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1 Tutti Frutti

Omgosh this is a great flavor! Rare and has a burst of who-knows-what. Iit just fills your mouth with flavor! It is number 1!

This is just all the leftover flavoring, but it's delicious.

I always find this tasting more like bubble gum than the actual bubble gum flavor. Loved it! Favorite flavor when I was a child.


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2 Green Apple

! I cannot even eat the buttered popcorn one without spitting it out. Oh, and I like Green Apple. - Jammer196

love the great tart taste

BEST JELLY BEAN FLAVOR EVER. Buying a sack full of these refreshing and sweet jelly beans lasted me a 17-hour flight without even getting bored of it. HANDS DOWN BEST JELLY BEAN FLAVOR EVER.

What popcorn number?!?

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3 Buttered Popcorn

Buttered popcorn just makes me want to go to the movie theater and eat and eat more popcorn, but I can't because I have braces. So I just eat the jelly bean flavored butter popcorn

I LOVE it! Absolutely delicious! Since I'm not a huge sugar fan, all I have to do is take out a popcorn flavored jelly bean, as it is both sweet and salty! This one is my favorite by far!

Sounds atrocious as a jelly bean flavor but it's actually quite delicious. Funny thing is, I don't much care for real popcorn.

Best of them all for sure!

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4 Toasted Marshmallow

It tastes like childhood memories, when the best part of camping was the smores! When I was little this type of jelly bean was like all the good things about camping packed into a little bean. When I see that little spotted off white bean in the bottom of the bag, I still get all stoked like I'm 5.

It tastes like summer! I really don't know how else to explain it.

It taste like caramel but much better than caramel

The best of them all!

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5 Juicy Pear

I love the Juicy Pear jelly belly. I will buy a whole pack of 49 flavors and start by picking out all of the pear, it has so much flavor, and the Green Apple Jelly Belly tastes like medicine and not even green apple. Pear is one of the only one that tastes real and amazing.

I'm really not sure how anything else even got a vote. This flavor is just simply amazing. I like a lot of the flavors, but this is the only one I can just eat a bag of by themselves.

It does taste like a really good pear - sweet (not overly so) and fragrant. Can't get enough!

I love this flavor so much because it is juicy no lie! I pick out all the juicy pears in the 49 flavors before everyone gets it on a daily bases. this flavor is so amazing! I has so much flavor I love it.

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6 Very Cherry

Delicious and full of flavor, if it's not actually a Cinnamon in disguise. Cinnamon tastes fine too, but it really ruins the moment when you're expecting something sweet and you get something spicy instead.

Buttered popcorn is terrible! Why do people like it? This is the best flavor!

I think should be a little higher then only seven on a more accurate list than this were more people vote it is number one.

Hey, folks, what's wrong with Very Cherry, I'll ask? Well, here's the answer... NOTHING! I am sick and tired of people going, "Oh, you're one drab 9-year-old, Very Cherry's so old and yucky blucky, I guess I'll just puke on you later", just because their navels are pierced and they play spray painted guitars! EWWW! Repeat after me... VERY CHERRY IS THE BEST! VERY CHERRY IS THE BEST! And, in case you're Spanish, here: repite despues de mi...! MUY CEREZA ES EL MEJOR! ! MUY CEREZA ES EL MEJOR! (Note: any comments with extra punctuation and capitals everywhere is mine. Read it! It's FUN, I tell you! )

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7 Dr. Pepper

Every one of these 23 flavors is better than buttered popcorn

Taste just like dr pepper best one in the soda mix probably my favorite or 2nd favorite and all it gets is 16th place?

It's so good and tates just like Dr Pepper!

Best everrr

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8 Watermelon

Watermelon is the best flavor out there. It is a mix of sweet and sour which is amazing. It does taste 47% like a real watermelon (which is better that 98% of all jellybeans that say that they are something; like very cherry) and, it also looks like one too because it is green on the outside and red on the inside! I went to disneyland and got a huge bag of these! It's an amazing flavor!

Great flavor. Too bad my huge jug of jelly beans only had 3

Smells good, tastes good. Heaven


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9 Coconut

So good it's my favorite flavor I wish I could have it everyday

Just one word : YUM - DogeFan132

So so good it's my fave


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10 Lemon Lime

Amazing flavor that's all I can say.

So good, can't stop eating them!

This reminds me of the snowcone flavoring we used to have. delicious

YES - lucianwyland

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11 7-Up

So good this is most likely what heaven tastes like

Great flavour in general

Go to the top 10. No more Buttered Popcorn - Btd

Should go to #1

12 Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is my personal favorite Jelly Belly. Taste like legit bubble gum.

It tastes like the real thing.

It literally tastes like pink...

It tastes very good

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13 Apple Pie

Its amazing don't know how they do it but it tastes just like apple pie. Better than buttered popcorn or any of the others on the list. If you where an apple pie fanatic on a diet one of these beans would be perfect for you.

Never had one, but I know how accurate their tastes are to the real thing, and whoever does not love apple pie should be bound up and tickles furiously for hours.

I love pie flavors!

I barfed after eating this crappy jelly bean! This Jelly bean tastes like 💩

14 Sizzling Cinnamon

Easily my favorite flavor, but I love ANY cinnamon flavored candy. I just don't get how some people hate it.

Sweet and spicy. What's better than that?

Good for playing tricks on people...

Love it!

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15 Cotton Candy

I'm actually kind of disappointed with this flavor. It doesn't even taste like real Cotton Candy (like some spun sugary taste). To me, it kind of tasted tarty.

Is it just me or does it taste like yogurt?

No one likes cotton candy!? *Go's to corner and cries*
Cotton candy is tasty! I can't decide between marshmallow and cotton candy. Looks like Cotton Candy n needs me! Another day, T M.

16 Crushed Pineapple

Meh. I think I'd vote anything over buttered popcorn. Interesting flavor, but in a handful of actual legit candy it's like a gym sock down the throat. Licorice and cinnamon I hate too, but at least they're CANDY flavored. Y'all can have mine if you like them so much. I'll ship them to you free

Love the flavour of the pineapple. Even if I hate eating real pineapples

Are you seriously telling this is not number one REALLY.

I think it is great during summer and is refreshing.

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17 Caramel Corn

As a kid I thought this was the WORST flavor! But it's still ways better than the "ice cream" sorts.

Not the best flavor but great idea

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18 Cherry

Cherry should be No. 1 Cherry all the way!

Mm cherrys I like the flavor of cherries and real cherrys but not in juice or medicences but still I like cherries and in flavors I also like it in jelly beans M.

19 A&W Root Beer

It's not number 1 because it sucks

It does not taste like root beer.

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20 Vanilla Bean

Mmmmh I don't care much for pure vanilla things. But this is awesome!

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