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1 Lucky Duck Tickets

Love Lucky Duck Tickets. Use them regularly. I've gotten glass seats to a hockey game and sold out concert ticket. Never had a problem and got some pretty good deals compared to other resellers. Love when they run coupon codes. I save even more $$ - amberlee2

Bought tickets from Lucky Duck and everything went smoothly. Was very happy with correspondence and receipt of legit tickets. Thanks Lucky Duck... I will be back - JumpinJack

Lucky Duck Tickets has some of the lowest priced tickets for sold out concerts. Great people too.

I love Lucky Duck Tickets. Thanks for the 1D tickets and discount coupon too!

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2 Ticket Lodge

This list is pretty weak... I can't imagine a lot of people voting since Ticket Lodge is so low. These guys are ranked as the best ticket broker at a bunch of places for a reason.

Not sure how many people have voted here but ticket lodge should be much higher. A ratings all around! - papageorgio

The BEST hands down...enough said! Little guys with a personal touch!

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3 Tickifieds Visit Website9
4 VIP Meet and Greet Tickets Visit Website9
5 Ticketmaster Visit Website9
6 StubHub Visit Website9
7 Vivid Seats Visit Website9
8 TicketsNow Visit Website9
9 MetroSeats Visit Website9
10 Ticket Down

Ticket Down has amazing customer service. When I bought tickets for the Knicks, the agent answered all my questions and even gave me a promo code to use for the purchase.

Found really cheap prices on One Direction tickets for their 2014 Stadium tour here. Can't wait to see One Direction at Gillette Stadium.

Love this site, always able to find the tickets I need here!

Just ordered tickets for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular here. Can't wait to see the Rockettes live at the Radio City Music Hall when we travel to NYC in mid-December. Did a lot of price shopping on Rockette tickets but this site seemed to beat all the others and they also offered an instant print option along with nice seating charts.

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11 Tickets Pronto
12 eTickets
15 Dazzling Deals Tickets
17 gruvr
18 Finally It's Yours
19 TicketsRMe
20 Razor Gator

They went through some kind of acquisition in may and the new razor gator is pretty great so far

22 Aventrix
23 TickPick

Smallest commission I've found to date. No hidden fees so what you see is exactly what you pay at checkout.

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1. Lucky Duck Tickets
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1. Lucky Duck Tickets
2. Tickifieds
3. Ticket Lodge

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