Best Ice Age Characters

Ice Age is a media franchise centering on a group of mammals living during the ice age. It consists of a series of CGI animated films and specials, which began with the 2002 film of the same name.
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1 Sid

He is so funny, and you will never get tired of listening to his voice!

Cause I look just like him he is so nice and funny at the same time

Easily the best he is so funny and nice!

Sid is the best he's funny and sweet

2 Diego

My favorite character from the whole series! His story was a classic from-evil-to-good turnaround story, and he's been a loyal friend to Manny, Sid, and the Herd ever since. His lines are sometimes the funniest, and he's almost never involved in one of those dreaded rude-humor jokes. (Unlike Buck, whose potty-mouth I despise.)

He and Manny are the only two logical ones of the now huge herd they are in. Plus they are the smartest as well.

He is strong and smart at the same time, and sometimes his comedy lines makes everyone laugh

I like Diego. He's funny, strong and brave.

3 Buck

He's one of the reasons the third movie is the best of the quintology, and another reason why the fifth movie isn't an abomination

Absolutely yes! He's funny, relatable, random, and he has very good character development in the third movie. He has funny lines, and Simon did a very good job on him.

The most funniest character, he deserve to appear in the fifth movie

The only one I like, to be honest. I'm not a fan of the franchise, though.

4 Manny

The most sensible of The Herd, he's like a father figure to everyone... except Ellie, who's his wife, and Diego who's his best friend.

Manny the Woolly Mammoth is so funny with his no-nonsense personality. Makes all five films good. He deserves to be in the top five.

He is one of the main characters and is the most relatable. I'm sad because of his first family though.

He is my second favorite character

5 Scrat

The movie maker's didn't know how to nake the movie longer so they put Scrat

I'd feed Scrat all the nuts in the world



6 Scratte
7 Soto

Good villain, but why did was he going to hurt a baby as cute as Roshan?!

The main antagonist of the 1st film who seeks revenge on the humans

8 Crash and Eddie

I respect your opinion. I respect everybody's opinions. Always. But I think these characters are terribly underrated; they are so funny and silly that I am even going to go as far as to say that they may actually be my favorite characters in the "Ice Age" movies. Whatever scene they appear in, they are hysterically funny to me - in a good way, of course.

I hate them they were annoying and they were jerks in the second film. They were the only bad thing in the meltdown in my opinion

They ruined it. Extremely annoying. Ellie herself is awful enough, but with those creatures on her side...? Terrible.

9 Roshan

I'm not one much for babies... Roshan was kind of cute... and the real reason The Herd was founded. (Sorry, Sid.)

The human baby who, in a way, set the whole franchise in motion.

I didn't like him

He doesn’t get what he deserves for being the best character.

10 Shira

An awesome match for Diego. May they be happy forever!

Shira is awesome and way cooler than all the others

My favorite character in the movies beside Diego.


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11 Momma Dino
12 Ethan

The only relatable character :(

13 Zeke

A loud and hyperactive smilodon

14 Oscar

An arrogant skeptical smilodon

15 Lenny

The only scimitar toothed cat of the gang

16 Ellie

She is so ugly how ever she is a best mammoth in ice age

17 Rudy
18 Carl

"Easy Frank"

19 Louis
20 Captain Gutt

Originally a bear, I think the giant ape was truly "Master of the Seas". That was, however, before Manny and Diego hit the water. He really shouldn't have messed with them.

Aside from the tigers from the first film, Gutt was the real villain for the franchise.

21 Ronald
22 Squint

Hahaha! The bunny-pirate. (Did you know that Squint was originally going to be the leader of the pirates, but he wasn't intimidating enough for Manny and Diego, so they had Captain Gutt be well, captain, instead.)

23 Flynn
24 Frank

Sid ruins his salad with poo

25 Granny
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