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61 Hollow Knight
62 I Made a Game with Zombies in It!

This is the bomb. I made a game with zombies in it.

63 Organ Trail: Director's Cut
64 Natural Selection 2
65 Trine
66 Snapshot
67 7 Ways to Die

Aren't you men 7 DAYS to die?

68 Five Nights at Freddy's 4
69 Valdis Story: Abyssal City
70 Axiom Verge

Nintendo should learn from this game - Sibel

71 60 Seconds!

Yes, indeed, 60 Seconds! is the best. But it's way too static. - redhawk766

72 Gone Home
73 Pony Island

Pony Island might have a little creepy graphics but it is, in my opinion, an amazing game. Keep up! - redhawk766

Great game. in my opinion deserves top 10 - Sanselephant

74 Alien Hominid
75 Illusion
76 Indie Baloney

Can you talk in Hindi for 5 minutes about stuff that doesn't even exist? This game rocks!

77 Kentucky Route Zero Act I

It's not only a game. Its playable animation I guess

78 Thomas Was Alone V 2 Comments
79 Unmechanical
80 Waking Mars

Great story-telling, great graphics; all and all an excellent atmosphere.

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