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1 Firework

This song is very inspirational. It tells that it doesn't matter if one is different but what matters is what is inside. It tells that everyone is very special that they are ready to explode like a firework

God! This song is so catchy and enthusiastic! My feet begins to tap when I listen this song! I can't stop listening to this song and this song is on my phone too! Firework should be at first place! And its really really energetic, plus the music video makes me feel like I'm in that video too!

This song is amazing. It's great to and it's give the energy and power to do whatever you want to do. It's an awesome song to listen to.

Amazing lyrics, great vocal, videospot and the song. Don't be good just outside, but inside. Also that you're original, cannot be replace gives you power.

2 E.T.

This song is completely katy's awesome power of singing
She's close now for being the new pop queen

I liked this song when it was only Katy Perry and not Kanye West but oh well it doesn't stop the song from its success and how good it really is.

The versatility, the video, concept and sheer brilliance of singing puts katy on the top... The next Michael Jackson in female form is here

This is by far one of her best songs ever, if not her best. Definitely one of my favorites, this is the song that officially got me hooked on Katy Perry music. (Even though I liked all her songs before, this one really drew my attention and made me become a huge fan of hers) I LOVE THIS SONG!

3 Teenage Dream

Teenage Dream is the best!
It should be number one.
I love Katy Perry so, so, so much. I get to see her in concert. She is awesome!

Seriously Teenage Dream is one of those songs you can't ever get tired of! The lyrics are so amazing and the beat is very soft and melodic but still fun and upbeat. Addicting song!

Let's go all the way to the top. I love this song the most, her vocal is perfect the video is so katy and that is maybe one of the best song about teenager. LOVE IT!

It's really hard to pick one best song from her entire collection, but I pick Teenage Dream because I like the lyrics, the guitar at the intro, and this is so catchy. But if I chose another song, the reasons will be similar... So I don't know what is critical. I just really like it. I guess I still like Teenage Dream in ten years.

4 Hot 'N' Cold

How can hot n cold be this low? It's her best song its gotta be near first place

I love the beat to it Katy's voice totally shows off in this song. I also think the music video is really creative. Katy Perry rocks!

It is a awesome song. Its her best song all observers hear it you will itself vote. At least it must be in top 3
No words to appreciate her in this song it makes me bounce and couldn't sit in one place

Hot n color is the best song which shows how her sound is in high frequency

5 Roar

She's back with a different persona, which is pretty quick for a person who is so bubbly, fun, girly! I pretty much liked her old one though but don't have a problem with this one! Surprised it hasnt yet come in the top ten list!

I need to check this next week & I'm sure this song will be number 1 or 2. It's so inspirational, incredible, & I love it. It's already #2 on billboard.

A brand new song, laugh out loud, I love it guys, vote it please just 4 me I want it to get higher than be4!

All of Katy Perry's songs are so amazing, but this should obviously be number 1.

6 Wide Awake

My favorite song of Katy's ever. The music video is so inspirational too! If you haven't seen it, check it out! It reminds me of an Alice in Wonderland something. I see top 10 in it's near future!

Best video I have ever seen. Katy you look awesome in this video

This was the one of katy's catchy songs, this should be top ten,...

This song is just everything, I cannot put how much I love it into words. Many a time I've been on public transport and had to hold back the tears. It's just so sad yet so powerful and uplifting at the same time because it just proves that even Katy Perry goes situations we all do. And if she can get through them, so can we too. I just love her.

7 Last Friday Night

The video of this song is great and must of taken a while to make it. The song is also awesome and very catchy. Thank god for Katy Perry and T. G. I. F!

It's really excellent I love the video and it is just really really good it is excellent brilliant and inspiring to people who don't look the best but they could they really could have a chance to look as good as katy perry

Awesome... Just awesome.. Other than this I love ET; Starstruckk..
Watch the video.. You will feel the same :)
Hope you too would enjoy this amazing song and take this one to top 3.

I was torn between voting for this song and California girls but I voted for this one. This song is so damn catchy! The video is hilarious and it's just a really good party song. It also made me like Rebecca Black. Katy Perry always has such fun videos.

8 The One that Got Away

The song is great and Katy Perry is amazing, she will never disappoint. I wasn't going to vote for this though, but the video clip of this was just breathtaking. It is basically like a mini movie so I had to vote for it.

Sometimes you promise someone forever but it doesn't work out that way.

This song really touch my heart.

It has a great beat to it and it just plain rocks! I love it. It's so good! This is by far one of her catchiest songs! It has a great meaning as well!

