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81 Shahin Najafi Shahin Najafi

He is very best

Shahin is the best Iranian singer

I'm sorry for my people, who don't vote Shahin - I'm so sorry

A freedom figter singer..rock/rap/pop..sings for human rights in iran..freedom of speech..compulsory and forced islam! He is wanted by iran government for 500 thousand dollars!

V 8 Comments
82 Behzad Pax Behzad Pax V 3 Comments
83 Mohsen Namjoo

He is the best Iranian singer ever! I recommend his sings to everyone.

I listened to him for years in Turkey. He is a great voice.

84 Omid Soltani V 1 Comment
85 Mohammad Reza Golzar V 1 Comment
86 Hafez Nazeri
87 Amir Azimi V 2 Comments
88 Kamy R

His voice is perfect... He is the best...

89 Ramin Bibak

Very like to shadmehr

V 1 Comment
90 Masoud and Dariush
91 Ho3ein Eblis Ho3ein Eblis

Wow I love his voice so much - rojan

I like their music...

92 Saman Wilson Saman Wilson V 1 Comment
93 Ahmad Solo V 2 Comments
94 Habib

He's the best singer I've ever seen in Iran

Habib is the best singer I had ever seen

V 1 Comment
95 Nadim Omrani

Brilliant depth and feeling to the lyrics that he delivers

96 Rastak Band
97 Mamali
98 Shahram Solati

Shahram Solati - God Angel

99 Saeed Shayesteh

The lyrics of his songs are about a true love and the tone of his songs is happy.

100 Saeid Shahrouz
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