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As a big jokes fan, I've looked around a few sites in my time - and in my humble personal opinion, these ten sites are the best jokes sites out there. They're all relatively clean and relatively inoffensive - but still relatively funny.

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1 Stuff You Couldn't Make Up

Best site for funny material, with a page dedicated to top 10 funniest jokes of all kinds.

Awesome website - all kinds of jokes, plus it seems to be updated often with other cool and interesting stuff too!

Excellent! I'm bookmarking this one... =)

Excellent site and there are many like this for example for funny urdu jokes - bulbulpk

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2 Funny Short Jokes

Easy site to navigate, amazing jokes.

Amazing website, best short short available anywhere on the internet!

Yo mama so fat I took a picture of her last Christmas and its still printing

Best jokes and funny urdu jokes. Excellent site. - bulbulpk

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3 Kickass Humor

I slept terribly last night, so I put monster energy drinks in my coffee this morning. I was halfway to work when I realized that I forgot my car. I found that one on this website.

Stupid. Waste of time!

This site is better than any other it deserves more than 3rd place. Post jokes any time you want


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4 Jokes Warehouse

JokesWarehouse.Com is equipped with Joke of the Day, mailing list, cartoons, funny pictures AND a message board... Plus a whole load of great humour!

I think The Joke Cafe should also be included in this list

Onlu sampled a bit of the site but very funny!

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5 Great Clean Jokes

This site's all right - there's some good stuff. The layout's a bit tricky to work out however.

This site is too funny! The cartoons are hilarious! Every joke is so tasteful! And there are so many categories to choose from!

Great Jokes! All tasteful!

I like the cartoons. I follow them on Facebook

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6 SantaBanta

Not impressed with front page

I like your jokes

i like it!

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7 is Comedy Central's site, which means a lot of quotes from stand-up comedians. Some of them are quite good.

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8 Sickipedia

Easily the best joke site on the net, sure some of it's offensive, it's the internet, what do you expect?

There's also a lot of wit and originality.

Maybe it's a British thing.

If people don't find a joke funny move on to the next one. If someone isn't smart enough to see how clever the site is, don't go on it. Best joke site on the Web.

Is this site trying to hurt people? I don't get it.

Sounds even more repulsive than that vile website for near-mindless killers called Encyclopedia Dramitica - AgentofAnarchy

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9 The Oatmeal

Hilarious comics. I dare you not to go there and not laugh. - FarrisFahad

Very cute and simple jokes. The page is very easy to use. has a "dumb jokes" section, some of which are quite funny.

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10 Laugh Break

This site has some pretty good jokes and some zany articles.

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The Contenders


Joke hut it's a new cool joke site with some funny jokes and pictures on definitely worth checking out!


Humor from the short bus.. - buckaroo

14 A Joke a Day

Now they give away money to the top 10 jokes that get the most votes each week. has some good jokes - there's also a mailing list feature, a Joke of the Day feature and a random joke feature. The only thing that I think is annoying is the pop-ups asking you to subscribe to their mailing list.

15 Anti Joke
16 The Joke Cafe

Great Collection of all types of Jokes. Should definitely be in the Top 10

Wow great site with a huge collection of clean and dirty jokes

Excellent site with great new jokes

Visit the joke cafe at - Thejokecafe

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17 Aha! Jokes is one of my favourite jokes sites. Some of the buttons don't work, but who cares? - the jokes are funny nonetheless. They've also got a mailing list set up on a weekly basis.

19 Jokesbar has quite a few decent jokes and a feed you can subscribe to.

20 Joke Grader

I came accross this site the other day. Really well put together site. I would recommend that if you are looking for good jokes to laugh about then go to

This is one of my favorites. I am glad it is on the list!

I like this site because it is easy to navigate

Pretty funny site!

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21 boasts some hilarious jokes... Plus there's also a Joke of the Day feature, and a mailing list.

22 9GAG

Pictures with funny phrases on them! It has no ads and its very easy to navigate

23 The Onion

Large collection of the best jokes rated by viewers. The funniest jokes only!

Quite good and funny jokes. Sometimetimes I laughted really long time :D

ROFL - just like that! :-D

25 Clean Joke is a clean jokes site which has some rather funny material.


Thousands of jokes, archived by category, in an easy to navigate web site that you'll definitely be returning to.

Bunch of jokes, countless categories and no annoying ads!

Good jokes

27 Jokes4us
28 Jester Jokes

Very funny, extremely easy to navigate, I send jokes to my friends every day through this website

I love the Jester Cat! This is a very funny website with many jokes about to cats. Their main character is a royal cat which is both funny and classy.

Thumbs up for the royal cat!

29 BoringJokes

BoringJokes is a place to get involved in wacky funny debates, swap funny jokes, humor, satire, stories, videos & pictures and engage in addictive but funny online browser games. - colinlyngatehall

30 FreeTimeJokes

More than 18,000 jokes

The best!


Best Hindi jokes site. All new funny jokes in Hindi. - nsp

Very funny jokes in hindi.

Very funny jokes for kids.

Very good.

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Good - nsp88



Just funny one-liners rated and sorted to 30 topics.

34 Funnyjokesfactory
35 S****

Clean user friendly site, with a lot of great jokes and an easy Way to share your own jokes

Awesome you got to check this out

Great site, with a lot of diversity in jokes.. from light hearted puns to dark humor


Hilarious Jokes, Funny Pictures and Videos that will keep you laughing all day long.

37 Yo Mama Jokes Galore

I just read this website, and the jokes are HILARIOUS! If you know you're gona be in a Yo Mama fight soon, you should definitely use these! - BlueTopazIceVanilla


Funny jokes. A lot of Chuck Norris jokes, but lots of other stuff as well. Also has good selection of riddles and jokes and the option to see random jokes.

39 Indianjokes

This website is rarely much funny, we can found more jokes on more languages, there are use funny joke images too. So I think it add on this list.

40 Http://
41 Jokebox

A personalized jokes engine

42 Uncyclopedia

A really well organized list of jokes, plus they've got a hilarious instagram account

46 thefunnyplanet

A wonderful site full of happy Easter jokes!

49 Patialajokes

Patialajokes provides a huge collection of best jokes, funny jokes, Hindi jokes, whatsapp statuses, love quotes, funny images and much more.

50 LaffGaff

Loads of funny jokes and one liners, with new jokes posted every day. Lots of other funny stuff, comedy quotes and more.

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