Katy Perry is just such an awesome, beautiful, talented and fun singer! She knows what she's doing especially when it comes to singing.I love this song, the way she looks is really stunning.At first I thought Katy Perry was lame, No Offense but one day when I heard all her songs I decided what stupid girl I was when I didn't like her.I have books of Katy, Magazines, Tattoos, I just can't explain everything.Katy Perry is basically my
Life! I really like this song, the music video was awesome and everything.I will definitely vote for Katy Perry's songs.Katy Perry is my only favourite singer and actress in the world! Love you Katy Perry! XOXO

9 Dark Horse

Amazing Music and a great voice of Katy Perry...

How is this so low?

This song is her best to date with it's mesmerizing beat and creative lyrics. This song definitely shows off the evolution in her music over the years, as this song takes on more dark and deductive undertones than her previous work. It's also a number one smash that was inescapable in early to mid 2014.

I want this song to be at the top 1 and her biggest point to date. Guys please vote this song to increase its position besides it was a number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 in year 2014.

10 I Kissed a Girl

The sexiest song ever made! I mean who in the world doesn't find 2 chicks kissing hot!? I know I do!

Her first big hit which kick-started the brand in katy perry


Hey, you can't go wrong with the song that made her career! My God, Summer of '08 you couldn't get away from this song. But who would want to!? That summer just wouldn't have been complete without it.

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11 California Gurls

This song is really awesome, creative and extremely catchy. I mean name one thing that is bad about this song? NOTHING! This song is just absolutely perfect and should not be 4th!

hit number #1 (4 weeks)in australia

I am from California that's why I love this song it is great you guys should watch the video it is really funny to also I am doing a biography on Katy award I think that snoop doogy dog rapped good in the song like I got that song in my head for about 2 weeks like it is great what is not good about this song nothing why is it the sixth it should have been the 1st to be honest

California gurls is the best song of Katy Perry's I mean it's been two years since its been out and still radio stations play it. It's an extremely catchy song and is s really good summer pool party song. I love this song I'm a boy and I think this song is a really good song I love and always will

12 Part of Me

This song will break all records. Amazing performance by Katy Perry! It has a good lyrics and a mind blowing music that I can keep listening till 2020. The rhythms are mesmerizing and her emotion says it all. She is the next "Pop-Queen". We love you Katy Perry. You have a voice to die for!

This is the part of me, I can't get it out of my head, I love this song more than anything this year past, it blows everything up for me every time I listen this! Absolutely AWESOME!

This song is really good. It has a really catchy beat and the lyrics are simply great. This is the perfect song for someone who has just gone through a break-up and hate the guy who screwed them over. I STRONGLY suggest everyone listens to it.

I just wonder how come it is not from the top ten. It is my favorite song of Katy Perry, and her magical voice was revealed the most in such song. I believe whoever would listen to it would love it from the first time. No matter how many times I listen to it, I never get bored of it.

13 Unconditionally

Such an emotional song! Makes me wish I had someone that would love me like that.. Amazing vocals and the music is just perfect!

I love this song so much! I also love Hummingbird Heartbeat but I only get to choose one so I just picked this. This song is slow, but is very nice to hear! I've heard this song like a million times! Hummingbird Heartbeat is also awesome! Actually, all of Katy Perry's songs are awesome!

Just an awesome song with an amazing tune!

This song is so emotional! And the best thing about it is that it describes a kind of love which doesn't have to be a romantic love. There are far too few songs out there about the love between sisters or brothers or best friends, I think.

14 Thinking of You

I love this song.
"Comparison aren't easily done once you've had a taste of perfection"
It is amazing, such a wonderful theme.
I really feel her pain watching the video, very very touching! Deserves applause!

Excuse me, actually the right lyrics are "Comparisons ARE easily done once you've had a taste of perfection"

Don't you dare change the lyrics to the songs of one Katy Elizabeth Hudson. Don't you dare. - Anggun

This is my favourite love song ever, I will never get bored of listening to it, the lyric, melody, her voice, the video, everything is amazing. Love it.
I don't understand how this song is not the number one on this list

This song is about war right? Well I cried when I first listened to this song. :{
But ya know it's time to die. AND I REALLY HATE COMPUTERS.

No more word I can say.. This song is full of emotion, it just sad of missing feeling to someone, Katy Perry singing it with so powerful she outs her big feeling in this song, it is just AMAZING SAD SONG EVER! I Dare You!

15 Waking Up in Vegas

Comic, at the same time satisfying.

You may laugh at this, but truly nothing compares to the feeling you get when you wake up in Vegas. It's a magical place. I love everything about it: the glamour, the filth, the care free spirit, and the whole experience. Even taking the back roads had glory. You don't know the beauty in the smallest things, until you're there. This song captures every bit of it, and is very relatable.

This should be in the top 3 at least! It's my favorite Katy Perry song ever... And simple!

Literally my favorite Katy Perry song ever. I love the pop rock feel to this I also like circle the drain.

