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101 Fear Eats the Soul

I watched the entire movie. The acting wasn't bad. I enjoyed seeing both sides of a man, well actually three sides; the lonely man, the loving man, and the unfaithful man.

102 What's Eating Gilbert Grape

I Love this movie! The best performance by Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp is good too.


103 Short Term 12

So good, every body should Watch it

104 Coming Apart
105 Down to the Bone
106 Session 9
107 The Usual Suspects
108 Apocalypse Now
109 Anderson's Cross

Amazing truly independent movie. Perfect blend of drama and comedy. And from someone in the Judd Apatow family! Joanna Cassidy is still as beautiful as ever. Michael Warren is amazing. Joyce Guy will break your heart. Add to that that the guy who plays the son (Jerome Elston Scott)wrote and directed it and you've got independence at its best. - moviefan1982

110 Larry Keel: Beautiful Thing
111 The Magnificent Ambersons
112 Keith
113 A Girl Like Her
114 Service With a Smile
115 Leaving Las Vegas
116 Caught
117 Iron Sky

Finnish Dark Sci-Fi comedy drama done with only 7500000€. Good acting, great and original plot, funny, some drama, good action scenes and special effects. That's all you can want from a movie

118 L'enfant
119 A Good Year
120 Spring Breakers
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