Best Ice Age Characters

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1 Buck

The most funniest character, he deserve to appear in the fifth movie

Simon Pegg As The Voice Was PERFECT!

His Lines Made Me Die In Laughter

I liked him in the 3rd, but in the 4th he seemed diffrent to me...

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2 Sid

He is so funny and he is the best! - 4557789pom

He is miles better then Olaf!

Sid is the best he's funny and sweet

Sid is a clutz he's funny.

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3 Diego

Diego is awesome, how is buck first.

He is so ' COL!

Bitch please, Diego deserves to be at least in top 3...

4 Scrat Scrat

I'd feed Scrat all the nuts in the world

The movie maker's didn't know how to nake the movie longer so they put Scrat

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5 Scratte
6 Manny
7 Ethan

The only relatable character :(

8 Soto
9 Crash and Eddie
10 Louis

The Contenders

11 Shira



12 Lenny
13 Granny
14 Captain Gutt
15 Ronald
16 Ellie
17 Peaches

Peahes was cute, however I didn't like her when she was a teenager

18 Momma Dino
19 Rudy
20 Squint
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