Best Ice Age Characters

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1 Buck

Super strong weasal

Absolutely yes! He's funny, relatable, random, and he has very good character development in the third movie. He has funny lines, and Simon did a very good job on him.

The only one I like, to be honest. I'm not a fan of the franchise, though. - Cyri

Buck is great

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2 Sid

Cause I look just like him he is so nice and funny at the same time

Easily the best he is so funny and nice! - Spongehouse

He is so funny and he is the best! - 4557789pom

Sid is the best he's funny and sweet

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3 Diego

I like Diego. He's funny, strong and brave.

Diego is awesome, how is buck first.

He is so ' COL!

Bitch please, Diego deserves to be at least in top 3...

4 Manny

He is one of the main characters and is the most relatable. I'm sad because of his first family though.

Manny the Woolly Mammoth is so funny with his no-nonsense personality. Makes all five films good. He deserves to be in the top five.

I like Manny.

He is my second favorite character - Spongehouse

5 Scrat Scrat


I'd feed Scrat all the nuts in the world


The movie maker's didn't know how to nake the movie longer so they put Scrat

6 Scratte
7 Crash and Eddie

I respect your opinion. I respect everybody's opinions. Always. But I think these characters are terribly underrated; they are so funny and silly that I am even going to go as far as to say that they may actually be my favorite characters in the "Ice Age" movies. Whatever scene they appear in, they are hysterically funny to me - in a good way, of course.

I hate them they were annoying and they were jerks in the second film. They were the only bad thing in the meltdown in my opinion - Spongehouse

8 Ethan

The only relatable character :(

9 Momma Dino
10 Shira

Shira is awesome and way cooler than all the others

My favorite character in the movies beside Diego. - AwesomeJawson



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11 Soto
12 Louis
13 Lenny
14 Rudy
15 Ronald
16 Flynn
17 Granny
18 Captain Gutt

Aside from the tigers from the first film, Gutt was the real villain for the franchise. - Daviddv0601

19 Raz
20 Brooke
21 Ellie

She is so ugly how ever she is a best mammoth in ice age

22 Peaches

Peahes was cute, however I didn't like her when she was a teenager

23 Squint
24 Precious
25 Egbert, Yoko, and Shelly
26 Fast Tony
27 Zeke
28 Oscar
29 Roshan

I didn't like him - Spongehouse

The human baby who, in a way, set the whole franchise in motion.

30 Shangri Llama

This guy got me laughing through a lot of the movie

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