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1 Twilight

Kristin Stewart sucks ass in this movie

Of course she really talented I THINK

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2 Breaking Dawn, Part 2


3 Eclipse

Kristen Stewart has the acting chops of someone in a coma!

Eclipse is an amanzing movie I hope there will be the sequel of breaking drawn part 2 al

4 New Moon
5 Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Even when Bella and Edward are kissin' the lips off of each other she still shows no emotion.

Kristen Stewart has the facial expressions of someone who has had too many Botox injections.

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6 Panic Room

She was 12 in this movie. She is now 24 and nothing has changed. What does that tell you?

7 Snow White & The Huntsman

A piece of manure once Kristen Steward is on screen.

Thanks to Chris, and Charlize, best movie so far.

8 The Runaways

Despite her past acting hiccups I thought her portrayal of Joan Jett was quite good.

9 Welcome to the Rileys

Very powerful movie, it's very sad and deals with a very touchy issue, but it is very well acted.

10 The Cake Eaters

Haven't seen it...won't see it because everyone else in it sucks! Suck it haters! Haha! Bring it bitches...really haters with no acting backgrounds?! many films have you been in?!...haters suck, right?!...hahaa!

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? In the Land of Women
? Fierce People

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11 Yellow Handkerchief
12 Adventureland
13 Still Alice
14 Cafe Society
15 Camp X-Ray

She's simply gorgeous in this movie! 😍

16 What Just Happened
17 Speak

Kristen is just amazing in this movie! I can't stop crying every time I see it...

18 Into the Wild
19 On the Road

Very wild, so sexy and beautiful, unbelievable!

20 The Messengers
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1. Breaking Dawn, Part 2
2. Twilight
3. Eclipse
1. Breaking Dawn, Part 2
2. Breaking Dawn, Part 1
3. Eclipse
1. Breaking Dawn, Part 2
2. Eclipse
3. Twilight

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