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21 Songs from the Wood

The perfect tull album, very folky, very progy! Hunting girl has got to be their best underrated song. Songs of wood song is weird, but great to listen to, then there's the whistler, the biggest hit from this album, and when you listen to it, you can see why. All the other songs fantastic in their own rights

22 Budapest

How can this song not make the list? Even with the heavier riffs, this song is so soothing. Besides, it's unlike what Jethro Tull had ever done before.

Ian's favorite song he has stated in interviews! I think it's one of their best.

Jethro Tulls Telegraph Road ;) I really like this Masterpiece +1

Simplemente hermosa!

23 Baker St. Muse

Sheer 3 minute easy listen...but then if your here reading this your beyond that with JT in much song to love...

Arguably one of the greatest songs on record. Such a shame that people are put off by it's 16+ minute runtime. If you've got a teabreak at work, just pop in your earphones and listen to this musical titan!

24 Rock Island
25 My God

The Aqualung album is full of forceful imagery. Ian Anderson gets it completely right about organised religion on this one.

In your prom and all your glory your a poorer man then me as you lick the boots of death born out of fear. ian could write rock and very well. I really dig my god it said a lot, and in 1971 the timing was perfect thanks ian.

26 Cup of Wonder
27 Up to Me

Under rated, it's not their best but really good along with witch's promise

28 Play in Time
29 The Witch's Promise
30 Fat Man
31 Minstrel in the Gallery

Their best album -

This is better than any song off aqualung.

32 Cheap Day Return
33 Cold Wind to Valhalla
34 Acres Wild
35 Moths

Great song. classic tull

36 And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps
37 Black Satin Dancer
38 Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young to Die

Should be much higher on the list. - striker75

Should be in top 10

İt has to be in the top 10

39 Roots to Branches

One of their best and heaviest songs. - fireinside96

40 Living In These Hard Days
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