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21 Trouble

Hey guys what is wrong with you? I Think this is the most vocalic sound that I ever heard, amazing vocal performance, definitely her best song ever, it nearly make me cry whenever I listen to it and I'm not even a native speaker of English, if it do this to me I wonder how it does not Catches your emotions,

Even though it leaked, it definitely should go to number 1... By the end of this month... This will reach the top!

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22 How Everything You Are

This is her best song ever I can't believe that had this as unreleased. They need to put this on her next album.

I don't think pulse should be in the top ten this song is way better than pulse this song should be number 1

She sang it with so much emotion

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23 Angel

The best songs ever! Must have this song in any Leona Lewis playlist!

One of the best songs iv'e ever heard, stumbled across it by accident - fantastic lyrics and great vocals

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24 Can't Breathe

This is an amazing song they should have released this as a single I wish they play more of her songs on the radio

Just an amazing r&b song with an equally spectacular vocal from leona. It just had such an epic feel, and can't believe it wasnt a single! Breathtaking!

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25 You and I
26 Scene of the Crime
27 Pulse
28 Here I Am

Lyrics are the absolute some of most beautiful words I've ever heard, such a touching song.

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29 It's All for You
30 One More Sleep
31 Homeless

As much as I love Bleeding love, I think Homeless deserves to be at the very top. It's emotional and her vocals are amazing in this song. You will be crying once you hear this, but her voice is so beautiful here.

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32 The Best You Never Had

It explain a lot...

33 Whatever it Takes
34 Come Alive
35 Outta My Head
36 Stone Hearts
37 Perfection
38 Myself
39 A Thousand Lights
40 Stop the Clocks

I'm surprise this is not in the top ten this is her best song from her album Glassheart

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