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41 Save Us
42 Heavy Metal (Is the Law)
43 The King for a 1000 Years

One of the best songs Helloween have ever written. It has the right amount of speed, aggressiveness, melody, and of course - cheesiness that you often heard in Helloween songs. Its length and its epic tale also contributed to its epicness.

44 Victim of Fate

It is real track! This track about real life. We are all Victim Of Fate!
I love this track very mach and it mast be first!

This song should definitely be higher than 35, as the person below me said this song is about real life even if you don't think you are we all victims of fate in one way or another

Aside from Kai's still immature voice, this is a speed metal masterpiece that deserves a spot in the top 10. Sure, the spoken part is a bit cheesy, but what good metal isn't cheesy? Evil yet very lighthearted at the same time. Just epic. YOOOUUU WILL DIE!

My favourite helloween song!

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45 Pumpkins United
46 Kill It

Deserves to be between the top 15 AT LEAST! - vacostar

47 Far from the Stars

This song is great, are you have listened it? And this song is one of their best song in Straight Out Of Hell. And where is burning sun?

48 The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)
49 Laudate Dominum

The best song ever... Helloween is the fist power metal or metal band who make Christian song in metal genre and this song will make us to love Jesus and make us realise again that Jesus love us

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50 Salvation

Get this higher. - 906389

Great song...should be in top 20! acurate metal song

As much as I love this band, salvation is the only song I can put on repeat and never get tired of.
The lyrics are amazing, and make me question my spirituality - "I've been told there'll be everyone I've held so close and dear. There will be no fear! " This line gets to me.
Probably my favorite guitar solo ever.
My #1.

51 I Believe
52 World of Fantasy

Why is it so far? Awesome song! In my top 10

53 Falling Higher
54 A**hole

This song is pretty awesome!

55 Light the Universe
56 Paint a New World

Great fast and heavy song from the new Helloween.

57 Hey Lord!

Why its so low on list, so underrated, 'Better than Raw' is my favourite Helloween album.

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58 Forever & One
59 Kids of the Century

It's one of their best songs, it should be in top ten. Michael Kiske is such a great vocalist.

Awesome song powerful and melodic great solos...

60 Waiting for the Thunder

Great song, it should be in a higher position.

Best song Of Helloween

Such a beautiful song!

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