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21 Soundhouse Tapes

Awesome EP - DaCow

22 No Prayer for the Dying

Underrated! Just listen to "Holy Smoke", "No Prayer for the Dying" and "The Assassin"
And what about "Bring Your Daughter... though the Slaughter"?!

Jesus Christ, how the hell is this literally the lowest album on the list? Are people so deaf that even the damn compilations and live albums top this? This isn't even remotely bad, and sure it isn't a Powerslave or a Killers but it doesn't deserve any of the thrown at it - dubsinthetubs

15? Seriously 15? Come on! This album has very awesome songs! Song like: No Prayer for the Dying, Bring your daughter... To the slaughter, Tailgunner, and not to forget Mother Russia and Public Enema Number One! Come on this album is way better than a matter of life and death!

One of my lesser favorite Iron Maiden albums. Nonetheless, I still like it a lot, with songs like Tailgunner, No Prayer For The Dying, Public Enema Number One, and the funny 'Holy Smoke'. It's a lot catchier and a bit poppier than the other albums, but I don't really care. It sounds good, and that's what matters. - Kiyomi

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23 Virtual XI

Definitely not their best, but FAR from their worst. This is really good. Don't stop yourself from checking this out, just because all the hardcore fans hate this. Listen to Futureal and The Clansman, and you'll see what I'm talking about

As much as I love most Iron Maiden albums, this one takes the prize. While it can be repetitive, it's also very rewarding to listen too; the repetition also can establish a good groove/vibe, such as with 'The Angel and the Gambler'. Blaze's performance is excellent as usual, Steve's bass clicks it's way along the record with straight-up rocking bass lines, and the guitar duo delivers memorable riffs yet again. Oh, and did I mention Nicko's simplistic (not overdone) but always great drumming? Fantastic album. It definitely grows on you and has stood the test of time.

Lastly, don't like Blaze? Check out his solo versions of 'Futureal', 'Sign of the Cross', etc. - Blaze's voice is doing better and he can just go all out, and it sounds awesome.

Awesome album, I love all the songs, all of them are gold in my eyes! When this album first came out, I listened to it day and night! Best songs: Futureal, Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger, The Educated Fool, Como Estais Amigos.

1: Futureal 10/10
2: The Angel and the Gambler 8/10
3: Lightning Strikes Twice 9/10
4: The Clansman 10/10
5: When Two Worlds Collide 7/10
6: The Educated Fool 10/10
7: Don't Look to the Eyes of a St. 11/10
8: Como Estais Amigos 10/10

No their best, Not their worst (their worst is No Prayer)
Futureal 10/10
Angel and the Gambler 7/10
Lightning Strikes Twice 5/10
The Clansman 10/ 10
When Two Worlds Collide 100/10
The Educated Fool 10/ 10
don't Look to The Eyes of a Stranger 9/10
Como Estais Amigos 10/10

Come on When Two Worlds Collide is so underrated. This is clearly in their top ten songs. am I the only one who sees that. If you can't see that then you shouldn't be listening to Maiden. I mean it's not as good as songs like Hallowed Be Thy Name, Number Of The Beast, Run to the hills, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and lets not forget, Fear of the dark.

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24 Live at Donington
25 Rock in Rio

SCREAM FOR ME Brazil! Number 1 live album ever!

ROCK IN RIO! Amazing setlist choice and amazing overall performance by the best band in the world. Rock in Rio is their best live album in my opinion and it always will be. Up the irons!

What!? This is way too underrated! This is the best Live album that they have ever recorded! The songs are played brilliantly and Bruce's singing is wonderful! Although the actual DVD is twice as good, this album is still amazing! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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26 Best of the Beast

Compilation albums should be removed from this list as, although they are made up of songs by the band, they are not in themselves albums which contain new material


Good album! Should be higher because it has all the best songs, pretty much

Compilation album, should be listed... but only for the new songs!
So this album should only be rated for Virus in this list - RockFan2002

27 From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990-2010

The best songs from Iron Maiden in one album

28 En Vivo!

At the age of 6, I heard Number of the Beast and didn't get it. Next year, I heard the Trooper and gradually became obsessed to where I am today. I know every Iron Maiden song or studio album, but this was my first Maiden CD. I got it for Easter and my dad and I would always drive around listening to the album over and over again. A great album and one with a lot of sentimental value to me. UP THE IRONS!

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29 Best of the 'B' Sides
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