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1 Mortal Share

Amazing song power and melody all the way.

One of the best melodic death metal songs ever

Just a perfect metal melodic song - Ananya

Powerful, masterpiece

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2 Down With the Sun

I just voted for this song. Insomnium's albums are all way too perfect and all songs are too beautiful and good. Too hard to choose one of them.

This with Where the last wave broke are their best work in my opinion.

What an intro, keeps driving all the way through. My go to for sure.

Insomnium...I love love this band, this song is perfect - Ananya

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3 While We Sleep

Perfection.. Got me to almost cry when I heard the song for the first time, then I cried when I learned the lyrics.. Sad, Happy, Joy, and sorrow all at the same time.. Too beautiful..

The song is constructed so well. The riffs are near perfection, the vocals blend very well, and the overall quality of the song is nearly cinematic in its build.

Insomnium has created yet another masterpiece in their new album...

Amazing pairing of vocals and guitar work throughout this absolute tune. Atmospheric and awesome.

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4 The Killjoy

Just a fool's hope remains

This one is my favorite. Right in the feels

Deserves to be higher

My favourite

5 Into the Woods

This is the song that made me initially interested in Insomnium. Started me down the path to really loving this group. Beautifully crafted, good development and build in the song.

Definitely one of my all-time Insomnium favorites. The lyrics, melodies, and atmosphere are great.

If I had to introduce Insomnium to anyone, this song would be my top choice.


6 The Day It All Came Down

A brilliant song. Expressing deep emotion, one of the top songs by this band. Insomnium will forever be the epitome of Melodic Death Metal at its best.

Both the melody and lyrics are amazing, sets the standard for what is in my opinion their best album!

The riffs are so close to perfection, with such emotions and vocals... - Ananya

Incredible riffs, stays in shape all song long

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7 In the Halls of Awaiting

Greatest song by a long shot. Needs to be at the top of this list and all others.

This is the standard in which this genre should be put up to.

Just Wow! This song give me chills...

This song should be #1
It's just Epic!

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8 Change of Heart

Simply quality. Lyrics beautifully written and the vocals express them extremely well. The music itself, especially the drumming in this song cannot be faulted.

9 Through the Shadow

Generally Insomnium is awesome band, but this song is personally may favourite one.

Probably the greatest chorus in all of metal - wolphert

Simply amazing! The chorus is something!

My most favourite chart.

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10 Weather the Storm

I can't understand how can be this incredible song possess too low! It must worth the top 5 position... It is one of the greatest song by Insomnium & even shoots far better when Dark Tranquillity's Mikael Stanne had featured in this song... It's A song of great emotion, great melody, great growling n great screaming!

How to make an already awesome song even better? Add Mikael Stanne

Awesome song that helped my boyfriend through some rough times

This song is amazing �" it has incredibly motivational lyrics; and a catchy and melodic chorus.

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? Decoherence

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11 Drawn to Black

The last two minutes of this song is probably my favourite part on the whole album.

Man the intro is just fabulous, like the rest of the song

12 Death Walked the Earth

I love it! A very good combination of grooving sound and emotion! - Flav

Best song ever

13 In the Groves of the Death

"O father hear this words, your son is not made for this world"

Their most passionate song

Fantastic prog metal song

Dark. subtle. painfully beautiful.
One of the few metal songs which made me cry

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14 One for Sorrow

Amazing song by Insomnium even though it's softer than most of their songs, still it definitely deserves to be in the top 10 if not top 5.

This song takes me to another world.great job.needs to be higher

I was very moved for this song.. One friend send me...I felt that is for lonely souls... U can be in the middle of the stadium... & feel very very alone...make to put all your emotions out, & very emotional... They r very very good...

15 Where the Last Wave Broke

This song does not belong here.. Its top 10 material guaranteed

Really good composion of the song is.. This song should be on top of the list

16 Ephemeral

This is what I expect from melodic death metal. Heavy, ear thrashing and melodic riffs, pounding drums, growled meaningful lyrics, and excellent composition. This song gave me goosebumps first hearing it, which rarely occurs with music.

Once you get past the excellent music, the lyrics hit you.

I love the atmosphere of this song, really great one.

I simply love that this song pierce deep into your soul, it screams out a simple concept "life is one bla, bla bla...we're all gonna die bla-bla" but with an incredible mix of rage and sadness that stuns, when I listen to this I' m in a completely other world... Simply magnificent

17 Unsung

Really amazing song, as are all of theirs, but this one stands out the most for me. It was also the first song from "One for Sorrow" on the Nuclear Blast Youtube channel.

Kick ass song should be in top 5.. - nooreldeen

This song is one of their best... The drums in this song are out of the world... The growling... The guitar... All of it packes in this masterpiece

Yupp,.. for me unsung is the best - Sheariah

18 Winter's Gate

No other song can really stand up to this beast.

Love this entire album. Really one long ass song broken into 7 parts that tells a story. amazing.

19 Closing Words
20 Last Statement

Everything up to about the 4 minute mark is perfect. Then ending, however, is the most beautiful thing I have every listened to.

Last 2 minutes made me cry the first time I listen to them

Absolutely the best of Insomnium.

The best of Insomnium

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21 The Elder

Super awesome! Best song on their debut! :D - Flav

22 Revelation

Lyrics are so strong that it plays in my sleep

Incredible song. Insomniums finest lyrics, brilliant climax and guitar solo, and beautiful riffs throughout.

Only the few will ever turn towards the sun.

This one should get a better plc

23 Black Heart Rebellion

My favorite by insomnium it has an awesome blast beat and never gets boring.

Chill-inducing beauty. Must Listen.

24 Lose to Night

Bring me to another world

25 Shadows of the Dying Sun

Greatest of Insomnium and from 2014!

26 Devoid of Caring
27 The Primeval Dark

THis one is from their new album, "Shadows of the dying sun"..

This song got me listening to them...

28 The Lay of Autumn
29 The Harrowing Years

Surprised not to see this one here, an absolute killer!

30 Only One Who Waits

In my opinion the best song of Insomnium, it's melodic like all the Insomnium's song but this one has something that really makes it better than the other ones.

31 The Promethean Song

Has a really catchy solo throughout... Love the way the chorus and how it talks about having no hope in the purest way possible...

32 Bereavement

The intro is simply one of the best I have ever heard, it is powerful and sets high expectation for the rest of the song - and it doesn't disappoint. The song's lyrics express deep, raw emotion which are complemented beautifully by the music itself. In my opinion, the best song Insomnium have produced to this day.

33 Song of the Blackest Bird

Song of the Blackest Bird is in my opinion the most emotional song of all. It's able to make you feel empowered, angry and regretful, not sure if combined or one at a time.

Sad themed song. Great melody. Deserves to be in top 10

34 The New Beginning

Amazing song

35 Collapsing Words
36 Weighed Down with Sorrow
37 The River
38 Daughter of the Moon

The yearning in this song, the guitar which sounds like a pleading cry, never fails to break me down. Niilo sings with such conviction, making the listener truly feel the despair of the loss of a loved one.

39 Shades of Deep Green
40 Beyond the Horizon
41 Every Hour Wounds
42 Inertia

Epic song
Music is mind blowing
I'm Mushfiqur Rahman Mushfique from Bangladesh

43 Regain the Fire
44 Black Waters

Personally this is the best!

45 Lay the Ghost to Rest
46 The Swarm
47 Disengagement

Amazing song. Love it so much.

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