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121 Blow Them Horns V 1 Comment
122 Backwards
123 It's On Again

Best kendrick song ever

124 Today

Seriously the third verse is amazing, one of the best Kendrick verses in my opinion

Not a top ten? wish song was better known

So chill then the last verse is crazy

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125 Complexion
126 Illuminate
127 Lyrical G
128 G Code
129 Loyalty.

One of the best songs off of DAMN. Kendrick delivers some bars about the crooked society and also features nice vocals from Rihanna - LabelGod

130 Michael Jordan

Not the greatest song but definitely doesn't deserve to be last, all hail King Kendrick!

WHAT. Michael Jordan has a sick beat, it's great, overall. I don't know why none of you don't rate this higher though

This song is so good! How is it rated so low?

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131 Now or Never

"That's why I do the best I can, because I know how blessed I am." Quote to live by. Moving song with great lyrics.

One of the best song he got should be in the top ten

This is my favorite kendrick song I don't know why it is just great

Best song ever, just not hyped enough

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132 Uncle Bobby & Jason Keaton
133 Average Joe

Awesome beat, underrated song on Overly Dedicated.

Love this song so underrated. Maybe it's just nostalgia for me though because this and my people by jay Rock were my first introduction to k dot and the new school

134 Trip

Pure and simple.. when you heard this track you wanted kenny to win!

135 Thanksgiving
136 Look Out for Detox

The lyrics, the metaphors, the alliteration, the vivid imagery of his life, perfectly complementing a destructively dope beat. Another immaculate song by an immaculate artist

He goes so hard on this song! It's mad!

Sickest beat, sickest lyrics. Always gets me pumped when I'm working out!

WHY IS THIS #42?! His old songs are slept on so much.

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137 Dreams
138 Is It Love?
139 Who Shot Ya Freestyle
140 The Show
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