This track about real life. We are all Victim Of Fate!
I love this track very mach and it mast be first!

This song should definitely be higher than 35, as the person below me said this song is about real life even if you don't think you are we all victims of fate in one way or another

Aside from Kai's still immature voice, this is a speed metal masterpiece that deserves a spot in the top 10. Sure, the spoken part is a bit cheesy, but what good metal isn't cheesy? Evil yet very lighthearted at the same time. Just epic. YOOOUUU WILL DIE!

43 The King for a 1000 Years

One of the best songs Helloween have ever written. It has the right amount of speed, aggressiveness, melody, and of course - cheesiness that you often heard in Helloween songs. Its length and its epic tale also contributed to its epicness.

44 Pumpkins United

Why so low?

A song that features all 3 singers of Helloween - christangrant

45 The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)
46 Silent Rain

This song is very well made.

47 Kids of the Century

It's one of their best songs, it should be in top ten. Michael Kiske is such a great vocalist.

Awesome song powerful and melodic great solos...

48 I Believe


The Best album. Great song. Spiritual. It makes us to believe in Jesus. Original, Listen Ingo drums.

49 Falling Higher
50 A**hole

This song is pretty awesome!

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