Best Internet Trolls On Icanhazchat

The Top Ten

1 Stimp

He likes feet. But we all pretty much know this already. Duh

Whatever happened to Titsorgtfo...? Did people leave without saying to pasture new? I miss the aforementioned ladies too... And chatting to the lads!

I miss the titsorgtfo room. I miss sailorjessica and girlracer and random and heroin... All of them. I love them all. Oh well. Raddaraddaradda...

2 Chubbymew
3 Chormonder

Chormonder is definitely too dope for words. She is definitely super cool, from what I can tell. And she listens to some kick ass music.

Chormonder is easily the sexiest women I've ever seen! I love her! Bonerific for sure! Body and face of a goddess!

4 Fsanon
5 Loltroll
6 Titorgtfo
7 Bank

This guy is still catching people with the Facebook troll link!

8 Hankalicious
9 Theonetheonly
10 wildsnorlaxx

Ironic that a dude from Germany is a overbearing mod yet calls other people Nazi mods

The Contenders

11 Gen17
12 Whatthehell
13 Grasshopper
14 TheInternet
15 Thuringer
16 snookie123
17 Whiteman
18 VampireZero
19 Dell
20 Demonrayne
21 Bigbootybitch
22 Marvin the Orangutan


He's a pompous, English prick who never cams and trolls every girl he sees

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