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81 Slave to the Rhythm

Its nothing but over the top amazing who doesn't like the song its so catchy and it has such a heavy dance beat I love it and it is really creative to combine the song with Michael jackson's voice WOW LOVE YOU JUSTIN

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82 Hard 2 Face Reality
83 Mi Amor

It makes my feel very comfortable love this song I have nothing to say

84 Christmas Love Christmas Love
85 Heartache
86 Forever
87 Rich Girl

She is a rich girl
Buying all the cloths
Wrist full of gold
You already know
She is a rich girl

88 You Want Me

This song has a catchy tune.

89 Children Children

I love this song its like its made for us

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90 Ride
91 Christmas Eve Christmas Eve
92 Someday at Christmas Someday at Christmas
93 We Are the World 25 for Haiti

It. Is a very sad and happy song I just love it

94 Yellow Raincoat Yellow Raincoat

BELIEVE acoustic is amazing just added this song in the list VOTE! Follow me on twitter? @Bieberbuckindia I follow back :) #Beliebers only! 1

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95 Fairytale
96 Up and Down
97 Hey Girl
98 How to Love

Like I said before, this is Bieber songs, not Lil Wayne songs! - RalphBob

I know that you know it. This song is really good such as you.

99 Wait for a Minute Wait for a Minute

It starts with a heavy bass guitar tune which I guess is the best part of the song..

Awesome song, tyga and Bieber magic

This is so far the best JB song. And I'm not a Justin Bieber fan at all. This songs suits his voice so well. And Tyga's part fits perfectly! I love this song!

100 Put You Down
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