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1 The Power Of Good-Bye

Stunning! No sexualisation or religious references like she usually haves them in her videos. Extremly underrated and it always moves me.

2 True Blue
3 Justify My Love

In bed with Madonna, what else is better than this?

I mean, duh, its nothing short of soft porn! - theOpinionatedOne

4 Like A Prayer
5 Bedtime Story

Her best one! Why isn't it number one?! I've never seen the use of surrealism in music videos and she didi it!

6 Take A Bow

It was this era when I was really into every little thing this woman did! 94-98 is most memorable, for me, with the M's music videos.

Yas! Although I would say 93-98, because of "Bad Girl" but totally agree with you. - theOpinionatedOne

7 Frozen

The fact this was only nominated (and won) the special effects awards at the 1998 MTV VMA's is a joke.


8 Express Yourself

It was difficult to choose but as I know the video was really modern that time and is still modern now

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9 Vogue

This was the best!

Like a prayer
Express yourself
Open Your heart
Ray of light

Her top 5

best ever

10 Oh Father

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11 This Used to Be My Playground
12 You'll See
13 Bad Girl

Why do people not remember this video? Completely brilliant. If you haven't seen it, I recommend watching. Very powerful and sad and creative.

14 Die Another Day
15 Hung Up

Looking sexy in that leotard wish she would dance around me like that. Also a good song. The video shows her talents

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16 Papa Don't Preach
17 La Isla Bonita
18 Material Girl
19 Rain
20 Music
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