16 This Is How We Do

Everybody is saying she copied Taylor but tell me where does Taylor have a twerking ice cream?

Love it like it like now

Because I do like it

I don't like this song!

17 Birthday

It should hit billboard hot 100 number 1

I agree that this isn't the best Katy Perry song but I think that it should be at least near the top 10! I mean it's been more successful than some of the others on top!

The best song I've heard in a long time.. ! Should be in
Top ten

Such a catchy and awesome song. Love it!

18 Fingerprints
19 Circle the Drain

Such a strong beat blue meaningful lyrics = Amazing. This song has a great meaning but is also easy to dance to. Some times I will spend hours on YouTube or in my music trying to find a good song to dance to and I can always go back to this song as a fail safe.

This is far better than any others. The beat is almost rock and the lyrics give an even edgy tone to it. I love it

Its not her best, but its still a great, catchy song that deserves to be on this list

I love this song but since I'm 9 I bought the clean version of the album on iTunes

20 Starstrukk

This song can't be in tenth... It is the best song by katy perry. I can't get the song out of my head that's how good it is. I love this song so much! Katy perry rules this is her best song in the world

Definitely one of my favourites BUT I'm pretty sure that this was a 3OH! 3 song that Katy Perry only featured in. So technically not an official Katy Perry song but who cares?

Starstrukk is incredible, just incredible. It deserves to stay in top 3, I will never get bored of listening to starstrukk, hat's off to Perry, great work.

Oh my god! How this can be in 22? This is the most amazing song of Katy Perry. This song must be in number 1!

21 Hummingbird Heartbeat

This song is very underrated, I think. Although the lyrics are about sex and the like, it's sang very, very well and it's very catchy. This should be higher

This song I think should be 1st, it is a song that is so fun and you can not get tired of it, plus, the idea of the song in my opinion is genius, and the rhythm and beat is perfect from the calm bit at the start, and then the high, upbeat rhythm throughout the rest of the song, this will always be my favourite Katy Perry song!

This song is crazy wonderful!

This song is so powerful and I love it so much

22 Peacock

This song is vulgar, but very very cachy and great!

My mom heard me singing this. What happened next was not pretty. But still worth it.

This song is catchy, but my friend and I would sing it as seven-year-olds not knowing the real meaning. I found out what it was recently and it was not pretty. Turns out it wasn't about a bird... How did I not know?

This is NASTY! Not only is it a failed attempt at being sexy, but it insults the symbol of my roots! In fact, if anything, this use of the peacock (a beautiful animal) as a sex metaphor makes Katy Perry seem kinda racist and culturally insensitive

23 Chained to the Rhythm

I love this song this is katy perry's best song.

I love this song! It's the one of my favorite! This should be higher.

This song has the best message out of all her songs, easily.

I love this song

24 Not Like the Movies

I love this song and I wake up to it everym morning. The lyrics are so happy yet sad and bring a tear to your eyes. She put tons of effort into this song and I love it

This song is like one of the best song ever. Totally her best.

I cannot believe that this song is not in the top ten! It has an amazing lyrics and it is definitely one of her best songs!

I just love this song so much.

25 By the Grace of God

It sounds like a good song. I didn't know she would have written this song because her songs are usually about boys actually all the time. I do not know this song.

I makes me think like she wants to take her life away from herself but chooses not to because if that happened once to everybody everyone would be dead

This should be a lot higher on this list. From her album Prism, one of my favourite songs. Makes me cry. Very beautiful.

I love to listen this song 'cause it's all amazing.. Yeah

26 Legendary Lovers

Absolutely the best Katy Perry song, Prism is by far her best album.

This song is the best on the album, but its really sad most people don't hear it

I LOVE THIS SONG! It is underrated, but it is like THE BEST SONG EVER!

Should be higher on the list... I thought it will be at least in the top 15, great lyrics...

27 Never Really Over

It's a perfect gem of pop, I can't understand why is so underrated.

Wow incredible song so good

The Best Katy Perry Song!

Best song of 2019

28 One of the Boys

Hm what a song! Awesome

The songs relaxing me

Actually such good tune

Really good

29 If You Can Afford Me

I Love this song! So catchy! It makes me want to dance every time I hear it! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Love it!

30 If We Ever Meet Again

Awesome song! K. P sounds awesome with timbaland

Oh, this song is so fabulous, I really love Katy's voice and with Timberland! JUST MERVEILLOUS

This song is probably my most favorite collaboration song on earth. Both sound fantastic, even though Timbaland used autotune... But it doesn't matter.

You have too hear this song its just amazing seems like your fly ing sak I knew yuod love it the bes

31 Ur So Gay

This is awesome! Love it.. Better than hot n cold! Vote guys! Lovely beat!

