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21 Starbound
22 Five Nights at Freddy's 2

One of the best indie game series of all time in my opinion

23 Another Metroid 2 Remake

Easily just as good of a Metroid game as Sonic Mania is of a Sonic game...and believe me, that right there is saying something. - xandermartin98

Sadly it got taken down by nintendo.

24 Papers, Please

It's incredibly interesting and fast-paced. And realistic. Enjoyed. - redhawk766

Awesome storyline and fast-paced gameplay - Sparta2210

Should be #1 (only had for 6 hours though! )


25 Prey the Stars
26 Zenonia
27 The Long Dark
28 Go! Go! Kokopolo!
29 Kerbal Space Program

Agreed. Just agreed. I think this game is great, VERY underrated.

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30 Outlast
31 Defcon: Everybody Dies
32 Postal 2
33 Bastion

Diablo style hack n slash, with a unique design and most importantly fantastic storytelling

If you were to ever combine, the Stanley Parable, with Zelda - this would be about what you got.
The music is amazing! Build That Wall (Zia's theme) is so good that I bought it!

Build it high, and build it strong,
'Cause we'll be there before too long.

Combine The Stanely Parable (also on the list) and action... You get a fiine brew.

34 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
35 The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves
36 A Kappa's Trail
37 Rogue Legacy

This game will swallow you up and slowly digest you in it's bloated stomach until you are reduced to a shriveled little goblin desperately battling the final boss. An' ya know ya love it.

38 Botanicula
39 The Journey

Naturally It's a desire of every indie gamer but you know... Its only Console game. - apon

40 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

My all time favorites! Needso to be higher

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