Best Madonna Albums From the '80s


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1 Like a Prayer Like a Prayer

This album is real masterpiece. Many Madonna fans consider it as her greatest album ever. Hits "Like A Prayer", "Oh Father", "Express Yourself", "Cherish". - Irina2932

This album is a Masterpiece. Its my second favourite Madonna album! Rolling Stone said its as close as pop music gets to art. Even haters loved it.

Songs such as Like a prayer, Express Yourself, Pray for Spanish eyes etc. Etc. Are beautiful

1. Like a Prayer
2. True Blue
3. Like a Virgin
4. Madonna

(she just got better and better)

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2 True Blue True Blue

This is my favorite album by Madonna. I love all the songs and her singing is marvelous. It includes hits like "La Isla Bonita", "Papa Don't Preach", "Open Your Heart" and "Live To Tell" - Irina2932

3 Like a Virgin Like a Virgin

Another great record from Madonna with hits "Like A Virgin", "Material Girl", "Angel", "Into the Groove" and "Dress You Up" - Irina2932

4 Madonna Madonna

There are many cool song, that made a truly Madonna's classic music. This is pop classic album! - HIAM98

5 You Can Dance You Can Dance

This is the greatest Remix album ever - Irina2932

6 Who's That Girl Who's That Girl

The title song should have won the Oscar as the Best Soundtrack Song - Irina2932

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