Best Jimmy Page Solos

As the lead guitarist of one of the greatest rock bands ever, Jimmy Page did some great solos! What of them are the best?

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1 Since I've Been Loving You Since I've Been Loving You

Incredibly full of emotion and impossible to replicate by other guitarists

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2 Dazed and Confused Dazed and Confused

For me, it's just about tied with "Since I've been Loving You." The solo in that one is definitely more emotional, but I think I favor this one because of the live versions, how they just keep jamming away for so long. I'm really in to those lengthily improvisations. Still, I have to give credit to "Since I've been Loving You" because of its deep emotions. - Led_Rush_Floyd

This should be in 3rd place.. Stairway to heaven is 1st, then Since I've been loving you is 2nd and Dazed and Confused 3rd.. Listening to it now, every solo he plays is amazing.. Best riffs in music EVER..

3 Whole Lotta Love Whole Lotta Love
4 Achilles Last Stand Achilles Last Stand

Not as popular of an album, but, in my opinion, by far Page's best solo. Page really owned every guitarist ever with this one!

5 Ten Years Gone Ten Years Gone

All of his solos are wonderful, this one is really beautiful

6 In My Time of Dying In My Time of Dying V 1 Comment
7 White Summer / Black Mountain Side

This song is filled with sweetness!

8 Good Times Bad Times Good Times Bad Times
9 The Ocean The Ocean
10 No Quarter No Quarter

This solo sound so psychadelic and right after john paul jones keyboard solo, it made it sound even better. My favorite solo of all time maybe but is definitely up there with all along the watchtower, johnny b goode, another brick on the wall, we used to know, fade to black. But no quarter probably take the cake.

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? Heartbreaker Heartbreaker
? Stairway to Heaven Stairway to Heaven

maybe the best solo ever with that feeling he gave to it! - rock2metal

My favorite player ever!

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The Contenders

11 Immigrant Song Immigrant Song

I'm not sure this song belongs on this list of best Jimmy Page solos. It's a great riff but no real solo.

12 Nobody's Fault But Mine Nobody's Fault But Mine
13 Take Me for a Little While Take Me for a Little While

When two legends get together you can't go wrong! And Jimmy Page totally nailed it... Awesome intro and incredible solo!

What A Awesome Song... David Coverdale On Vocal And Jimmy Page On Guitars...
This is pure awesomeness!

14 Black Dog

The ending solo is so sexy it will never fail to bring that wicked smile on your lips whenever you hum it

15 The Rover The Rover V 1 Comment
16 Hurdy Gurdy Man Hurdy Gurdy Man

Yup, that's him on lead!

17 Happenings Ten Years Time Ago Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
18 The Wanton Song The Wanton Song
19 The Lemon Song The Lemon Song
20 When the Levee Breaks When the Levee Breaks
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Top Remixes

1. Stairway to Heaven
2. Heartbreaker
3. Since I've Been Loving You
1. Stairway to Heaven
2. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
3. Dazed and Confused
1. Since I've Been Loving You
2. Whole Lotta Love
3. Good Times Bad Times



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