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21 Wolves Wolves

My favorite off the blackening

Deadly combination of thrash and heavy metal in this song, so amazing and wonderful! I wondered when I hear this song for the first time, full of riffz and melodies including of pounding of drums like an animal
It's on of my best songs forever

22 A Thousand Lies A Thousand Lies

The intro to this song is amazingly heavy. Totally kicks ass. Can't believe this is not in top 5.

23 Hallowed Be Thy Name Hallowed Be Thy Name

Way better than even the original... Definitely deserves a higher position in this list,...

What... 36? This version is like 5 times better then the original. Come on guys vote this up

The best song ever, the best version ever

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24 Night of Long Knives Night of Long Knives

Standout piece about Charles Manson from an epic album, the brutal thrash assault and ruthless power in the chorus blew me away on the first listen

Best song from the new album, best song of 2014, PERIOD

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25 Exhale The Vile Exhale The Vile

This song... Ugh when your angry about liars... This si it

26 Pearls Before the Swine Pearls Before the Swine

Just an awesome song. Although It may not be their best song, I think this song deserves to be higher on this list - Hymenlesslion

I can't help myself listening to this song. Lyrics just blew me away

27 Who We Are Who We Are

I don't know how this isn't in the top ten, I defiantly think it should be or at least in the top 15. I love the chorus it's really catchy and epic!.

In my opinion, "Who We are" is one of the best Machine-Head songs ever. The chorus is really epic and impressive and the intro which is sung of Children, too.
Sorry for my bad English, I'm German.

The children vocals and the violins at the end are just really cool!

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28 The Burning Red The Burning Red

Halo and I Am Hell are better, but melodically, this is the most beautiful song machine head ever recorded. You can feel the pain in the singing when you hear it. Just a beautiful song. - fidelcanojr

This the most sad song I've ever known... Really, if you like slipknot-snuff you will love this song too. Kinda similar technique

This song stuck in my head. I loved her, she Sensual. I beautiful and sad.

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29 Spine Spine
30 A Nation On Fire A Nation On Fire
31 Wipe the Tears Wipe the Tears
32 Bite the Bullet Bite the Bullet
33 I'm Your God Now I'm Your God Now
34 Death Church Death Church
35 Eyes of the Dead Eyes of the Dead V 1 Comment
36 Take My Scars Take My Scars
37 Days Turn Blue to Gray Days Turn Blue to Gray

Come on guys, this song deserves to be in the top 10, how can you live it out?

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38 The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears

33 is FAR too low for this song! Granted it's not their best but it's still awesome and fun!

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39 Damage Inside Damage Inside

My favorite machine head song, with such meaning and passion. The slow pace makes the song seem like they are singing to your soul and gives you chills.

This song is so beautiful. One of their best. How is it not higher?

40 Is There Anybody Out There? Is There Anybody Out There?

First song of machine head I ever heard, and still think it's the best

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