Best Kids On Kids React

Kids React is a internet show made by The Fine Bros. and it immediately became an internet sensation. The kids are what make the show great, but which kids, whether in a few or almost all episodes, are the best?

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61 Evan

He has nice eyes lol. And on the pizza topping episode, he was so cute drinking water

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62 Avery
63 Max

The hotterst boy on the show. Lol.

64 Jordyn
65 Shannon
66 Sloane

"He's a great guy"

67 Shaniqua
68 Ethan

Ethan is so funny and AMAZING when he reacts. I loved it when it was the fault in our stars react video. Everyone else loved it or was like I might read it and he was like "ummm, yeah I'm still not reading it". I mean even John Green said he was his fave on the show! Cause he was sooo funny. Ethan should be at the top!

69 Addy

I like Addy because shes so cute and shes 11 and I am 12 but I away wanna say shes my favorite character.

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70 Cara
71 Dax

Dax has always been almost ridiculously mature for his age and has a great head on his shoulders. He's got a realistic eye on the world and seems to understand himself well. He is by far and away my favourite person to hear from on any react show. Super cool kid.

72 Becca

Very hot girl

73 Alex

Why is he on the list?! He's so disrespectful especially in Metallica

God he's like those kids who like bad music and hates good songs..

he's cool

74 Cooper

Although being only 4, she's quiet and less playful than all younger kids. This doesn't bother me. She's adorable and says rather witty things. GO COOPER!

Cooper is super adorable.. I'm always staring at her when she will to react. So cute to watch.. And honestly she looks like my 1st niece.. Aleera Qwyncy

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75 Isabella
76 Nikki

Nikki is a super star from Kids React! She's so awesome, and she's beatyfull like an angel! Nikki is so cute and she's great child from the episodes! From the Smosh episode she's said:pretty dumb! I think she's not like Smosh! But I'm like Nikki so mutch from Kids React! I like and love you so mutch Nikki!

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77 Morgan A.

She is such a sweet girl with the best reactions.

She's the best character from kids react! Morgan a cute girl, and she looks like nikki.I love that girl so mutch! Morgan A.sweet and cute from the other kids! She's adorable, and she's the best child in the world! I love you so mutch Morgan A.

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78 Asia

Asia is a great name of a girl and country.

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