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21 Everhet

He is so funny and I love his comments!

His face is so nice. His eyes are amazing and just ugh. Also, he's really funny and gives great comments

No, he's the worst kid on Kids React! He broke my heart in the Caramelldansen video! He said, "No more Japanese animated dance videos! ". I'm going to kill him so hard, he'll die to death!

So true everhet is funny

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22 Emma R.

EMMA is so adorable and shes so smart and cute about everything! I love how she said she loved the type writer and said shed want it and talked about no wasting electricity! She was like the only person along with like one other person who beat all the levels in the super MEAT BOY game and didn't give up. She always shows such knowledge and wisdom shes THE BEST!

EMMA is so adorable and shes so smart and cute about everything! I love how she said she loved the type writer and said shed want it and talked about no wasting electricity! She was like the only person along with like one other person who beat all the levels in the super MEAT BOY game and didn't give up. She always shows such knowledge and wisdom she's THE BEST!

She's cute and witty... Probably gonna break a lot of hearts in the future.

She's the best

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23 Dash

Dash is absolutely adorable and one of the cutest looking 9 year olds I have ever seen, just look at his face and listen to his voice he's cute as heck

Dash is cute but I have a crush on him and he is in kids react I just like like LOVE him he is really funny and cute even he is the same age as me

Funny, cute and silly dash he is...great for me and he's 9 and I'm 8 I just have a crush on him he is cute

He's really funny

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24 Derek

What's his full name?

Does he have Facebook? Or twitter? He is so cute!

He's so funny and really cute.

First.. Were do I START, well he is cute and adorable, he seems very smart, he sounds nice and sweet. The OTHER thing is he stands for Gay marriage, also he likes doctor who. Seriously I don't know a single, SINGLE guy that watches or likes Doctor Who, to be honest.

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25 Lydon

I have a total crush on her and I love her she is all I could ask from a girl. I know it is not possible for me to ever in my life meet her and it is a pain for me to have to live with that. I just love her wired and beautiful style of being herself and I am very similar to her in so many ways and I love her but I don't know how to describe her. she is perfect.

Seems much older than 10. Loves the Beatles and chocolate covered bugs? Too funny.

She is kinda cute and looks older than 10.

I love her on Teens React.

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26 Jayka

I love this girl she is so gorgeous. I understand that she is not included at the top 10 and it is because she's not really active at the react series cause she have more things that she need to do like in justice. I love her! She is so kind and beautiful. I swear if I were to rank the people in the react series she would be number 1. Jayka is the best ever. I am sorry that this so long I just love her so much!

She is going to be a stunner 5 years from now.

I love Jayka and I wish I can meet her in person.

Jayka is AWESOME! Me and her have so much in common! We both hate sports, we are both Filipino and we are both into fashion. And who can forget we both hate Trump! She should be higher on this list. Same with Krischelle, Caden and Jaxon. She is pretty, smart and just right down PERFECT!

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27 Maiya

She's not in many videos I've seen, but she cracks me up whenever she's there. I love how sarcastic and dry her humour is and the disapproving looks she gives are hilarious

I was on the floor when she brought up the California Knockout, like it's just a casual thing

Maiya is a lovely teen girl who totally charms me. She just really makes me laugh. Keep it up!

She has the same name as me! Laugh out loud

28 Kacey

She is so intelligent and super funny. Pretty girl with the best smile ever

She has very funny reactions in some episodes

Come on guys! She should be Number 1! She is so hilarious!

She is SUPER SMART and funny! when she reacted to the Donald Trump video, she pointed out several excellent reasons why Donald shouldn't be President. She's #1

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29 Darius

Awesome... Pure awesome I love the way he answer questions and all of his funny comments! You ROCK DARIUS

You are amazing love all your comments in kids react... Ps. You are so handsome!

You are really cute I love every thing you say I agree

Haha, he's a cool dude laugh out loud

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30 Amir

I absolutely love Amir... Plus he's my age! He's so cute and sweet and I wish I personally knew him! He is very heartfelt with his anwsers too, and is very cute.

Amir has such heartfelt replies to every question posed and is very articulate in his answers! It also helps that he is so cute! We love you amir!

Amir is so cute! Every time I look up one of the kids react videos and watch it if he's in it! I love every single of his responses! He's just so funny and adorable! I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY and I don't know who wouldn't be! I LOVE YOU AMIR!

Hahaa He's the coolest and have a sense of humor

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31 Emma

She's his so cute, and she's like laughing at the viral videos. I'm love that child really! She's pretty, funny, awesome, and pretty good from the kids react awesome Emma!

She's so cute, and she's like laughting at the viral videos.I'm love that child really! SHE's pretty, funny, awesome, and pretty good from the kids react awesome Emma!

I think Emma is great and brings a lot to the show. She has an amazing personality and is very witty and comical. Go Emma!

Emma is so funny & cute!

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32 Samirah

She's so cute and a great girl

I love this fantastic girl! So clever, so open mind! Great personality!

I think this girl is so open mind and intelligent I kind of want her autograph

I'm amazed Samirah is not higher on the list. She's the one I watch for! I love her sass and her sweetness. Actually I got to this page by googling Samirah to find out more about her. I want to see more of her!

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33 Mikaela

She is cool for a girl has a cute face. She wears amazings clothes she knows how to be fun. I mean how could you not vote for an amazing girl like Mikaela she looks like a really cute and fun person SO VOTE FOR AN AMAZING GIRL LIKE MIKALEA

She looks like she would be fun to have as a friend shes so nice and her style is cute!

She is so beautiful. I have a huge crush on her. Marry me please!

She's nice and my best friend

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34 Tyler F.

The thing I love the most about him is how mature he is! I really admire him! Not saying he is cute, smart doesn't mean cute I also love his attitude, very peaceful and relaxing, most boys his age are just annoying little brats, he is exactly the opposite! His vocabulary is also very interesting, in my opinion. His parents must be very proud of him, I would, and no I'm not a mother, I'm actually his age

He is just awe and does he have a YouTube channel or any social medias

For such a young kid, he seems mature and thorough! I personally always enjoy what little Tyler has to say; he seems like such a nice kid!

Tyler is honestly by far my favorite. He acts so mature for his age and I love it! His personality is one of a kind too and I just think he's adorable!

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35 Gabe

His facial expressions and giggles are fun to watch. Gabe's reactions are modest, but they seem well thought.

Gabe has the best smile. His eyes light up when he laughs.

Gabe is pretty smart and I love his smile.

He is the best!

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36 Paris

She's really pretty and I love her reactions

She is very mature and a great girl that will achieve in life

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37 Asher

I like his reaction to kevjumba and how he said- " I want to do that to a rooster! " about the phone that shocks people, he is so random and funny, I want him to be on kids react again! Maxim, Asher, Athena, Lia, Olivia, Lucas, Elle, Morgan, Sidney,

So smart and composed, it is incredible to see a kid that age react like he does.

He's Cute Funny And looks like a mini PewDiePie Asher all The way!

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38 Tom

I love Tom! He's such a cute boy! I would marry him if he weren't seven years older than me

He is my favourite I personally think he should be #1

He is so cute and funny. He is my favorite...

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39 Dominick

Dominick is such a cutie. He has a great personality. I really love him so much.

I had a crush on him for ages. He is just so cute and innocent.

Smart and cute not gonna lie

He is love 😍. No comment. Wishing him to have a FB or IG acct.

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40 Krishelle

She is so pretty and smart

She is pretty and one of my favorite

I am not giving up! I am a survivor! Okay, I give up.

She's amazing but needs to be in more videos

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