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21 If We Ever Meet Again If We Ever Meet Again

Awesome song! K. P sounds awesome with timbaland

Oh, this song is so fabulous, I really love Katy's voice and with Timberland! JUST MERVEILLOUS

This song is probably my most favorite collaboration song on earth. Both sound fantastic, even though Timbaland used autotune... But it doesn't matter. - Anggun

Definitely one of her best

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22 One of the Boys One of the Boys V 5 Comments
23 Peacock Peacock

This song is vulgar, but very very cachy and great!

My mom heard me singing this. What happened next was not pretty. But still worth it.

This song is catchy, but my friend and I would sing it as seven-year-olds not knowing the real meaning. I found out what it was recently and it was not pretty. Turns out it wasn't about a bird... How did I not know?

This song is innapropiate.

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24 Fingerprints Fingerprints
25 If You Can Afford Me If You Can Afford Me

I Love this song! So catchy! It makes me want to dance every time I hear it! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

26 Circle the Drain Circle the Drain

Such a strong beat blue meaningful lyrics = Amazing. This song has a great meaning but is also easy to dance to. Some times I will spend hours on YouTube or in my music trying to find a good song to dance to and I can always go back to this song as a fail safe.

This is far better than any others. The beat is almost rock and the lyrics give an even edgy tone to it. I love it

Its not her best, but its still a great, catchy song that deserves to be on this list

I love this song but since I'm 9 I bought the clean version of the album on iTunes

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27 True Love

I love this song. Very catchy, with an addictive feel. Sometimes it feels like I wrote this song, because I have defanantly felt that feeling before! "Is this made up, or true love? "

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28 Ur So Gay Ur So Gay

This is awesome! Love it.. Better than hot n cold! Vote guys! Lovely beat!

Best song after break-up... moving on and laughing bout your ex at the same time... love it!

'i hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf while jacking off listening' to mozart' love it

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29 Walking On Air Walking On Air

So uplifting and happy! I am actually listening to it right now. It is a bit different but it just makes me feel like I am in the clouds like an angel.

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30 Lost Lost

I think that this is one of the more powerful katy perry songs and even thought it's not the best to dance to the emotion poured into this is brilliant. I think that at some point in our lives we can all relate to the lyrics if this song

This is great. A powerful ballad with a deep meaning. Love it.

Such an emotional and strong ballad by Perry!

Such a powerful and beautiful song! Love it so much

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31 Legendary Lovers Legendary Lovers

Absolutely the best Katy Perry song, Prism is by far her best album.

This song is the best on the album, but its really sad most people don't hear it

I LOVE THIS SONG! It is underrated, but it is like THE BEST SONG EVER!

I totally love it

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32 Choose Your Battles Choose Your Battles

This should be in the top twenty at least

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33 Dressin' Up Dressin' Up

This song does not belong down here! One of the best of The Complete Confection album and should have been released as a single.

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34 Self Inflicted Self Inflicted

The best song of katy perry despite the fact she has sung many great songs but this song is something else.. I'm so addicted to it, I can't get out of my head!

I'm katycats, and I guess this song is top 5 of her best songs,... Just try to download this song, and I promise this song never disappointed katycats!

Ths song deserves to be at least in the top 10! As one person below said, just try listening to it once. You will fall in love with it.

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35 Pearl Pearl

Love this song! Katy Perry did a great job on this song, just like the boy from the movie said! It's the bestt! - Nicolaskeough

49th? Really? Its about a girl in an abusive relationship... The lyrics are brilliant, and should be appreciated a hell of a lot more

I love this song need more higher even Unconditionally too. - Supermoon

Why is this only #35?

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36 Rise Rise

When, when the fire's at my feet again...its totally awesome and the lyrics... its just so great "don't be surprised I will still rise"

I bought this song on iTunes and it is amazing! I'm Katy's number one fan! Love you Katy!

Awesome song and picturization! The music and rhythm is too good. Deserves to be in top ten. - alienxx

Should be number 1, great song, very inspirational.

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37 Who Am I Living For? Who Am I Living For?

Um not too sure why this song is number 28 on this list because it is FANTASTIC (realize I put fantastic in all upper case letters to express how great I really think this song is)

Such a beautiful song that needs to be higher!

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38 Piercing

Nice songs that you made

39 Mr & Mrs Don't Give a F***

Rubbish song also don't use the word f###

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40 Double Rainbow Double Rainbow

Maybe not the best but maybe the best of prism!

It's totally not fair this song is that low. get higher!

Fifty Two? FIFTY TWO?!?! This should be way higher on the list! Hears to all the great guys out there. And girls, go and find your double rainbow, he's waiting for you. Maybe he is the nerd in your geometry class you the kid getting picked on in the halls or maybe, just maybe he is standing next to you as you read this. You never know 😘

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