Best James Hetfield Solos

Although Kirk Hammett was the lead guitarist in Metallica, James Herfield did some guitar solos.

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1 Master of Puppets

Probably the best solo in the world. Just so smooth and beautiful. It fits very good with the song when it kind of dies right there and this amazing solo starts. It's bringing the song back to life again. I just love it.

I watched a video of Master of Puppets live 2004 Sydney, and the crowd was singing along to the first solo. It sent chills down my spine! gr8 song

This solo is good. But Nothing Else Matters's always been my favorite solo. Though its on top but I think Nothing Else matters solo is the most famous solo of his. - zxm

Just amazing

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2 Nothing Else Matters

Where others say "Stairway to Heaven" is best solo ever, this is it for me. Pure feel, blues, emotion - it's on spot. Made my fingers bleed on lots of occasions...

Slow, simple, melodic, full of emotions. Perfect solo for this amazing song

He plays lead guitar in this song - rock2metal

This solo cures all of sadness

3 Suicide & Redemption

It is not only very fast, but there is a beautiful transition between james' solo and kirk's solo. So much better than the Master of puppet solo

Hetfield's solos aren't about speed. They're about emotion, clarity, and pure skill. I don'y know anyone else that has the same type of solos as James, and Suicide & Redemption sums it all up.

It's a masterpiece and is literally the funnest thing to play on guitar.

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4 The Outlaw Torn
5 The Ecstasy of Gold

Sweet solo man! You rock the house my man. I love you so much, you're my idol yo. I wanna be like you when I become big yo. But kirk kicks your ass man yo peace yo

6 To Live Is to Die

Are you serious? Master & Nothing Else Matters are good but THIS is THE BEST Metallica solo. Yes friends, not Kirk, James. It is so melancholic and beautiful that it makes me tear up every time, and paired with one of Kirk's best solos and the excellent melodies of the whole tune makes this top tier when it comes to Metallica music and metal in general.

Nothing bests this song, and it's james' solo which makes it such a masterpiece

7 One

The final solo is a double solo of James and Kirk - rock2metal

8 Orion
9 Blackened
10 Whiskey In the Jar

The Contenders

11 The Day That Never Comes

It's a double solo from James and Kirk - rock2metal

12 My Friend of Misery
13 That Was Just Your Life
14 Fight Fire With Fire

This is actually a twin solo between James and Kirk.

15 Creeping Death
16 Just a Bullet Away
17 Thorn Within
18 Bad Seed
19 Now That We're Dead
20 The House Jack Built

Yeah, it's from Load, but it's still an awesome song, WITH a Talkbox solo courtesy of Papa Het!

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1. The Outlaw Torn
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1. Nothing Else Matters
2. Master of Puppets
3. Suicide & Redemption



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