Best Indian Dishes (Food)

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1 Biryani

Magnificent dish! How could any other dish beat this delicious dish with mouth watering taste and aroma? Ah, unforgettable, isn't it? Spicy, yummy, those spiced and ghee-covered rice is simply unbeatable! Chicken, mutton, egg, vegetable or just plain, it rocks! The aroma is heavenly, and you don't feel enough with biryani, Do you? You could eat it for days, and who haven't tasted this excellent dish, must savour the brilliance of this awesome rice recipe! It is easily my all time favourite, you couldn't just say Biryani is not tasty!

This dish was like celebration to me. Very colorful dish.

I love to have this on every sunday. And there are more varieties too.

I could eat this for the rest of my life every single stinking day and love it even more the next time. Laugh out loud yum.

biryani is the most popular food and the best

2 Curry

Mouth watering aroma and spicy flavor...curry is my favorite dish!

Ah I can't stop thinking about my mums homemade chicken curry

Curry is very tasty.It is the spiciest dish in the world

I think curry has a pinch of spice and it is awesome

3 Naan

I order Naan almost every time I go to a middle-eastern restaurant. It's great! - ndrnads20

It's what makes Indian food unique - CoolCat999

Indian naan is 10 times better then Persian love it so good buttery I gave some of this to my friends at school they go crazy over it best Indian flatbread

I love this thing eat it with paneer butter masala... ohh it's so buttery and it just melts in your mouth yum! Feel like eating 1 now... - Tigerdrag40

4 Aloo Paratha

the best.. if you eat it punjabi style.

Its best... Easy to make.. Tasty.. Every Indian know how to make it... It is the face of Indian cuisine...

This is very tasty...

My favourite

5 Dal - Chawal

dal chawal


6 Tandoori Chicken

So good Indian is good in general but not the way this is

Mouth watering

7 Samosa With Chutney

Samosa and mint chutney is just simply amazing!

8 Chicken Tikka Masala

It's the best Indian food I've ever eaten. The creaminess of the curry blends well with the chicken in a perfect balance. It's so delicious with naan and basmati rice. You haven't live if you have never tried it.

9 Chicken Curry
10 Butter Chicken

Nothing better than this

Butter Chicken is my favourite! I also like Dahl with rice, Chicken Tikka Marsala (with rice), samosas and so much more. I love my Indian dishes! 🍛😋

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11 Paneer Tikka Masala
12 Dosa

How is it not in the top ten. this food is the best!

This is awesome

13 Dosa Sambar (Masala)

A competitor for dosa? Laugh out loud, its is in the top 10 dishes you have to try before you die, it has to be the best dish in India, the golden crispy dosa just melting in your mouth, even thinking of it makes your mouth start watering

It's very tasty. Every time I have been remembering.

Yummy, I love this dish. Should be number 1.

14 Jalebi (Sweet)
15 Rasgulla (Sweet)
16 Makka Ki Roti - Sarso Ka Saag
17 Idli, Dosa, Vada with Sambar

The one thing I miss in staying outside India is Idly vada and sambar yummy..

Awesome dish with right proportion of nutrients..

18 Dumplings
19 Naan Parathas
20 Vindaloo & Rogan Josh
21 Panipuri

Seriously it should at least be in top 5

22 Palak Paneer
23 Duhi (Curd) Bada
24 Pav Bhaji


25 Papri Chaat
26 Chole Bhature
27 Murgh Makhani

This is butter chicken...

28 Dal Makhani

Really buttery and yummy

29 Idli
30 Gulab Jamun
31 Jhal Muri
32 Sambar
33 Bara Pao
34 Rasam Sore With Thovail
35 Gobi Manchurian
36 Punjabi Rajma
37 Falafel

Lmfao you Indians might as well claim pasta then as well! Falafel isn't a Indian dish you ugly black monkeys.

38 Rajma

Red Kidney Beans with a variety of vegetables

39 Chicken Seekh Kabab
40 Dahi Mirchi Vada

Hot, spicy and tasty and curd over it hm yummy

41 Curd Sadham With Karuvadu
42 Vada Pav

Nic taste really amazing man

43 Lund Kofta
44 Saag Paneer
45 Masala Dosa
46 Malai Kofta

Its taste is so butterry yummy delicious juzzt softens my mind,spirit!

47 Baati Chokha
48 Idiyappam
49 Paneer Butter Masala
50 Thali
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