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81 Obscure: The Aftermath
82 Clock Tower 3 V 2 Comments
83 Resident Evil
84 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
85 Prototype
86 The House of the Dead 2
87 Anna

Really good and DOWNRIGHT SCARY!

88 Stalked
89 Eyes V 2 Comments
90 Alien vs. Predator

This game scared me on a few occasions such as when your walking along with your locator beeping on your assault rifle and the aliens jump out of the roof at you. Made me fall of my chair one night playing in the dark

91 Dreadout

This Indonesian horror game is pretty scary

92 Imscared: a Pixelated Nightmare

No other game uses YOUR OWN DAMN COMPUTER as a scare mechanic! So creative!

93 ZombiU
94 Sonic.exe
95 Resident Evil Zero
96 Alice: Madness Returns
97 Aliens: Colonial Marines
98 Daylight
99 Dead Space: Extraction
100 Dead Space 3
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