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Smash I heart you. I'll always say IHY FOR YOU

SM*SH is the best boyband in Indonesia EVER! SM*SH & SM*SHBlast together forever! Keep charming, specta, sophisticated, charisma, glowing, blasting and amazing!

SM*SH I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU... UNTIL WHENEVER... LOVE you FULL... :D you are my best idol.. The best boyband in the world..

Morgan I still want you

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2 Coboy Junior

Coboy junior is always the best they are cute, awesome, handsome and smart boyband I've ever seen in my whole life I love coboy junior forever they are always the smartest boyband in the whole world coboy junior will be the number one in my heart

Creative, handsome, cool, it was nice voice their advantages and they are small boyband who already have the world record for the 30 city tour in Indonesia on the plane

COmate ayo kita dukung Coboy Junior! GO Coboy Junior! We COmate always support you! Keep Spirit!

Cause they are cute more likely Iqbaal

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3 S4

Keep going, and be humble...

S4 are best boyband in indonesia, they have great voice, great dance and good attitude.. And actually no lipsync!

S4 is the best in indonesia!

Slow but sure... S4 will be on number 1 ^^

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4 X0-IX

XO-IX has an excellent voice and a good dance, good luck!

Ini adalah boyband indonesia number 1 menurut masyarakat indonesia, bisa dikatakan Grup Vokal laki2 terbaik

5 Dragon Boyz
6 S9B (Super Nine Boys)
7 MAX 5
8 Treeji

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11 NSG Star
13 3in1
14 Super 7

Super 7 is the best

15 XDragons

Write their songs, arrange their music. Different song themes.

Bulu mata jag ooo

16 Trio Ubur Ubur
17 Mr.Bee
18 B Force
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1. SM*SH
2. S9B (Super Nine Boys)
3. S4
1. Coboy Junior
2. SM*SH
3. S4
1. SM*SH
2. X0-IX
3. Treeji


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