Best song after break-up... moving on and laughing bout your ex at the same time... love it!

Worst song she has ever written. enough said


32 Lost

I think that this is one of the more powerful katy perry songs and even thought it's not the best to dance to the emotion poured into this is brilliant. I think that at some point in our lives we can all relate to the lyrics if this song

This is great. A powerful ballad with a deep meaning. Love it.

Such an emotional and strong ballad by Perry!

Such a powerful and beautiful song! Love it so much

33 True Love

I love this song. Very catchy, with an addictive feel. Sometimes it feels like I wrote this song, because I have defanantly felt that feeling before! "Is this made up, or true love? "

This is true love ❤

P! Nks true love is millons better

34 Pearl

Love this song! Katy Perry did a great job on this song, just like the boy from the movie said! It's the bestt!

49th? Really? Its about a girl in an abusive relationship... The lyrics are brilliant, and should be appreciated a hell of a lot more

I love this song need more higher even Unconditionally too.

This is really Phenomenal and outstanding song, and I really love with song.

35 Self Inflicted

The best song of katy perry despite the fact she has sung many great songs but this song is something else.. I'm so addicted to it, I can't get out of my head!

I'm katycats, and I guess this song is top 5 of her best songs,... Just try to download this song, and I promise this song never disappointed katycats!

Her best song, a great pop-rock. Too bad she only makes electronic music now.

Simply the best song of KATY

36 365

The sound of Zedd and the voice of Katy combined is AMAZING, it makes me travel to another place out of this reality, it deserves much more success

I like this song. This should be higher.

Awesome song...zedds music complimented perrys vocals absolutely

37 Harleys in Hawaii

When are we gonna talk about her 12 second note on this song?

38 Rise

When, when the fire's at my feet again...its totally awesome and the lyrics... its just so great "don't be surprised I will still rise"

I bought this song on iTunes and it is amazing! I'm Katy's number one fan! Love you Katy!

Awesome song and picturization! The music and rhythm is too good. Deserves to be in top ten.

Beautiful, inspirational... This songs gives me motivation every time I when I loose strength or hope

39 Dressin' Up

This song does not belong down here! One of the best of The Complete Confection album and should have been released as a single.

Is this about sex?

Why is this down here? Its one of d best songs out there!

This is about... um...

40 Small Talk

I Love this song SOOO Much. The video for it is adorable!

41 Witness

This one is the only song I like from her new album so far.

This is a great, strong ballad.

42 Double Rainbow

This song help me when I had some of my bad days to stand proudly with feeling much better...i love the Katy's vocals at the end of the song, how is she singing and nailed it pretty much in this quiet part at the end. During my listening, I feel very pleasant and blissful.

Maybe not the best but maybe the best of prism!

Definitely the best, of prism

It's totally not fair this song is that low. get higher!

43 Ghost

! This is the fourth best song from Prism after Roar, Dark Horse, Unconditionally, and then comes Ghost. It should have been a single than people would get to know how good the song is. It's a fantastic song about forgetting about the past. It's a very catchy past.


Amazing should be higher

This song needs to be a single so that everyone realises how much of a good song this is!

Ghost is one of the best song I have ever heard!

44 Piercing

Nice songs that you made

45 Mr & Mrs Don't Give a F***

Rubbish song also don't use the word f###

It isn't of Katy!

46 Walking On Air

So uplifting and happy! I am actually listening to it right now. It is a bit different but it just makes me feel like I am in the clouds like an angel.

Perfect swedish pop song

As a promotional song, I think its good. #TEAMKATY

Abso Yes the Best Song Ever Here it and see a dance routine too!

47 Spiritual

Like something from Zero7 or (recent) Marina and the Diamonds. It's tranquil and ethereal - really the perfect pairing with Katy's soft voice. Spiritual is pensive and romantic but not in her typical "beat you over the head with a candy cane" sort of way. Plus, it's one of the few Swedish electro-inspired songs on PRISM and the only one that fits the airy, daisy-covered motif of the album. Give it another listen.

The best song by her ever! :D

I wish people would listen to Katy's full albums and realize what a gem this song is.

People only care about the hits, but really, it seems that the ones nobody knows are the best. <

The best Katy Perry song ever. It’s criminal that this track wasn’t a single. For anyone who reads this then give this track a listen, it’s magical and unforgettable.

48 Naturally

I kind of wanting to hear this song on the radio, even they played the same song over and over until the song really flies or being judicious odd.

Katy Hudson ❤

49 Love Me

I think it is one of the best songs of her. Of course she had a lot songs which were really amazing but it is one of my favourite from the album prism

This is like my new favorite song, the lyrics are so inspiring!

My third favourite katy Perry song

50 Trust In Me


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